sábado, 5 de octubre de 2019

Interview - Depraver

1.Infernal and infamous greetings from Perú,Jake! How going the things at Depraver?
It's great we are gearing up to record a new split and other material that is unannounced at the moment, more information to come!

2.Hows been the bestiality begings at Depraver?
It has been sick and black, we just released a CD version of both of our EP's through Redefining Darkness. The response has been great, and the evil praises we have received are a dark blessing upon us.

3.Aberrant discography of Depraver?
We have released two dark offerings: A Crippling Crush/Suffering in the Coffin

4.Cadaveric influences at Depraver?
We have a wide range of influences, mostly rooted in old school extreme music. From punk charged Dbeat to sewage death metal. Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Morbid Angel, Sodom, Kreator, Sepultura, Sarcofago, Master, Death Strike, Beherit, Darkthrone, GBH, Repulsion, Amebix, Pestilence, Discharge, Napalm Death, Sacrilege, Cro-Mags, Bolt Thrower, Doom... 

5.Some members of Depraver have another proyect paralell?
Yes, I play in Encoffinized and a few other projects that have yet to release material. 

6.Jake explain some more about actual sick death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands.
I am a big fan of Kommand on Maggot Stomp, they put on a brutal live show. From the bay area I am a big fan of Cult Graves, heavy shit.

7.Depraver knows sick death metal scene of Southamerica? 
We love Sarcafago and Sepultura. Also fans of Wrathprayer, Pentagram (Chile), Power from Hell, Goat Penis, etc. 

8.Stuff avaliable of Depraver at the moment? where death metal maniacs can find the stuff?
New CD can be found at: https://depraver-us.bandcamp.com/
We have shirts and tapes at our personal bandcamp: https://depraver.bandcamp.com/
Various distros might have our stuff as well!

9.Gruesome future plans at Depraver?
Play more shows and spread our disgusting filth further and further.

10.Last words Jake and thanks for your time in this interview! Regards!
We appreciate all of the support, stay black death thrash grind doom.

Hammer Heart Records News!

viernes, 4 de octubre de 2019

Interview - Cruciamentum

1.Funeral and brutal greetings from the tomb of Perú! How going the things at Cruciamentum?
D.L.: Well, thank you. We’re currently writing material for our second album which we hope to start recording mid next year.

2.Hows been the bestiality begings at Cruciamentum?
D.L.: That was a long time ago, and a tedious story. Basically I formed a band to play death metal the way I wanted to, instead of the triggered drum Olympics, fretwanking bullshit that was being called death metal at the time. I wanted to play music that was dark, heavy and reflected a more spiritual and personal approach.

3.Deadly discography till moment at Cruciamentum?
D.L.: We don’t rush anything. We record when we feel we’ve written something to the highest standard that we’re able to.

4.Aberrant influences at Cruciamentum?
D.L.: Morbid Angel, Immolation, Demigod, Disembowelment, Infester, and Absu… to name a few.

5.Some members of Cruciamentum have another proyect paralell?
D.L.: Be sure to check out Vacivus, Sheidim and Wodensthrone. I’m also working on something else, all will be revealed in time.

6.Explain some more about actual sick death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands.D.L.: We’re from four different cities in three different countries. I don’t think there’s anything we’d waste our time with recommending from any of them.

7.Cruciamentum knows rotten death metal scene of Southamerica?
D.L.: We’re huge fans of bands such as Mortem, Sarcofago, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Godless, Bloody Vengeance, Anal Vomit, Hades Archer, Force of Darkness, Goat Semen, Mystifier, Abhorrence, Ophiolaltry etc.

8.Deadly stuff avaliable of Cruciamentum at the moment? where death metal maniacs maniacs can find the stuff? 
D.L.: Cruciamentum’s stuff can be bought from Profound Lore Records (Canada), Matryrdoom Records (EU) and Me Saco Un Ojo (UK). Merch is only available from the band at www.cruciamentum.bigcartel.com

9.Gruesome future plans?
D.L.: As mentioned earlier, we’re planning to record our second full length album next year. After that we hope to tour in support of that, especially with our sights set to playing places we’ve not been to before.

10.Last womits putrid maniac! and thanks for your time in this interview! Stay morbid!
D.L.: Thanks for the interview. Keep supporting violent, evil, untrendy death metal! Anyone wanting to contact the band can do so at cruciamentum.uk@googlemail.com

Septicemic Plague / Meatus Split out at Octubre 31/2019!

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2019

Interview - Teleport

1.Deadly and mortuary greetings from Perú,Matija! How going the things at Teleport?
Hello! With Teleport we're just in the middle of the songwriting process for  our debut full-lenght album and things are progressing great. We hope it's going to be finished, at the end of the year or maybe in the beginning of the next. Apart 
from that, we'll be playing a couple of shows in Slovenia before hitting the studio. 

2.Hows been the infernal begings at Teleport?
Well, the band was formed in 2010, formed by Lovro Babič, Jan Medved and Fedja Šićarov with an intent to play sci-fi thrash metal in the vein of Voivod and Vektor and soon The Galactic Usurper  demo was released.  I joined the band in the summer of 2014.

3.Cadaveric discography of Teleport?
Galactic Usurper demo (2011)

Stellar Damnation demo (2013)

Ascendance EP (2016)

The Expansion (2018)

4.Influences of devastation at Teleport?
As said before, at first the band was influenced by bands like Vektor, Coroner and Voivod and this influence stayed pretty much all the time. Later a lot of black and death metal bands started to influence our music, bands like StarGazer, Gorguts, Demilich, Adramelech...

5.Some members of Teleport have another proyect paralell?
Yes! Darian (drums) is playing in a trip hop band called Blu.Sine and Jan (vocals) is playing in a progressive death metal band Nature. David (guitars) is also involved in several jazz projects and jazz bands. Me, Jan, Lovro (bass) and former session drummer Tine also started a new project that will be hopefully finished soon and I'm also playing in death/doom band from Italy called Assumption.  

6.Matija explain some more about actual death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands. 
Well the death metal scene isn't the brightest at the moment. One of the coolest bands Morbid Creation has ceased to exist but there is also a new band formed by young deathsters called SMRT. Human Host Body is another great death metal/crust band too. If you'd like to check out some early 90's stuff i'd suggest you bands In a Spleen and Xenophobia. 

7.Teleport knows death metal scene of Southamerica?
Of course, I was even playing as a session guitar player for a brazilian band Escarnium and there is too many super cool south american bands to list here. But i can say i love mexican death metal scene, especially early Cenotaph, The Chasm, Hacavitz, In Obscurity Revealed... Unaussprechlichen Kulten from Chile and Arcada from Peru are awesome too.

8.Stuff avaliable of Teleport at the moment? where death metal maniacs can find the stuff?
You can get everything through our bandcamp or our label's (Edged Circle Productions) store on the following links:

9.Morbid future plans at Teleport?
The plan is to finish our debut album and then play as many gigs as possible and maybe consider a longer tour. Let's see!

10.Last words Matija and thanks for your time in this interview! Stay sick!
Thank's for  the interview David! We hope, one day we'll come to play a show in Perú as well. Cheers!