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Interview - Controlled Existence

1.Chaotic greetings from Peru Luba! what news in Controlled Existence?
Hola! Como estas? :) Cheers from cold Prague, autumn has begun, brrr. News? We arrived from our Balkans tour three weeks ago! We had a really great time with our grindcore brothers ALEA IACTA EST from Slovakia. It was such a good tour crossing countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, we enjoyed it a lot. We are also waiting for our new split 7 inch release with australian band Headless Death which will be hopefully out until the end of this year. So stoked!!! :) I hope also Tribute to Warsore compilation will be out soon as we are having one song on that record. And of course I should start planning 2017 tour ;)

2.Controlled Existece how be form? is the idea from another proyects?
We formed CE almost 6 years ago, it was in the beginning of the year 2011. Our drummer Zubár and guitarist Gifo started to play together and they asked me to sing in this “fastcore grind project”. Later we had also male vocalist Alex and after some time our bass-guitarist Méďa joined us. With exception of Alex’s leaving you can see the band Controlled Existence in this ,,staff´´. Guys are having also other bands but CxEx was founded as a ''normal'' band, not as a project.

3.How many stuff have Controlled Existence?
Below you can find our ''discography''. Of course many pieces are not available anymore as they are sold out.
    unreleased demo
    split tape with MINDFUCK
    split 7 inch with ALEA IACTA EST
    COMMUNAL GRAVE compilation 10"MLP
    split 7 inch with DAYS OF DESOLATION
    split tape with ALEA IACTA EST(edition of our split 7 inch)

4.Destructive influences?
Life, haha.

5.The lyrics talks about?
All the lyrics are written by me, so they are quite depressing and they are mostly connected with my feelings, relationships, crazy thoughts, depression, suffering. Also the world situation themes are included as well as the animal rights.

6.Some member from Controlled Existence have another proyect? band,label,zine maybe?
Yep, currently there are also other projects of our drummer and bass-guitarist. Zubár and Méďa, they have a new death metal band Lack of Sun. Zubár plays guitar there and he plays also drums in a new grindcore project with guys from Lycanthrophy and Needful Things. However, I don´t want to tell more than is known, haha. Méďa played for a really long time in emo hardcore punk band Palahniuk which broke up last year and he has also crust band Sebestřet and he plays contrabass in a band called Gamblers - Johny Cash covers. There were several offers to sing in other bands but I am totally content and maximally busy with Controlled, my work and all my other activities(organising gigs, booking tours, drawing, painting, tattooing, writting, travelling, my lovely doggie, french learning and updates of all my blogs and websites - art, band, vegan meal).

7.How is the grindcore scene in your city? recommend some bands please.
There is no big grindcore scene if we take into consideration grindcore/extreme hc/powerviolence/fastcore music. There are some deathgrind, metalgrind, goregrind bands around(not our favourite style, so I really wouldn´t list those bands) but we are having also some nice newer bands which are very good, for example Flummox or Mečem Naplocho.

8.You know some from the extreme scene from southamerica? maybe Peru?
I know many people from South America and also some southamerican bands, for example Chulo, Cätärro, Into Sickness, etc.

9.Which it has been the most brutal concert or festival for you?
Wow, hard question cause we had so many good concerts but those which are strongly remembered are Play fast 2013, gig in Drustveni Centar in Novi Sad(Serbia), Grindhouse in Sofia(Bulgaria), gig in Sarajevo, Kuzeb squat in Switzerland, Rodez(France) and many more :)

10.Catastrofic plans for the future in Controlled Existence?
Haha, no big plans, I hope some new records and the most important for me is playing, travelling and meeting nice people during our gigs and touring :)

11.Thanks Luba for your time in this interview,last words
Thanks a lot for your interest and time. Besos! :)


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