sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2018

Interview - Sidetracked

1.Loud greetings of Perú,Jay! How going the things in Sidetracked?
Things are good! 2018 was our most prolific year by far with 12 releases. We have a lot lined up for 2019 as well included our long awaited full length "Hollowed Out".

2.Tell us how is form this chaotic band of loud powerviolence grindcore called Sidetracked? Hows been the begings?
My name is Jay and I started the band in 2000 as the lead singer and songwriter. At the time we started, the big influences were Chain of Strength, Capitalist Casualties and countless 80's hardcore bands. Theres been a lot of lineup changes but the other main guy on the recordings was Brian Skiffington who played drums. He left the band this year. I've been playing guitar and singing live since 2010. Our bassist Andrew Gentz has been in the band 9 years and has played on a few recordings but mainly I handle vocals, guitar and bass. 

3.Discography of Sidetracked?
To date, Sidetracked has 41 releases currently. We have done: 
16 standalone cds
4 standalone 7"s
6 standalone tapes
Split cds with God's America and Gorgonized Dorks
Split 7”s with: Summer League, In Disgust, Hummingbird of Death, Self Inflicted, Gaz-66 Intrusion, To The Point, Rabid Pigs and Scum Human.
Split lps with Gride and Dead Radical
Split tapes with Limbs Bin, Violent Opposition, and Disparo. 

4.Influences at Sidetracked?
The biggest influences would be No Comment, Lack of Interest, Capitalist Casualties, Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem, Nihilist Commando, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Negative Approach and Sissy Spacek. 

5.Some members of Sidetracked have another proyect paralell?
Me and the bassist, Andrew Gentz, also play in the hc punk band Victims Panel (no recordings yet) The other bands I played in before this that have records released are Bookburner and Sojourner. Andrew has plays (or played) in Criminal Code, White Wards and Negative Press. Our former drummer Brian played in Sojourner, Owen Hart (now called Earth Control), Shore, and Dead Weight. Our current drummer Mike Doherty also plays in Hummingbird of Death and Upinatem. 

6.Jay,explain some more about the actual powerviolence grindcore scene of your city and recommend some bands.
Some cool powerviolence bands from the Seattle area would be Savage and Regional Justice Center. 

7.Sidetracked knows the powerviolence grindcore scene of Southamerica?
I know next to nothing about powerviolence from South America. I like some grindcore/noisecore stuff from Brazil like Rot (especially A Long Cold Stare), Noise and Industrial Holocaust. As for bands from Peru specifically, I've heard a little bit of stuff like Atrofia Cerebral and Audicion Irritable. 

8.Stuff avaliable of Sidetracked at the moment? where the grinders can find the stuff?
I do mailorder for the band and it can all be purchased through: https://sidetracked.bandcamp.com/merch

9.Morbid future plans?
In 2019, besides the lp I mentioned, we also have a split lp lined up with the Italian noisecore band Isolation As Cult, split cds with Captain 3 Leg and Reeking Cross, some more noisecore cds, 10 year collection cd, split 7"s with Savage and The Seeker and another standalone 7". 

10.Last words Jay and thanks for your time in this interview.
Thank you for the interview! If anyone wants to get in contact with me directly, feel free to email at j_tichy@hotmail.com, check out our bandcamp at https://sidetracked.bandcamp.com and we have a facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sidetrackedpv

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018

Shitgrinder / Hexx split 7" Out Soon!

Interview - Come To Grief

1.Loud and intense greetings of Perú,Terry! How going the things in Come To Grief?
Hello thanks for the interview I appreciate it! Things are going well,we played some really good shows this year. We're taking a break from live performances to work on new material.

2.Tell us how is form this chaotic band of raw sludge doom stoner called Come To Grief? Hows been the begings?
I've been playing this style of music since 1991 when I formed my original band Grief.  The music has come very naturally. Things that frustrate me and piss me off have been the catalyst for playing this violent stuff!! Everyday bullshit.

3.Discography of Come To Grief?
Come to Grief has a 12" 4 song e.p. called "the worst of times " that came out in 2017 on Fuck Yoga records from Macedonia.  We Also have a split 7" with Fistula that came out in late 2017 on Patac records.

4.Influences at Come To Grief?
Saint Vitus has always been a very big influence on us. Winter from New York as well and of course Black Sabbath.

5.Some members of Come To Grief have another proyect paralell?
Our bass player Tim is currently in a grind band I am not sure of the name.  I was in a band called  Conclave for the past couple years but I chose to leave and concentrate on CTG.

6.Terry explain some more about the actual sludge doom stoner scene from your city and recommend some bands.
I live in Southern New Hampshire/u$a the largest city is Manchester and we have an excellent Doom/death/sludge/grind scene here! Some notable bands are Boghaunter (atmospheric doom) Angel Morgue (brutal death metal). There's many more!

7.Come To Grief knows the death doom sludge scene of Southamerica?
Yes we are very aware of the metal scene all throughout South America! I have always been a big fan of Sarcófago, Mystifier,Pentagram (Chile) Masacre (Colombia), etc. Very important music. We would love to play anywhere in South America.

8.Stuff avaliable of Come To Grief at the moment? where the maniacs can find the stuff?
We have plenty of stuff available on bandcamp. Our shirts are available though Deathwish records. The Come to Grief split 7" can be obtained from Patac records and Fuck Yoga records from Macedonia still has "The Worst Of Times " available.

9.Morbid future plans?
Currently  we have no live performances until 2019 we are working on new material over the winter.  We hope to have a full length album and a couple of split records out next year. We are playing Maryland Death Fest in 2019 and are working on a few more festivals.

10.Last words Terry and thanks for your time in this interview.

I thank you very much David for the interview and support!! It is a great opportunity for me to convey my thoughts to fans and friends in Peru! We would love to play Perú someday and other countries throughout South America. All the best.

Vivisection`s discography CD is out now at ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni!