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Interview - Sex Dwarf

1.Hey Per,how are you all good in Sexd Dwarf?
Hey there...Yes we are all pretty good in Sex Dwarf.

2.Tell me how is formed Sexd Dwarf?
Me and Nicke had been talking for a long time to start a noisy band but he moved to Australia for 3 years or so and played in Deathcage. But suddenly he moved back to sweden and then we started to get our plan together, it took a while before we found a drummer and bass player. In newyears 2012 we had our first rehearsal.

3.At the moment Sexd Dwarf have stuff avaliable?
Right now we just have some t-shirts, but we released a tape in june 2012 that now is sold out. You can download it at though.

4.Influences? lyrics?
I think each member of Sex Dwarf have different influences but mine are old japanese bands like Gai, Confuse, Swankys, The Comes, Gauze, contemporary japanese bands like Kriegshög, Isterismo, Zyanonse, D-Clone and the likes....
Swedish early raw punk bands like Anti-cimex, Shitlickers, Ta.s.k., Mob 47
Bands like Krömosom, Sad Boys, Nomad, Zatsuon....there is tons of shit to get influenced by.

5.Some member from Sexd Dwarf have another proyect?
The rest of the guys from Sex Dwarf play together in a band called Saboteur as well, its more traditional US-hardcore...kind of a bit like boston not la-Lp

6.You in past playing in Bruce Banner no brother? whats up with this band?
Yepp, I was one of two singers in Bruce Banner, we broke up 2007...I think it was.

7.How is the grindcore/powerviolence scene in Sweden?
There is some bands doing that...the best are if you ask me Infanticide and Massgrav. Both are just great bands and great people. Try to get hold of their records and catch them live if you ever can....

8.What you think about the vivisection?
Vivisection is of corse just unnecessary. The companies doing those terrible experiments get so much for that profit they could invest in alternatives to using animals. This system is just so fucked...use innocent animals/people to get maximum profit. Of course we need new medicines but use alternatives please.

9.Last words Per.
Thanks alot for your interest and download our demo. and get in touch if there is

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Entrevista - Purulence


01. Hola Cassia, como te vá?
Hola Diego, yo voy muy bien, siempre a oír lo grind core e noise

02. Dime como se forma Purulence.
Bién, yo residia en um ciudad distant de las otras chicas, até que entonces la chica baixista, a Ludmilla, ha se movido para mi ciudad e he buscado una baterista para sonar em purulence, entonces marcamos de beber juntas, así entré en la banda con las otras chicas!!!

03. Cuanto material llego a editar Purulence?
Purulence tiene apenas un ep split com la banda "New Yoir Against of Belzebu"...sino, yo encontré muchas grabaciones antiguas en mi material de cintas (fita cassete), donde están grabados muchos shows el vivo...en várias ciuidads de brazil...y un amigo está a busca del material para breve montar un box del Purulence.

04. Cuantame como era la escena grindcore en los 90s en Brazil.
La escena en los años 90 era muy fuerte, las personas que le gusta do grindcore hacian las reuniones en todos los shows, e se correspondía entre si, cambiando material...hoy la escena és fuerte aún, pero no és como antes, hay mutchas personas no así entusiastas como antes...

05. Como escribian las letras para Purulence? En que se influenciaban?
Quién mas escribia las letras era Ludmilla (Lurdão)...ella se inspiró en las desigualdades sociales de todos los países, los problemas que afligiam las personas...e así también las pudrirse que devastam el mundo...
En influenciavamos con las bandas más podrido de el tiempo, como Carcass, Napalm Death, Rot, No Sense, etc

06. Actualmente las otras chicas de purulence forman algun otro proyecto?
No, las chicas entraron en el mundo vocalista León (Alessandra) se encuentra casada con el guitarrista de Rot (Mendigo) e tiene duas hijas. La guitarrista (Simone o campañol) está a hacer grado de maestría en la universidad, e la baixista continua en la escena, vai a shows, continua a beber mutcho (hahaha) mas no se encuentra in ningúm proyecto!! Al final, yo me encuentro en un proyecto de una banda grindcore que se llama "The cracks of doom", donde yo hago el vocal grave...

07. Algun dia Purulence podria volver a la escena extrema?
Si, porque no??? Últimamente mutchas bandas están volviendo a escena, e algunas continuam desde el años 90...y ayer mismo nosotras tuvimos una breve conversación sobre eso...Ánimo para nosostras para volver!!!

08. Bién Cássia, gracias por tu tiempo, tus últimas palabras.
Yo que le doy las gracias por esta oportunidad de hacer parte de lo zine, y me gustaria de dar gracias a todos los grinders del mundo que já he oído el Purulence y las otras más bandas de grind, noise, etc...és important nunca dejar de disfrutar de la escena con la alma y el corazón, e siempre apoyar nuestro mundo underground!! Besos y gracias por lo todo!!! Y pronto espiero que se vuleva a Purulence!!!!

Interview - Expurgo

1.Phil,how are you grinder!,all killer in this putrid band called Expurgo?
We´re very fine, very anxious about the year of 2013 cause we´ll work very hard in new material and new stuffs. We already started to do some new songs and records, so, everything is great here.

2.Give me a little but sick biography from Expurgo.
Back in 2003, Expurgo was formed by me on vocals, Phil on guitar, Bruno on bass and Anderson on drums. All of us are involved in another bands, but we decide to start something new, something that we have much pleasure to play and hear: grindcore. Phil and me played in a grindcore band called Putrifocinctor, and Bruno n´ Anderson played in another death metal bands. I think that our friendship helped a lot to join us in a grind band in that time, so here we are. But today the line up of Expurgo has change: Bruno leave the band for personal reasons and then another great friend join in the 4 strings, Leandro.

3.Expurgo official discography:
In our myspace has a list of our releases (www.myspace/expurgo) with all the covers, check out cause we are very proud of it. So, let´s see:
- Grey Waste - 2005 cd demo

- Split w/ Shatter Dead - tape 2008
- Split w/ Submersed Cadaver - tape 2008
- Split 4 way (Expurgo/Violent Gorge/Desgraceria/Archagatus) - tape 2008
- Split w/ Dead Fetus Collection - mini cd 2009
- Split 4 way (Expurgo/Mata Borrão/Morte Cerebral/HAS) - tape 2009
- Grey Waste - especial edition - 2010 tape
- Burial Ground - Full Lenght - 2010

- Split w/MDK - cd 2011

- Split w/Blue Holocaust - 7´´ EP 2011

We have to trade Burial Ground full lenght and split w/ MDK, the other releases are sold out. Entering in contact with our label (Black Hole Productions -, you can get another materials of Expurgo too.

4.The lyrics are about? political corruption? life in chaos? bodys in descomposition?
The lyrics themes are about the human decadent behavior, the world chaos just because human beings are those who made all this shit. We like to write about all this stuffs that you mencioned, but using some metaphors to express our hate and desilussions in the lyrics.

5.Some zombie from Expurgo have another proyect?
Some years ago, Phil, Anderson and me laucher a noise industrial craziness shit called Industro Gore Garbage. Our mate Vivian, of Underground Pollution, a french label, released it in a mini cd, I don´t remember the year anymore, maybe in 2006. It was just a crazy shit that we recorded with another friends, really noise n´agressive tunes, nothing more. Leandro are involved in another grindcore band called Mata Borrão, very angry and fast thing. Check them cause if you are a grind fan with a little of groove shit, they are perfect.

6.Tell me your top-five from grindcore/goregrind bands bro.
This is an unfair question hehehehehe. All of my list after they are done, I don´t like them anymore cause I forgot some bands hahahah. So, let´s see:
1º - Napalm Death
2º - Brutal Truth
3º - Carcass
4º - Regurgitate
5º - Repulsion

I want to include a lot of other bands, but...

7.You are a fan from gore,horror movies?
I like this style of movies, I think the make up´s and all the enviroment created in this movies amazing. But definitly our drummer - Anderson - are THE one to talk about this. He have a lot of horror movies, a great collection. To me, he is my teacher in this subject.

8.At the moment Expurgo have stuff avaliable?
Like I said before, the Burial Ground full lenght cd and the split with MDK, and some t-shirts too. Again, who are interesting to get something, can contact us in our email ( or our facebook, or get in our label - Black Hole Productions - and write to Camacho.

9.Malevolent plans?
This year we have a lot of plans to do: we´re composing and recording new songs for some splits that will be released soon, like a split with Intestinal Infection of Germany and another split with our label friends of Flesh Grinder. We´re planning to do a split with Facada too, hope everything works. In this year of 2013 Expurgo completes 10 years of existence, so we will launch a new album, our second full length, I think until the end of the year.

10.Phil,bro,your last vomits!
Thanks a lot to interview us Diego, keep supporting underground and the extreme music dude. Congratulations for your work and we hope to play in Perú someday. To peruvian maniacs, play grindcore faster and louder than hell. Cheers from Brazil.

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Entrevista - Lepra

1. Podridos saludos hermanos de Lepra,como va todo en esta hedionda banda?
Spacca - Hola, gracias por el espacio dado aquí en el blog de la profanación de la bestia que se centra en cada uno de nosotros. Esperemos que todos los presentes puedan saber un poco de nuestro trabajo.
Aquellos que aprecian la fuerza es aterradora forma de arte de la música, puede venir con el estómago vacío y disfrutar sin moderación. Receta para aquellos que disfrutan del género.

2. Breve reseña sobre la existencia de Lepra, por favor.
Spacca - En primer lugar, para aquellos que no están familiarizados con la lepra, es una banda de grind ya existentes hace 11 años, a los 4 matones de la ciudad de Recife (Perbambuco, Brasil). Que desde entonces ha estado haciendo un trabajo cada vez más sucia, crujiente, rápido y caótico. Sin límites!
Quién quiere saber más acerca de los bastardos, simplemente disfrutar de la Fanpage:
La lepra se compone de:

Spacca - vocal
Almir - Guitarra
Italo - Bass
Marcelo - Drums

3. Lepra ya cuenta con alguna edicion?
Spacca – Regurgitamos nuestro primer demo el año pasado (2012), que contiene 11 canciones de cuna. Se puede escuchar y sufren de náuseas hasta demo completa aquí >
Estábamos detrás de varios labels para lançar la demo. Pero para algunos contratiempos, no podemos, por esto lanzamos de forma independiente.
Este año 2013 vamos a grabar nuevo material, un split 7" con uns grinders brothers de São Paulo, que provalmente entre Junio/Julio vamos a lanzar.

4. Cual es la base para descomponer sus letras? si es que las tienen o son puros vomitos nomas?
Spacca - Nuestras letras están compuestas basadas en historias de ficción de horror, algunos temas sobre: anti-cristianismo, la muerte, el odio, la misantropía, la miseria humana, el caos y muchas cosas más que están vinculados a estos hechos de crueldad en este mundo en que se propaga. Reportando un poco de lo que sentimos y reflexionar sobre ella.

5. Influencias?
Spacca - Tenemos muchas influencias de bandas brasileñas como Ratos de Porão, Facada, Hutt, DER, y otros más. Cada uno de la banda también tiene su influencia personal, desde hardcore, death metal, heavy metal y otros.

6. Algun miembro de Lepra tiene algun otro proyecto paralelo?
Spacca – Yo y guitarrista, llamado Almir, tuvo algunos proyectos anteriores, otros tipos de géneros que nos gusta escuchar y escuchar hoy. Pero como grindcore es lo que nos hace sentir bien, lo que nos hace fuertes y nos mantienen con esta energía de querer siempre está activo, haciendo algo nuevo.

7. Que opinas sobre la actual escena grindcore/gore de Brasil?
Spacca – Aquí en nuestro país hace un tiempo aquí, viene paneo un "boom" bandas Grindcore. Algunos nuevos, algunos que estaban y están regresando en pleno desarrollo con sus actividades. La escena en sí es bastante fuerte, desde el sur hasta el noreste del país, se está consolidando cada vez más el escena del género.
Veo que lo Grindcore se hace cargo de la mayor parte de algunos estados. Tenga siempre un evento ocurre. Y lo bueno es que hay una fusión de estos espectáculos, uniéndose a otras bandas de estilos diferent en el mismo entorno, sin menospreciar a nadie. Todos ayudando, contribuyendo de muchas maneras diferentes posibles de modo que nunca el movimiento se detiene.

8. Son fanaticos del cine gore?
Spacca – Nos gusta!
Pero es muy raro gusta todo de ella. Yo y Marcelo (batería), están más ligados a esto. Siempre en busca de algo interesante que nos inspiran. Estamos tratando de trabajar un futuro material es el caso de un acto de Jorge Beltrão, acusado de canibalismo, que también ha sido absuelto de asesinato por un jurado decisión*, que tuvo lugar en una ciudad próxima a Recife (Pernambuco)
* Véase el asunto aquí:

Acusado de canibalismo de golpe e planeador matar a mas, diez hermano
Fique por dentro de tudo que acontece no Brasil e no mundo por meio de textos, fotos, vídeos, infográficos e reportagens especiais atualizados constantemente.

9. Planes pestilentes?
Spacca – Bueno, tenemos algunos planes para este año, que es el registro de Split 7" y un debut álbum. Posiblemente también ir en una mini tor por el sudeste de Brasil, donde tendando cerrar algunas fechas. Otro plan es hacer que los vecinos de los escuchando nuestra música, enlouqueçam. Este es uno de los objetivos para este año, ya que todavía estamos en el proceso de difusión del la Demo 2012.

10. Ultimos vomitos.
Spacca – Fue un placer conocerte estas preguntas. En nombre de la Lepra, más una vez, gracias por la oportunidad. Pronto su cerebro entra en un estado de corrosión y todas las partes de su cuerpo infectado por la plaga de la Lepra.
Permanezca sin Dios.

Interview - I Shit On Your Face

1. Putrid greetings, Renzo, all sick in this aberrant band?
PIG – Hola, hombre. Well... Things are going truly sick. But in a bad mood, I must say... Since we recorded the new CD (hopefully LP too) last year and after some cool gigs, half of the band decided to departure... Two of the most important members. Now the band is on hold and, honestly, I am not sure about the future...

2. A bloody biography about IxSxOxYxF, please.
PIG – We started in 2002 with the itent to play pure Goregrind, with nasty lyrics and shit... The name I SHIT ON YOUR FACE came from the lyrics of an old ABORTED song... “I shit on your face / I swallow your spunk”. It was me on grunts and squeals, Artur on shrieks and screams, Dan Ass on drums, Gus Rectum on bass and Seb Farts on guitars. We had our first demo-CDr in 2003, followed by a compilation CDr in the USA and the “Vila Velha Noise Beach” 4-way CD in 2004. Artur left the band in 2004, the same year we recorded for the first album “Anal BBQ”, wich was released in 2005. In 2006 we had the split CD with VULNUS, but the line-up problems had started already... My eternal friend Gus died in the year before in a car accident. Alex Bowels came to replace it and he became one of the most import member/composer since then. Dan Ass left the band an year later, just aftter the release of split CD with VULNUS, and Gut came to replace it. Gut is just an amazing drummer, but, due to personal problems, he left the band in 2008. But we had time for 2 recording sessions that became, the 1st , the split 7” with XXXMANIAK (released by my on label), and, the second recording, the split 7”s with LYMPHATIC PHLEGM and FOETOPSY (both on GoatGrind Records from Switzerland). So we had almost one lost year, because we weren't able to find someone to replace Gut. This hard situation was enough to make Seb gives up. So, Phil Phaeces became our new guitar player, and we start to rehearse with a session drummer, because we had a CD to do!! One year later and Guido decided to come back. So we finally had a strong line-up once again!! “Defecation:Domination” CD and the split 7” with CARNIVORE MIND were recorded... Our better stuff for sure!! But the plague of line-up re-started... Phil left the band, Anal Andy is the replacement... And, some months later, the most important dudes in terms of composition, Gut and Alex, left the band. And I am not sure about the future. Now I am waiting for the CD, let's see the response. So I will think about something...

3. Pestilence discography:
PIG – S/t demo-CDr (2003), “Vulgar Vile Sick & Putrid” compilation CDr (Sounds Of Splat 2003), “Vila Vela Noise Beach” 4-way CD (Laja Records 2004), “Uncontrolled Laxative Abuse” compilation CD (Last House On The Right 2005), split 3”CDr with GORY GRUESOME (Corrpted Harmony Musick 2005), “Anal BBQ” CD (Proud To Be Loud 2005), split CD with VULNUS (Aenaon Music 2006), “Goreism” 5-way CDr (Masarian Records and Cephalic Records 2007), split 7” with XXXMANIAK (The Hole 2007), split 3” CDr with WOUNDED BY LIFE (cooperation of labels 2007), “100 Way Splatter Fetish” compilation CD (Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures 2007), split 7” with LYPHATIC PHLEGM (Goatgrind 2008), split 7” with FOETOPSY (Goatgrind 2009), “Brazil Scene” compilation cassete (Sludgsicle 2010). Upcoming: “Defecation: Domination” CD (a lot o Brazilian labels 2013), split 7” with CARNIVORE MIND (Fudgeworth 2013).

4. Sexual influences?
PIG – In the beginning, there was a lot of them. But we decided to get a more classical/pathological mood since a few years ago. The porno stuff started to be linked with bands with bad quality music. We want to stay away from this... And, honestly, the classic pathological and horror themes are much more stylish and interesting.

5. Some dis-member from IxSxOxYxF have another proyect? A band? Label?
PIG – Since I am the unique member now. Ha, ha!! I have THE HOLE PRODUCTIONS, my label, since 2006. I have already released some cool stuff since then... OFFAL debut CD, that I am very proud of!! The I SHIT ON YOUR FACE / XXXMANIAK split 7” in fecal brown vinyl!! The OFFAL / BOWEL FETUS split CDEP... These were the first 3, there are 9 releases at this time, and others to come, including the “Defecation:Domination” CD. I am gonna dedicate myself a bit more to the label now... And I promisse some cool stuff for this new year!!

6. IxSxOxYxF have lyrics? Or are pure growls?

PIG – Damn yes!! We have them!! Visit that some of them are in there.

7. You are fan from gory movies? Porn movies?

PIG – Gore/horror flicks!! Hell yeah!! Unfortunately, the movies are left a little aside by myself, because my adiction to music and being a CD/LP/tape collector take most of my time. But I like the horror universe a lot!! And I try to watch the most as possible of the old and new, classic and good horror movies around. About the porn movies... Well... They' are cool, but it is a totally different feeling. Ha, ha!! They are here just to spend our time you know how!! I don't feel any necessity to collect porn movies... Or to praise them as “here we have a great film”... Sorry. Ha, ha!!

8. Tell us more about the gore/grind scene from Brazil, tell us killers bands, fanzines, labels? Festivals?

PIG – Diego, this country is huge!! Too many people, so too many bands. We had ROT (R.I.P.) from Sao Paulo, the cult grindcore act!! Also classic old school from the 90's, NO SENSE (that came back from the dead few years ago) and NECROSE (that came back too)!! They are vomiting upon us some new stuff since years ago!! And LYMPHATIC PHLEGM and FLESH GRINDER!! And tho gods of VOMITO, a band that should come back for sure!! About the new dudes.. PANKREATITE NECRO-HEMORRAGICA is band every goregrind affcionado must open his two eyes to it!! These guys are killers!! CARNIVORE MIND is also kicking the fucking ass, I love the stuff of the split 7” that was released some time ago and I am very excited to listen to the new stuff of our upcoming IxSxOxYxF / CARNIVORE MIND split 7”!! Another goregrind band that I am pretty excited about it is FURUNCULO ANAL from Rio!! These crazy fucks are doing that Euro groovy gore huge influenced by GRONIBARD/GUT. In the grindcore departament, the old PLAGUE RAGES is better then ever!! The Hole and other labels released a full 7” of PLAGUE that is a monster!! TEST, EXPURGO, D.E.R, HUTT and DESALMADO are names in the grindcore you also can't let them pass... Of course I will let 90% out of here, but I can't remember them all righhtnow, and also this list would be endless!!

9. Morbid future plans?

PIG – At this time, I am waitng for the new CD and 7”. I have a lot of thing in my mind rightnow, but I preffer to keep them with me... Yet.

10. Last vomits, bro.
PIG – Thank you for the support, amigo. I'd like to invite everyone to vist and listen to some old stuff. New CD coming soon. Cheers!!