domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Contorture - Interview

1.Hey partner,how are you?

We're pretty good, thank's for asking!

2.Please give a short biography about Contorture.

Maria, Malin and Christina got together in spring/summer 2009 and
started making songs, in november the same year Kaysa joined the band
and we played our first show at Blitz in Oslo in April 2010.
In May this year we recorded a demo in our practice space together
with our friend Richard.

3.At the moment Contorture have stuff?

We released a cdR demo in June, but that's it! We want to record more
songs again soon and hopefully release a 7" or an LP. We also have
some other merch like t-shirts, patches and bags.


4.How is the hardcore punk scene in your city?

Pretty good, there are a lot of awesome bands and dedicated people
that is putting up shows. Unfortunately it seems like one of the show
spaces we have here might have to close down cause of the rent being
too high. That would be really bad for the scene.

5.Contorture is formed by:

Maria on drums, Christina on bass, Malin on guitar and Kaysa on vocals

6.What influence have Contorture?

Noisy women that believe in what they are doing and not giving a fuck
about what people are thinking!

7.The lyrics are about?

In short the lyrics are about this shitty society we live in and how
we will rise against fear and oppression to reach freedom and

8.Contorture support to the animal liberation?

Absolutely! No songs about it so far, but we're all dedicated non-meat eaters.

9.Future plans?

Record a full-length album. World domination. Simple stuff :D. Playing
lots of shows, going on tour and making new songs.

10.Ok,your last words.

Thank you for your interrest in us!

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