viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Interview - Charles Bronson

1.Brother,Ebro! how are you ? all good in your life?
Hola Diego! Todo esta muy bien.

2.Please give me a little bio about this old and killer band from powerful powerviolence called Charles Bronson?
Charles Bronson was started back in 1994 when our singer Mark and I talked about starting a band influenced by older DC and Boston hardcore. We also listened to and were influenced by bands like Infest, Crossed Out, No Comment, Spazz and other fast hardcore bands that had been around in the early 1990s. We released a bunch of records, played a lot around Chicago, and played a few other places in the midwest and on the east and west coasts of the USA. We broke up in 1997 when Mark moved away to go to school in New York.

3.In the old years from chaotic sounds like was the underground scene in your city? which bands was the more killers?
During the 3 years that CB was around, we used to play with other cool bands in Chicago like Los Crudos, MK-Ultra, Pretentious Assholes, Billy Builders, My Lai, etc. I joined Crudos and MK-Ultra while I was in CB too.

4.Which is all the stuff from Charles Bronson edit?
We had a lot of stuff: a demo, a 7", 4 split 7"s, a 12", a bunch of compilations, and a double cd discography. Our guitarist Mike put out a limited 7" for the Skeletal Festival in Japan with a practice recording in 2003 too.

5.The members from Charles Broson have another proyects,which are?
Our singer, Mark, sings for a band called Failures and does various other musical projects. He also runs a record label called Youth Attack Records: 
- One of our guitarists, Mike, is a great artist that does art for Magic The Gathering and Star Wars books, among other things:
- Another of our guitarists, Aaron, sings for a band called The Repos
- Another of our guitarists, Jeff, plays guitar in a band called Pitfall that I am also in and does other musical projects:
- Our bassist, Jon, plays guitar in a band called Pillage that I am also in.
- I sing for Pillage and Pitfall and am still playing drums for Los Crudos:

6.How you see the actual hardcore scene around the world?
There is a lot of cool punk and hardcore happening all over the world. I try to check out bands from everywhere.

7.Specially in Peru how you see the under scene? you play with Los Crudos here! let me know how you see the scene here.
The punk scene in Peru seemed very cool when I was there. We had a great time and met a lot of great people.

8.Some day Charles Bronson play again? maybe some reunion?
I don't think it will happen....the band happened when we were young and a lot of what we did was really tied into that. It probably wouldn't come across the same way now that all of us are in our late 30s and 40s.

9.Last words to the hardcore peruvian scene!
Hola a toda la gente de Peru! Gracias por todo!