domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2019

Interview - Capitalist

1.Funeral greetings of Perú,Barrett! How going the things at Capitalist?
Hey, Barrett, vocals for Capitalist here! We're stoked to talk to some fellow grinders/maniacs from a different part of the globe! 2019 is so Far a big year for Capitalist,we released our first proper Recording , the ep "2019", and booked some awesome shows coming up, and were gearing up to play our first big fest "Shadow Frost metal Fest" early next year. This project is constantly building on bones of previous work and we're seriously stoked to see it grow!

2.Tell us how is form this chaotic band of raw grind powerviolence with influences of darkness called Capitalist? Hows been the begings? Capitalist is formed out of the ashes of a past project (we're old vets of the punk and metal scene), a blackened dbeat/raw punk band that i guess "ran its course". We toured, and wrote a few albums and as we were evolving our sound a founding member left to persue other projects. The rest of us Decided thiswas a perfect oppurtunity to really go in a new harsher, more grind/powerviolence sound that was free to explore some different themes lyrically and aestheticly. Previously we had used tropes of satanic imagery, sleaze rock , and typical punk rock formatted songs, which we felt we had taken to its limits. We then decided we were now free to write songs with a more grind approach,( faster, heavier, less melodic)and grow our themes to include darker esoteric chaos magic, true cult-minded real life violence, and the actual geo-political evil that exists in the world being committed by our so called "fellow man".

3.Infernal discography of Capitalist?
Currently we have our new release "2019" and some earlier demo material up on

4.Aberrant influences at Capitalist?
We draw our musical influence from alot of sources, a list would be huge haha so ill just name a few of the top of my head, Craft,Converge, Nifelheim, Slayer, Mortician, and Disfear.   We all bonded over mutaul like of hardcore, thrash, dbeat, and blackmetal and I feel like that all comes across in our music.

5.Some members of Capitalist have another proyect paralell?
I have a noise/goth/synth/wave and video solo project called "Wrists" ( with a few releases, and our drummer Mike has a whole other band called "Endless Teeth ( which is more like post metal/hardcore, him and i also have a harsh noise/space jazz project called "Drug Cage". We're busy dudes haha.

6.Barrett explain some more about actual grind powerviolence scene from your city and recommend some bands.
We're truly lucky to be based out of Philadelphia, it has one of the best most inclusive and varied music scenes on the east coast of the US. On any given night theres a good chance theres a punk/metal/grind/hardcore/hiphop/electronic show happening somewhere between house venues and the plethora of dives and bigger venues.Im from a shitty suburb in New Jersey, so as i get older i really appreciate how cool the scene in Philly is!

7.Capitalist knows fast hardcore scene of Southamerica?
Not really but we're always stoked to make new friends and learn about cool new bands! We played with these dudes "Betrayer" from Columbia once, i wonder if they're
still around?

8.Stuff avaliable of Capitalist at the moment? where grind maniacs can find the stuff?
Right now were still rolling out "merch" but if anyone wants to contact us on Facebook for Phsysical copies of "2019" that probly the best way we also have a limiterd run
of t-shirts and stickers available! Otherwise all of our music is available for down load from our bandcamp page! 

9.Morbid future plans?
We're relentless, right now were currently working on a new album, and live visual projection show. we hope to have more designs of our merch ready soon for all 
the Maniacs out there! Capitalist is hoping to hit the road for some tour dates early next year and we'll def be up and down the east caost this year!

10.Last words Barrett and thanks for your time in this interview! Regards!
Thanks for checking us out and keep fucking grinding you maniacs!

Gory news from Left Hand Patches!

sábado, 14 de septiembre de 2019

Interview - Posthumous Regurgitation

1.Pestilent greetings of Perú,maniac! How going the gruesome things at Posthumous Regurgitation?
Everything is going real well! We just finished wrapping up for our new release, Glorification of Medical Malpractice and we're really excited to share it with everyone.

2.Hows been the begings at Posthumous Regurgitation? a lot of guts,rancid flesh?
Haha, always lots of guys and the most rancid of decomposing flesh. It's like our own rotten buffet.

3.Posthumous Regurgitation till moment have records out?
We aim to release our new stuff on September 11th digitally, and then we will announce when it will be available on casette through Headsplit Records.

4.Cannibalistic influences at Posthumous Regurgitation?
Our biggest influences have been bands like General Surgery, Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, and Regurgitate, but Meat Spreader was probably the band that made us want to start something new.

5.Some members of Posthumous Regurgitation have another proyect paralell?
There is nothing really solid started, but Mike and Charles were both part of a goregrind band called Erectile Dysfunction before starting Posthumous Regurgitation.

6.Explain some more about actual goregrind scene from your city and recommend some bands.
There have been a lot of good grind and goregrind bands out of our area like Apoplexy, Machete Dildo, and a few others that fall more into the porno category, but some really good bands like Vomit Spit and Brain Leech which are more on the mince side, but our favorites have to be Splatterface and Radiation Vomit. And they aren't necessarily from our area, but Heinous (AZ) are definitely our brothers from another mother. 

7.Posthumous Regurgitation knows goregrind scene of Southamerica?
We know of a few really good bands, but Insepsy is probably our favorite!

8.Stuff avaliable of Posthumous Regurgitation at the moment? where gore maniacs can find the stuff?
Always check our bandcamp for the latest that we have available, and we try to keep everyone updated on our Instagram page.

9.Morbid future plans?
There are talks of a possible west coast tour next year, and hopefully some other bigger shows that we will keep quiet until we know for sure.

10.Last vomits of putrid blood maniac and thanks for your time in this interview,keep doing sick noisy!
Thank you very much for the support!

Split Wojczech / Completed Exposition is out now via Regurgitated Semen Records!

jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2019

Interview - Inhume

1.Twisted and furious greetings of tomb from Perú,Dorus! How going the things at Inhume?
Hello Peru and grindy greetings from the Netherlands!
The festival season is in full blast right now, so all is well. Except for one thing: we are still looking for a new drummer. 

2.Tell us how is form this loud and brutal band of chaotic death grind called Inhume? Hows been the begings?
The story so far: back in 1994 a few guys had the idea of starting a brutal grindcore band. They gathered everybody that was interested and the first jamsession was with, I believe, nine people.
Eventually six people stayed: Richard Ebisch (guitar), Ben Janssen (guitar), Loek Peeters (bass), Roel Sanders (drums) and on vocals there were Joost Silvrants and Johan "Driek" Dirkx.
A few years later Richard, who also played in Occult, Desensitised and later with Roel in Kill Division, was replaced by Harold Gielen. In 2003 Driek quit and was replaced by me, Dorus van Ooij. 
Years later Harold quit because he was too busy with his other band, Legion of the Damned. Joost also went on with his other band Cliteater and was replaced by Dennis Schreurs, who still is also the vocalist for Severe Torture.
Then Roel just wanted to do his Motörhead-coverband called Snaggletooth and he was replaced by Remco Verhees. Who came from a doommetal-band called Faal.
A few years later Remco quit and we are still looking for a replacement. We've had some help from Michiel van der Plicht (God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement) but that was temporary.
So now, Ben and Loek are the only two originals left and they also have another project called Skullhog (fka Bile)

3.Official discography of Inhume till moment?

4.Aberrant influences at Inhume?
We listen to all kinds of rock/metal, from classic to punk to thrash but mainly we're influenced by the old Carcass, Napalm Death, Terrorizer albums.

5.Some members of Inhume have another proyect paralell?
A lot of them also play in bands like Prostitute Disfigurement, Cliteater, My Mind's Mine, Teethgrinder, Suffering Quota, to name a few.

6.Dorus explain some more about actual death grind scene from your city and recommend some bands.

The deathgrind scene in the Netherlands is fairly small (well, so is the country) but loyal. You meet the same people everywhere.

7.Inhume knows death grind scene of Southamerica?
As a band we've never been to South America but we'd sure love to go! I know the scene is big and dedicated. We once received a CD of a band called I Shit On Your Face who played a coverversion of our song Airplane Crash. We were honoured!

8.Stuff avaliable of Inhume at the moment? where death grind maniacs can find the stuff?
If you want to buy our stuff or read about the latest news you better check
There are links to shops/labels that sell our stuff. And don't forget to check out our latest compilation-CD '25 years of Decomposition' available on Xenokorp. 

9.Morbid future plans? 

Immediate futureplans are: finding a new drummer and them write and record a new record because it's been way too long.

10.Last words Dorus and thanks for your time in this interview! Regards!
Personally, I've been to South America and I met a lot of people who are into brutal musick. I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many metal-fans. I think your scene is big and beautiful. Keep it true and alive and don't let anybody tell you differently.
GRIND!!! \n/

jueves, 8 de agosto de 2019

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