lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

Interview - Final Draft

1.Whats up bro! whats news in Final Draft?
The new lp wwo is out now on rsr. Just been handling our personal lives, so haven't played many shows. Hopefully in 2013 we can play more often.

2.A little and fast bio about this raw band.
We are a 3 piece band (jose, george, luis) from Inglewood California. Started playing together since high school back in 03.

3.Releases and stuff avaliable?
Self titled ep and wwo lp available,shieta coming soon.

Our influences are all different types of music from jazz to straight noise..

5.How is the powerviolence scene in your city? In Disgust is from your city?
The "poweviolence" scene in our city is pretty lokey, in Inglewood bands just stay in jam. Shows come around.

6.Some member from Final Draft have another proyect?
Me and george have a drum n bass thing going sounds like cofee shop tunes.. hope to put a demo out soon.

7.What you think about your actual planet holocaust?

8.For the 2013 some tour?
We have always wanted to go the eastside maybe this will be the year. Also an quick cali tour is un the works.

9.Future plans.
We plan on releasing a split lp with Bruce Campbell out on To Live a Lie. Should be ready to go late 2013

10.Last lines bro
xpunk remains deadx

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