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Interview - Dead

DEAD was founded in Nuremberg by Dany Dead (g/v), Uwe Dead (w/v) and PK Ripper  (d/v) as a pure gore-grind band early May 1990.
Musical role models were particularly Carcass, Pungent Stench, and Autopsy. 

After the publication of the first demo in 1991, the band got immediately signed at "Poserslaughter Records" (Berlin) who released the first 7’’ EP within the same year.
A split-CD and the first two full-length albums followed later on in continued cooperation.  
As DEAD was not contractually bound to this label, further 7 "and split 7" EP's were simultaneously also released by other underground record companies.
Since the second EP "Slaves to abysmal perversity", the band changed their textual orientation. 
Gore lyrics were now completely replaced by pornographic contents - filled with black, nasty/filthy humour.
(According to Wikipedia, DEAD is entitled “as the initiator of the so-called Porngrind”) 
After the appearance on the “Fuck the Commerce 2"-festival, DEAD disbanded in May 1998 due to the quit of Peter K.
3 years passed and in 2001 they started to rehearsal once again their old material for just one single gig ( under the pseudonym “Les Stars Du Rock Porno” ) before they decided to revive DEAD in 2004, by a new signing at the Japanese label “Obliteration Records" -  who also organised the first mini-tour in Japan in the same year.

PK Ripper left the band one year later once again and was immediately replaced by Ali Dead (drums for MAGGOT SHOES) as a new permanent band member. 

In 2005  a second tour in Japan followed, next to important appearances at e.g. the Party-San-, Obscene Extreme Festival, and the "Maryland Death Fest" in the United States. 
Towards the end of 2008, Uwe decided to leave the band due to differing personal interests. 
But as the two remaining members had a suitable successor just available (Volker Dead), the exchange proceeded without neither problems nor delays. 
With the new line-up they immediately signed at "War Anthem Records" for the next album “In the bondage of vice” which was released mid of June 2009. 
2 years later DEAD next full-length album “Hardnaked...but DEAD!”  was released via FDA Rekotz on 18th NOV 2011.

DEAD is 100% Grinding Sleaze Metal Music!!!! 

Dead is a band from old school bizarre and repulsive death/grind/gore in the scene extreme around the fucking world!
Here a sick and twisted with Daniel Ringer (Bestial vocals/Guitar) 

1.Sadistic greetings from Peru maniac! all morbid and killer there?
Well, …November is coming..and the weather completely sucks ass.. 

2.Dany return to 90s how is the sickest and destructive death/grind/gore scene in your city/country? please explaim a little more about this.
You mean how is it nowadays? 
Well, I’m completely outdated as I do not really follow the “scene” anymore to be honest. 
I don’t have the time and interest anymore to check every new release or new band, but all I can say is that there’s a shitload of new Death Metal bands who worship the  “Swedish Old School Death Metal”.  I don’t know how long this “new” trend will last, but it’s better than Metalcore-bullshit.   

3.Dead how many killer stuff edited in his putrid life?
Last year we recorded 11 songs for an upcoming new album and a split 7”EP with Undergang which will be finally released next year for sure. The title of our new record is “A dirty mind …is a joy forever!”.
The new material is going back to the roots again, concerning speed, grinding parts and filth. 

For our “DEADography” – pls check here for further details

4.Deadly influenes?
In former times: old Carcass, old Pungent Stench, Teresa Orlowski and Autopsy.
Today:  Die Antwoord, alcohol, happy life, tits, and lame jokes. 

5.Basically the lyrics from Dead talk about?
What is a band named “DEAD”  - who is playing Death/Grind  - supposed to write lyrics about ?
Hehe..well, it’s definitely nothing about Gore, Death, Satanism, Depression or political point of views at all.
Our lyrics are only dealing with the REAL Rock’N’Roll in life:
Interpersonal relationships (man/women, man/man, man/vacuum cleaner, etc..), alcohol, flatulence, drugs and tits.    

6.Some member from Dead have another proyect paralell?
Ali Dead is still kicking the drums in “Maggot Shoes” and “Satan Verreck”. Around 6-7 years ago I also joined “Necropsy” ( for vocals only, but we split up. Too many “Necropsies” out there…LOL… As I am not that young anymore and still haven’t the time & energy to join other projects DEAD is my “one-and-only Baby”. 

7.Which is your opinion about the actual extreme scene around the world?
I do not really care about it. 
I still love my “heroes” and do not really need new ones in addition. Many split up already (like us in 1998), but returned with “new gasoline” in their veins..these are always  good news. 

8.Dany you know some from the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Perú?
I only know old bands from the 80’s & early 90’s such as Masacre, Confusion, Krisiun, Sepultura, Mystifier, Atomic Aggressor & Pentagram (Chile) – I saw them live last year in my hometown…awesome! 

9.Dead stuff avaliable?
Currently we still have some shirts, patches (printed or woven) and a handful of LP’s left on stock.
All our merch is nearly sold out, but next year there will be new stuff,of course. 
Anyone can check our “Shop” at & contact us for further details if interested.  

10.Morbid future plans in Dead?
Our new upcoming album “A dirty mind …is a joy forever!” + the split 7”EP with Undergang. 
Then – becoming Mega-Superstars (and VERY rich by the total sell out of our merch and sales)  to abandon our jobs.

11.Dany thanks for your time in this interview,last words!
Thanks for your interest in DEAD and the interview.
Keep on grinding in a not free world!!  



miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Interview - The Kill

1.Dementing greetings from Peru! Jay hows going the things in The Kill?
Hello everyone we've had a bit of stuff happening in the last few months but we are currently in the process of recording a new album which will be called "South of Hell" it will be 22 songs of pure thrash grindcore goodness or badness as it were and will be out early 2017, We are very happy with how it's going so far. Unfortunately our vocalist Nik has recently parted with the band so myself and Roby will be doing all the vocals for the album so we are currently writing the lyrics and finalising the songs but hopefully it will as brutal as our other albums?

2.I ask by killer grindcore bands from Australia and the people answer me: hey! Warsore,Roskopp,Internal Rot,The kill! to mention some.
Jay tell us a sick and bastard trip by the bestial life from The Kill please.
Yes Warsore, Rosskop and Internal Rot are and were some killer Aussie bands. Captain Cleanoff the stalwarts of the Aus grind scene still pumping along. Christ Crusher featuring ex Kill singer Neil and Pauly from Open Wound which was Roby and my old band, check it out. Magnicite, The Day Everything Became Nothing and Superfun Happy Slide also definitely good to check out.
Well the best sick trip we've had was definitely our 2014 tour of Europe and playing obscene extreme was a fucking great time and we met some awesome people. Obscene extreme rules. We played a show in Slovakia with the mighty Controlled Existence and we kept having our van tyres blow 4 times from memory that as interesting and also had some problem with the vans breaks too!

3.How many killer stuff edited The Kill?
1 demo,9 splits,4 EPs,1 compilation and 2 full-lenghts. 

4.Influences from murder in The Kill?
Well I think you mean influenced the Kill but obviously early Napalm Death hence our name, Slayer, Discordance Axis, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and a bit of black metal too.
The only song I could think has anything to do with murder is the song "Lunch in Queensland" the song is about a family getting attacked and eaten by a crocodile.

5.Some killer have some proyect paralell apart from The Kill?
I am currently doing a grindcore band called Shitwreck but I'm not drumming I am on the vocal duties, it's Terroriser influenced we will be recording soon. Roby has also got something in the works called Burnt it is black metal influenced blasting grind, I've heard some tracks and they are fucking brutal!

6.Jay tell us some more about the grindcore scene from Austrlia,recommend some bands.
The grindcore scene is going ok I'm not sure of anymore new killer bands and I haven't been to many shows lately but especially my home city of Melbourne has always had a healthy grind scene happening.

7.Which is your opinion about the actual grindcore scene around the world?
I can only go with what I have seen on our tours of the USA and Europe and both had killer healthy grind scenes happening loads of brutal bands and great people.

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
I don't know to much from South America and unfortunately no one from Peru, sorry guys but I do know the mighty Disgorge from Mexico I'm sure there is loads of great bands?

9.The Kill stuff avaliable?
The Kill stuff available at the moment would be 
    Kill them All cd lp
    3 way split with Noisear and Antigama 3, 7" inch boxed set
    Make 'Em Suffer cd lp
    Speed freak killer mini cd

10.Morbid future plans in The Kill?
Well the only plan The Kill has is to finish and release South of Hell early next year this will be our last ever release as the band is finishing up and calling it a day, we've had a great 16 years of grinding but everything must eventually end.

11.Last words Jay and thanks for your time in this interview.
Thank you very much for the interview stay brutal everyone and look out for our new album South of Hell cheers and beers.

sábado, 22 de octubre de 2016

Interview - Sucking Leech

1.Grind greetings from Peru Hanson! all loud there? 
Oh yeath of corpse! All loud over here! 

2.Please give us a killer bio about this fast and intense band called Sucking Leech! 
Yes bro,…. We started in 1998 with a no name band only to rehearse with some friends ………. We had just 4 songs and played it over and over……….. but it was fun to the bone and there were a lot of friends at every rehearsal on our rehearsal room couch - ……….. old school style! But we had no vocalist…….. Just instrumental!  So we did it a few month and wanted to split because without a freakin voice it makes no fun at all for long time……… So we went on a heavy and grind karaoke party at STRICH 8 Club….. And there was a singer - …………. Without words! He was perfect for our style – we told him to get to our rehearsal room the next week but we didn´t expect him to come! One week later, just doin the second song in our rehearsal – the door opened and he came in, catched the mic and grunted with us without any lyrics! But it fitted and sounded like he had to be in the band from the start! Sucking Leech was born!

3.How many stuff edited Sucking Leech? 
Until now, we wrote 62 songs on 5 albums…………. And a single called “Lemmy five, lemmy one!” as a tribute for Motörhead when Lemmy died! Actually we have our album “SICKs” in progress – completely written and practicing that shit for studio time in November 2017! So our sixth album ”SICKs” will be out early 2018 for our 20 years anniversary with a big fat show with all the old buddies like U.G.F, Sarepta, Tampones, and a few more – the headline will be announced soon! – Headline for our “Life sucks like a leech” was nothing more than Napalm Death! So ……………. - be prepared for our new album “SICKs” – 16 insane tracks mixed of Grindcore, Death Metal and old school Punk! Already working on that stuff!

4.Rotten influences? 
Rotten,……… haha – Rotten like Rotten Sound???  - As fast as we can play, we will never reach the standard of Rotten Sound! They are grindgods! :-D We are more into Grindcore as a mix with Hardcore and Punk/Metal-influence………… So it is fast shit with a lot of groovy parts! Just listen to stuff like “Between two worlds” or “ Breaking Bad” from our “Leech on your brainstem” album…….. or the ultimate groove song “Don´t forget your roots!” from our last album “Common Sense!” - ………. Then you will know, that we have ROTTEN parts in it, but Sucking Leech style will ever be Sucking Leech style! The only real rotten influence Sucking Leech ever will have is from our sound-buddies  in Haemorrhage! For us the one and only Gore-Grind-Band on that planet which is hammering the grooves down everywhere and everytime! They know how to grind that stuff!

5.Basically the lyrics talk about? 
Our lyrics are about that shit every day happens…………. Most of the unfairly shit in every direction……….. Religion, Work, normal life or other stuff! – Every day a lot of injustice is happening – every FUCKING day! We have a good life over here, but at the other end of the planet people starving every day! We have money to buy our food or nearly everything we want to – at the other end people need to hope, that they will have one bowl of rice for their whole family a day! ……………. Nothing to laugh about……. But on every album we normally turn the page for one or two funny songs like “Roadkilled – Hedgehogs last turn” on the “Common Sense” album…….. Life is fucking hard – harder than every porn stars cock – but there´s a need for some funny things in life too………… and we work it out for both sides! 

6.Some member from Sucking Leech have another proyect paralalell? 
Oh yes…………. Steff (vox), Reichi (drums) and Reini (bass) are only into Sucking Leech. But myself and Christina are into more projects…………. From my side there´s “Genocide Generator” with the drummer from my old bands “Ultrawurscht” and “Gods of Emptiness”. It´s a grindustrial art of sound – nothing do describe……… you have to listen to that insanity to get it! – Gods of Emptiness closed in 2009 due to a heart desease of our vocalist………… And the LOST-project with a good friend of mine,……….. a mix between Charon and Sentenced on our style and a new band called “TURDBOMB” with a style like Monster Magnet paired with Hellacopters! And Christina is working on her own projects…….. like FORO – a neoclassical Metalproject or FINSTERORT - ……… a real damn it Black-Metal-project to the bone! So…………… we are fucking it up in every direction!

7.How is the grindcore scene from your city/country? 
Now you are stichin in a big wound…………………… - The scene was fucking good the last years……….. but at the moment it is not! – Up from 2009 to 2014 we did shows for Napalm Death, Haemorrhage, Cattle Decapitation  and others… and the club was fully crowded! Two years later,……. you can book what ever you want, it is like 50-80 people (formerly 250-350 in that small club!) But if a Gore-Grind band is playing,………. It is completely sold out! We cannot understand that change……………… From our thinking most of the new gore-grind-bands are sounding the same! Weeeeeeeeeeeh Weeeeeeeeeeeh and  Brrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrr – no text at all and always the same beat! But it is like that………….. Lets have a look, how it will be in 5 years, …….. maybe the real Grindcore will get back in the old style – we hope so! 

Recommend some bands. 
From our side they have to be recommended:
Haemorrhage (cause they´re the inventors and one of the best gore grind bands ever!!!!)
Mastic Scum (one of the first Austrian grind bands – still grinding it down to the bone!)
Godhatecode (Austrian old school death band which grooves and fucks your brain out - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Belphegor (cause they are the most spitefully band on earth!)
Distaste (Austrians grindcore heroes!!! – Just listen – nothing more to add!)
Six Score (Austrian newcomers – just listen!)
Dead (old school sleaze grind since 1990!) 

8.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru? 
The only one we know is KROW from Brazil – really extreme death metal! And the second is Anal vomit! And we had a small tour in 2003 with Purulent from Bogota………. Sad, that one of the band members died on an accident on that tour! Never forget that………….

9.Annihilator plans for the future in Sucking Leech? 
Yeath! Our new album “SICKs”, which we will bring out early 2018 for our 20 years anniversary! Be prepared – will kill your ears! – and tomorrow we will head on for a video shoot of our killer Grindsong “Social Brain Circus!” – all we did or do is only DIY – no fucking commerce!

10.Last words Hanson and thanks for your time!
Thx a lot for spreading our sound in Peru! – Thx a lot for supporting our band Sucking Leech in your area! No words for support like that! Just keeps your horns up and the grindcore alive! Hope to grind your hometown in the near future! Cheers S*L*