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Interview - Fissure

1.Play fast or die! Hey Dylan,greetings from Perú! how are you mate? hows going the things in Fissure?
Howdy! Things are going very well for us at the moment. We're currently working on finishing our first 11 track LP and plan on recording another EP or split before the end of the year so just doing our best on staying busy behind-the-scenes.

2.Tell us how is formed this destructive band fromgrindcore powerviolence called Fissure? hows been the beginings?
Brendan and I had already been playing together for about a year and both of us moved to Orange County in late 2011/early 2012 so at that point, we figured we should form a full band and a Craigslist ad came from that, two people (guitarist and vocalist) contacted us with interest of getting together so we jammed once and that was the first Fissure practice. A year after that first session, Brendan and I parted ways from those two whom went on to do their own project and that's how Leo and Oscar came into the picture. We played a few shows with their two previous bands and thought they'd be a great fit for us and sure enough, it was. That was in March 2013 and that is the Fissure lineup you see today. 

3.How many releases have Fissure till moment?
Five at the moment.
*Self-Titled EP, 2013
*Salvación​/​Destrucción tape, 2014
*Split w/Gets Worse, 2014
*Split w/Final Draft, 2014
*Split w/SHACKLΣS, 2015

4.Loud influences?
We all draw influence from tons of bands and outside sources but I can't really pinpoint a single band that we can all universally agree on having an influence from because we all have such eclectic tastes. Love's Truck Stops are a pretty big influence on all of us though, that much we can agree on. Best coffee on the interstate!

5.Some member from Fissure have another proyect paralell?
Yes, that's true. Leo is currently in another band at the moment but as for the rest of us, we're all just chained down to Fissure.

6.Dylan explaim some more about the grindcore/powerviolence scene from your city and recommendsome bands.
There's almost always an influx of new bands coming out. Blink and you might miss their set. Go to any local powerviolence/grindcore show and you'll stumble across a new band whose tape you'll be buying shortly after. That's the beauty to being in a big metropolitan area like LA and OC.
Depraved are killing it right now. That's a band that seriously can't be slept on. 
And even 20+ years later, Despise You are consistently one of the best powerviolence bands out here in Southern California.

7.Fissure know the grindcore/powerviolence scene from Southamerica?
We don't (yet) but we would love to! That's on our list of plans in the next few years; tour South America so if anyone down there reads this and can help us set up a show, feel free to contact us! We'd love to play your living room, venue, bathroom etc.

8.How and where the noisy maniacs can find the merch from Fissure?
At the moment, our online store isn't fully up and running so in the meantime you can message the band Facebook page directly to order a shirt, record etc.

9.Morbid future plans?
Finish this LP, record another EP, maybe do a weekend tour or two before the end of the year and get back to touring internationally next year. We've got some stuff in our minds that we're gonna aim for in the next year so fingers and toes crossed that we can make them happen!

10.Dylan thanks for your time in this interview,last words bro!
Thank you to anyone and everyone who continues to support our music and this band, that's seriously one of the coolest things in the world and we don't have enough thanks to give. And thank you for reaching out to us to be a part of the zine, we're super stoked to be included in an international project like this!

Power It Up Records - News 2018!

Interview - Lividity

Lividity w/Dave Kibler

1.Maniac and putrid greetings from Perú,Dave! how are you sick bro? hows going the things in Lividity?
Holy shit man! We just finished recording the new album titled “Perverseverance” and it is a proud moment… we took some time off to write something special and this new one is very special! All the elements of true Lividity from each album mixed with fresh riff ideas and has killer arrangements! Triple vocal threat that hacks at you like a cleaver in rotting flesh! This is the sickest, most disturbing, mature Lividity album so far! We can’t wait for everyone to hear it…

2.Lividiy is a band from brutal death gore in the vein from bands from the old school like Dying Fetus, Broken Hope, Gorguts, Suffocation.
Dave give us a rotten trip from the chaotic existence from Lividity.
Hell yea bro… I had this vision of diseased, putrid, dark and sick music in my head 1992. Influenced by the new sounds and styles of heavy music coming out at that time. Put together my first 3 song demo in 1993 by myself… with juicy tunes Mortal Impalement, Altar Pieces and an instrumental called Spewing Chunks. Raw, dirty, full of hate! Joined a thrash band playing guitar called Section 8. That is when Tommy Davis (drummer) and I had time to jam at his Pit of Hell! The songs we were creating were much too intense for the Section 8 material so Tommy and I kept writing and we recorded a 9 song demo “Ritual Of Mortal Impalement” 1994! Section 8 and local Illinois band, Desecration, broke up at the same time Summer 1995. So Tommy and I joined forces with Aaron Heath and Matt Bishop from Desecration. Tommy and I already had 10 songs under our belt so we were able to get on stage quickly. Our 1st show was a short 4 songs that took 10 minutes only to play, opening up for Dying Fetus in Illinois August 5, 1995. During that 10 minute onslaught there were bloody noses, broken knuckles and black eyes! It was powerful! And…well, here we are much older, much wiser and much more sick than ever before!! The beast is at full throttle! 

3.How many releases have Lividity till moment?
Studio releases….  This will be our 7th studio recording… A couple pro live releases “Show Us Your Tits” 1999 + “Live Fornication” 2007… a bunch of represses and split releases…   you would have to go to the FB page and look at the discography section…  a ton of great releases through the years I think. We are getting ready to release our 7th studio album called “Perverseverance” 2018. It is the most vicious whore beating to date by us. Will be released this Summer and we can’t wait for the sick underground masses to sink their teeth into this one.

4.Aberrant influences?
We started this thought of Lividity in 1993! That was a fresh new sound and variety of heaviness from the likes of Deicide to At The Gates! Even beyond that when I was a teenager in the ‘80’s and heard Metallica – Ride The Lightening for the first time, I went and bought a guitar! BC Rich Warlock in honor of great bands that use BC Rich guitars like Slayer and Sepultura and the bands that paved the way of heavy ass music like Mercyful Fate, Helstar, Infernal Majesty, Megadeth, Metal Church, as well as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Raven, Grim Reaper, Blessed Death, Venom… Then arose bands like Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Amon/Deicide, the great Florida scene…  Now let’s get to the lyrics!! The influence to drive us madly insane with rage and hate stems from our cunt ex-wives, cunt girlfriends or just simply cunts on the street who manipulate little boys and make them weak by flashing their hair, tits and pussy! It’s not a womanizing thing..  It is a “Fuck You Bitch We Ain’t Gonna Take It No More” punch in the face!

5.Some member from Lividity have another project parallel?
We have all done some side band activity but Lividity is our main band! 
Garrett (drums) past: CorpseVomit, Cum Christ, Kommendant, Evil Incarnate, Embrace Damnation - now: Imperial Savagery, Sons Of Famine, Blizzard Of Ozz (tribute), Hell Awaits (tribute)… you know drummers are bands whores haha.
Von (vocals/guitar) past: Deaden, Carrion Fix.
Jake (bass/vocals) past: Deaden, Dead Shore, The Vile Impurity, Embrace Damnation, Human Artifacts.
Dave (guitar/vocals) past: Embrace Damnation (vocals), Hollywood Dirtbags (bass), Section 8, Waco Jesus.

6.Dave explain us some more about the brutal death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands.
-Chicago is the biggest city in Illinois.  Furthest North of the state. I live 3 hours South of Chicago from where Garrett lives. But the bands that are around and pounding these days are Imperial Savagery, Cianide, Sons Of Famine, Cardiac Arrest, Asphyxiator, Gorgasm, Waco Jesus, Broken Hope and many more…  

7.Lividity knows the brutal death metal scene from South America?
We know Bogota very well! Colombia is an exciting place to find some of the sickest music around! Always fascinated with South American metal! We played 2 times in Bogota! Fucking sick!

8.How and where the maniacs can find the merch from Lividity?
Go to and go to photo albums. We have a merch page that we keep updated… Click the picture you like and the info is in the description. 

9.Morbid future plans.
May 11-13 we jam at Las Vegas Death Fest. Summer album release of “Perverseverance”. September 27 thru October 6 we are setting up a US mini tour which will include Florida Extreme Metal Fest and Toronto Death Fest in Canada. We are just gonna keep it fucking sick man!! 

10.Dave, thanks for your time in this interview. Last bloody words!
Thanx so much for the killer interview and support bro. Hope to cross your path in the near future. Evertyone get a copy of the new release when it comes out! Traditional Lividity with some new flavors. The grinds have gotten faster and tighter! The breakdowns will make you climb your walls! The triple vocal attack crushes you at every direction! The lyrics are the sickest stories of blood and guts you will find on any previous Lividity album!  CUM WARSHIP WITH US!

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Atomic Grind! 3 Way Split "Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise" - Review

Atomic Grind! 3 Way Split "Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise"

From Russia Grind the assassin label called More Hate Productions edit this chaotic 3 way split cd
with the more brutal and loud bands from this moment in the brutal death grind scene around the world!
Rubusfaso Mukufo from Czech Republic start the destruction with 11 tracks from pure grindcore madness in the vein from Brutal Truth,Nasum.
Nervous Impulse from Canada continues the furious nigthmare with 5 tracks from brutal and intense death grind in the vein from Dying Fetus,Lividity,Terrorizer.
Epicrise from Ukraine ends this raw 3 way split with his fast grindcore in the vein from Napalm Death,Pyschoneurosis with 4 tracks + 3 covers,together the covers from can find a track from Dead Infection,Grossmember,Cerebral Turbulency.
This release is not suitable for weak minds! you can die!

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Interview - Crusm

1.Bestial greetings from Perú maniacs from Crusm! All brutal there Crusm?

De Vile: Hello David! All good and brutal \m/ Thank you for the invitation to No Te Calles Fanzine!

Rat King: We are trying to keep it as brutal as possible! hehe! no mercy!

2.Give us how is formed this putrid band from sick grindcore called Crusm?

De Vile: Crusm was formed from the ashes of "The Growling Stones" when most of the band members immigrated from Poland to the UK. After 2 years of deliberation re playing together again, we decided to create a new project called CRUSM. Idea was to play grindcore death metal mixed with crust punk and I believe we succeeded

3.How many stuff have out Crusm until moment?

De Vile: For now only two, our first demo Stench of Decompose and one song released on the compilation The Dreadful Symphonies. More to come soon.

4.Some member from Crusm have another project parallel?

De Vile: Yes, we are busy :) I have another black metal band with our guitarist. He plays in other 2 BM acts as well. Cris Is playing in Dead Stiff punk stuff. Rat King explain himself.

Rat King: Actually I play in 5 other projects hahaha, Apocalypse Addiction, Voice to Skull, Travma, stoner project that was used to call "Psyhenauts" - at the moment looking for new name, and Cinis back in poland.

5.Bastard influences?

De Vile:  like Darkthrone, Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, Disrupt, Disfear, Phobia, Dead Infection, Meat Spreader, Gut, Nausea, Neuropathia, and more. 

Rat King: Napalm Death, Neuropatia, Incarnated, Brutal Truth, Cannibal Corpse, Motorhead, Disfear, Discharge, Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Necrophagia, Anti-Cimex.

6.Explain some more about the grindcore scene from London and recommend some bands.

De Vile: Every scene in London is big. There are some places where you have a gig almost every day and for free. We have few nice bands here like Gout, Meat Spreader, Crusm (:D) 

7.You know the extreme scene from South America?

De Vile: Not much to be honest except Sarcofago, Sepultura, Krisiun, Vulcano, and ofc Brujeria.

Rat King: Since I joined Apocalypse Addiction my friend Rui is introducing me to your amazing stuff as he is brazilian. Of course everyone know such classics like sepultura, or Brujeria. Recently I found out about Buköwski! they are great.

8.Where and how the grind maniacs can find the anti-sound from Crusm?

Rat King: bandcamp, youtube facebook - gigs mostly, self promotion, self released stuff, also self distributed haha you can order our cds through bandcamp.

9.Morbid future plans?

De Vile: To play more and more. We are preparing new Ep which is gonna be called Twist to Grind. Also, we are mixing live recording from one of our gigs which we gonna release this on tape under the title Alive at Unicorn.

Rat King: PLay and record as much as we can.

10. Crusm, thanks for your time in this interview, last words bros!

De Vile: Keep on grinding in the free world!! Support the scene!!!
Stay Brutal!

Rat King: Keep the brutal scene alive!