viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016

Interview - Unsu

1.Grind On! Lee! How are you brother whats news in Unsu? .
Hey! Manu here. We're all fine. Thank you very much! At the moment we work hard to compose our next album and propose a rest in KIAÏ.  We have few songs in our pockets but we still have a lot of work.
In the same, we have lot of fun to rehearse for our next gigs. We will be again on the road in May with our friends from Trepan'Dead around the MoshFest II in Montpellier – South of France – and strangely this is our first in France.

2.Give me a little bio about Unsu...
UNSU is a 4 piece band from Lille (North of France) born in my mind in 2009. There's Manu – Guitar, Micky – Bass, Dam – Vox and Adrien – Drum.
The aim was to produce a mix of aggressive voices, blasting and grooving drums and powerful guitars. Once the mine up had been settled, we started and began to acquire experience by making gigs and festivals. We've decided to fix the foundation of our way and style thru' the recording of our first EP “Moral Distortion”, followed by anothers stuffs like splits and comps between 2011-2014.
Since we started, we have been playing for lots of gigs in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, The Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and The United Kingdom on many pubs, basements, squats or fests and sharing the stage with many bands including Rotten Sound, Mumakil, Wormrot, Inhumate and many many others.
We come back in the end of 2014 with a new line-up (new singer) and a new album called KIAÏ (Kill Icons And Idiots) on a DIY way to combine savage blasts of raw noise with healthy lashing of big fat grooves.

3.At the moment how many stuff have Unsu?
We began with a demo CD called “Moral Distortion” released in April 2010 (Douchebag Rercords) with 13 tracks.
We did a  recording session for two projects in the beginning of 2011. The result is a split cd with another french grindcore band called Atara and named “Grindcore is a vioent drug” in September 2011 (Douchebag Records) and a Mcd called “The Filthy in March 2012 (Kaotoxin Records).
Then, we recorded some stuffs that appeared in some comps during 2013 & 2014.
Well, we recorded our first full length in the beginning of 2015 on DIY way. This shit is called “KIAÏ” and we did lots of gigs ton promote it.

4.Tell me how is the grindcore scene in France bro! recommend me some bands.
The french grindcore scene is amazing. Not so big but there's many good bands. Unfortunately, there's no so many promoters, organisers or clubs. Touring in France can be difficult.
I can recommend you Blockheads, Inhumate, Trepan'Dead, Warfuck, Infest (France), Whoresnation, Darkall Slaves and many many others!!!!

5.Some member from Unsu have another proyect? label,zine,band?
We played in other bands but we all ended up playing by lack of time. I plyed in a grindcore band called Trepan'Dead. Dam Scremaed in a brutal Death band called Goryptic and Adrien and Micky both chilled in a hardcore band called Purify. Jus Trepan'Dead still exists!!

6.Influences in Unsu?
We all have differents influences in the band. Dam is a brutal death aficionado, Micky and I like grindcore scene and Adrien is also a hip-hop musician. Reading reviews from KIAÏ, it appears that we sound like the sweden grindcore scene, certainly due to the HM2 sounds eheheh....

7.You know some from the scene underground in Peru?
No, unfortunately not at all!!! The only thing I know is it exists a huge and active scene in Peru and in South America in general! We know some band who are toured around like Pulmonary fibrosis, Infest etc...

8.At the moment Unsu have stuff avaliable?
Of course! We are always doing the promotion of our last album KIAÏ that you can listen here:

9.Chaotic future plans in Unsu?
As always, we take things as they come! We prepare the next album and we did as many gigs as possible. Mayb come in Peru to grind your head :D

10.Thanks Lee for your time and for spread the killer grind from Unsu!
Thanks to you and your support for UNSU. Long live to you and No Te Calles Zine.

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