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Prolapsed "Sexual Assaults" Combo!

Interview - Rajoitus

1.Loud and noisy greetings from Perú,Marko! How going the things in Rajoitus?
Marko:Hello,Going ok and hope to start to rehearsal  again after 3 months break.

2.Tell us how is form this destructive band from d-beat crust called Rajoitus? Hows been the begings?
Marko:Rajoitus started back in 1992.Break up 2007 and re-started band again 2012 and here we are.Lot's of line up changes but todays line up are:Jani-Vocals,Pena-Guitar,Marko-Bass & Jögga-Drums.

3.Official discography?
Marko:Tuomittu Epäuskon Sortoon Tape (1995),Hardcore Attack 12" (1995),Historia Kusessa 7"Ep (1996),Nyt On Kuolema Täällä 7"Ep (1998),Systeemiin Naulittu 7"Ep (1999),Ootsä Valmis Kuolemaan Tape (1999),Discography Cd (2003),Hat Mörker Amfetamin LP/Cd (2005),Split w/Abnorm 7"Ep (2007),Split w/Zudas Krust &Abnorm Cd-r (2008),Maailman Hautajainen LP (2008),Split w/Kylmä Sota 7"Ep (2013),Split w/Ratstab 7"Ep (2014),Split w/Utanförskapet 12" (2014),Split w/Honnör SS 7"Ep (2015),Discography 2007-2015 Tape (2016),Split w/Zudas Krust & Abnorm Tape (2016),Split w/Systemik Violence Tape (2017).We did recordings for a split 12" w/Kontrolli (Fin) and 10-songs 7"Ep back in 90's but they havent been released.Also plans for split 7"Ep w/Uncurbed if any label want's to release it?

4.Raw influences?
Marko:Baby Shitters,Boogie Hammer,Totalitär,Kovaa Rasvaa,Parasite,Tranatula,Exploatör,(Early)Bathory,Urchin,Rupture,Loud Pipes,Sound Of Disaster,Skitslickers,Kohti Tuhoa etc etc my personal faves right now.Rajoitus are influenced  by 80's hc/punk such as:Kaaos,Discharge,Absurd,Svart Framtid,Puke,Terveet Kädet,Rattus,Fader War,Missbrukarna,Krunch,Wretched,Neos,Siege,Jerry's Kids,Septic Death,Gism,Lärm,Mob 47 etc.Jögga are into early 80's us-hc.Jani listen mostly to Rupture & Death Metal etc.Pena into Roky Erickson,Gism,Discharge,Rupture etc.

5.Some members from Rajoitus have another proyect paralell?
Marko:Yes,Me (Marko)guitar with Abnorm (Punk/hc).Jögga with Mögel (Punk/hc).Pena has his project "Stryptag" (Punk/hc).Jani has a Death Metal project.

6.Markus explain some more about the actual d-beat crust scene from your city and recommend some bands.
Marko:Here in Borås we dont have any punk/hc scene.Only Rajoitus,Mögel,Abnorm here what i know right now.Back in 80's we did have lots of bands here also in 90's some good bands but to be honest Borås sucks anyway!!!

7.Rajoitus knows the d-beat crust scene from Southamerica?
Marko:Ataque Frontal,Guerrilla Urbana,Autopsia,Leuzemia etc are great.Los Saicos from 60's also good.

8.Stuff avaliable from Rajoitus at the moment? where the punxs can find the stuff?
Marko:None right now!!!.All sold out from us.You can still find that in distro's or on the internet.

9.Morbid future plans?
Marko:Just try to keep the wheels rolling through song writing and a few gigs now and then.

10.Last words Markus and thanks for your time in this interview.
Marko:Thank you for your interesting!!!

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Interview - Basilica

1.Brutal greetings from Perú,Reilly! How going the things in Basilica?
Things are going well! We have some cool shows lined up for the coming months, and have plans to write and record more music. 

2.Tell us how is form this destructive band from death metal called Basilica? Hows been the begings?
We formed Basilica based on a desire to play heavy music. We’re all music students in Boone, North Carolina in the US, so that combined with a love of heavy music brought us together. We started as a 
3 piece originally; I did vocals and drummed, and we went by a different name: Golgotha. But we decided to find a new drummer, move me up front, and change the name to Basilica, and that’s what we’ve stuck with. In the Fall of 2017 we recorded our EP, Orbit Has Ceased, which was released January, 19th 2018. Since then we’ve been juggling going to school, writing, and playing shows within a five state radius as much as we can.


3.How many stuff have edited Basilica?
We currently only have one EP release right now, but we have more music on the way! 

4.Infernal influences?
For myself, I take a lot of influence from genres like sludge, doom, black metal, blackened hardcore, and basically bands that are disgustingly heavy. Bands like Weedeater, Wvrm, YOB, Jesus Piece, Pig Destroyer, Funeral Chic, Joy. Cameron our guitar player loves thrash, death metal, and glam metal. Bands like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Mötley Crüe, Megadeath. Chandler our bass player likes more metalcore, progressive metal, and ambient metal, as well as jazz. Bands like The Devil Wears Prada and Rush. Brady our drummer likes a lot of progressive metal. Bands like Car Bomb and Meshugga.

5.Some members from Basilica have another proyect paralell?
Every member of the band is in a different musical project as well. I’m in a sludge metal band named Sludgemuffin; Cameron‘s in an emo band called Home Astronomy; Chandler’s in a country band, Jack Marion and the Pearl Snap Prophets; Brady is in a couple projects spanning, hip hop, R&B, and jazz.

6.Reilly explain some more about the actual death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands.
The other prominent heavy band from Boone is Trudge, who are more beatdown than death metal. In the state some awesome heavy bands are Born Hollow, Funeral Chic, Joy, and then out of state MouthBreather is probably one of our favorite new heavy bands.

7.Basilica knows the death metal scene from Southamerica?
We do actually, we know and played a show with Forceps from Brazil. They were super cool guys.

8.Stuff avaliable from Basilica at the moment? where the death metal maniacs can find the stuff?
All of our music is on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube, and every other major music streaming service. Any merch can be ordered from out Bandcamp page.

9.Morbid future plans?
We’re playing some awesome upcoming runs, and there may just be some new music in a little while.

10.Last words Reilly and thanks for your time in this interview.
We really appreciate you guys asking us to do this interview, we’re excited to see it when it comes out. Check our music out, if you like it follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify so that you can keep up with new music releases.

PRE-ORDERS NOW! MORTEM - DEINOS NEKROMANTIS TAPE! Available on 10 of September 2018!

Interview - Gas-Tank

1.Infernal greetings from Peru, Andy! How going the things in Gas-Tank?
Hello, Going ok but not fast enough we had a struggle last year with a lack of motivation from the old guitarist, so I’d say that set us back a year to where we would like to be now. However, with Max moving to guitar & Linus coming is as a second guitar we are back on track also getting a new bass player in Joe it’s given us a different better sound, so much so when we debuted the new line up everyone said that’s the best they’ve ever seen Gas-Tank play!  Long way to go but the new line up gelled really well quickly & the new songs we are writing are a little different but, in my opinion, still catchy!!

2. Tell us how is form this destructive band called Gas-Tank?
We formed as Skitvarld was coming to an end, that wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted anymore we were just turning up & getting pissed & everyone (bar me as I don’t smoke) were smoking half the practice it was because we were all such good mates, but I can go out the pub and do that! So Mik had totally had enough & his motivation (happened a year later as you’ve read!) had gone so we went our separate ways. I was in a Facebook group & I got to meet Frank our drummer through it. So originally the idea was Dom from (EX) Electro Hippies was to play bass, but he weighed up the travelling & decided against it. Matt who was also in Skitvarld on bass took up the role briefly but always said by all means get another bass player, eventually, he left & Max joined!! You’re up to date now!!

3.Chaotic discography?
The New Dark Ages 2018 (Just on CD or free download… supposed to be on vinyl by end of year!)

4.Noisy influences?
I can say Myself & Linus have similar taste, especially as he is Swedish so Scandinavian Hardcore, Japanese Hardcore etc
Frank likes old school UKHC hence the speed he drums Heresy, Ripcord (Which I do of course) but he’s into shite like Husker Du as well haha
Max & Joe come from a Death Metal (Slam) background. I don’t get it, it’s bloody awful but hey!!! 
Me personally Mellakka, The Dickies, Mob 47, Systematic Death, Gauze, NY Noise like Dawn of Humans, Sad Boys, GLOSS, Perdition. I don’t like NYHC like straight edge stuff!! Dead Kennedys, I can stay here all day writing bands!!!!

5.Some members from Gas-Tank have other projects?
Yes! Frank is an original member of Intense Degree who put out stuff in late 80’s & early 90’s they have just reformed & are doing some gigs!
Max is in two Slam bands that are quite popular, Visions of Disfigurement & Cranial Discharge.

6.Andy explain some more about the actual punk d-beat crust scene from your city and recommend some bands.
Hmmm I’m from Liverpool scene it’s a weird set up as many people don’t come to our gigs as they like the American NYHC influenced bollocks!! But there are a few. Auralskit is the only band who come close to what we do. But one of my best mates is doing a band called Dissidents with 3 lads from Manchester watch out for them I fucking love what they are doing. My other bezzy is in a band called Ballpein. Most of the stuff here, not my cup of tea to be honest. But Bitter Youth are quite big, DAD (I quite like them new band) Chinsniffer are mental & Crepitation, Horsebastard, got, to be honest, I don’t know anyone else. It’s shite!! Quite a few metal bands here I’d actually prefer to watch than the punky ones!! Neuroma is great live & boss lads. Another mates band Abominate.  I really couldn’t tell you anymore though!! I don’t like the scene here its shit! Leeds is the place!!

7. Gas-Tank knows the punk d-beat crust scene from South America?
Old school stuff more than anything, I’ve got some old Brazilian, Columbian punk in my collection, not a huge fan though to be quite honest! We were due to play week last Sunday with Agrotoxico funny enough, but we had to pull out. I was good friends with the lads from Necrobutcher in the 80’s still am!

8.Stuff available from Gas-Tank at the moment? where can the punks find the stuff?
Discogs, or go the Facebook page directly. Only about 50 left so hurry!!

9.Morbid future plans?
Just plans nothing morbid! Vinyl (Record) release of The New Dark ages. Splits with Intense Degree? Dissidents & maybe Auralskit? Get back in the practice room now Linus is back from two holidays!! Done a goth version with different lyrics to Hurt Yourself, Hurt A Child called “Just hurt yourself” (haha) waiting on the piano for that it’s fucking great & was so easy to do. I did the vocals in one take. So much easier when you are not screaming & shouting influenced by the great Mr Peter Murphy for that one!

10.Last words Andy and thanks for your time in this interview.
Not much mate, thanks for contacting me the music is free to download off Bandcamp. Do it for love, not money!! The world needs to stop being fucking racist!! 

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