viernes, 6 de julio de 2018

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Interview - Intense Degree/Liz J.Thirtle

1.Loud and fast greetings from Perú,Liz! how are you? hows going the things there?
Its going great , got about 40 mins of the set re-learnt , most of the songs from the first.

2.Liz,Intense Degree is a old school band from fast hardcore maybe pre-grindcore now influence for many fast hardcore and grindcore bands around the world,give us a trip by the existence from Intense Degree.
Influenced by dri , swedish hardcore , mob 47 , siege , to name a few foemed in 1984 , neil middleton , frank pendlebury and rich collins , i joined in 1985 when the bassist left , played lots of gigs then rich cutts ,dick hill , over the years intense degree went through many personal changes , the band reformed late last year , with the intention of just playing a handful of gigs , to show  what hardcore thrash was like in the 80s .                        

3.Official discography from Intense Degree? Intense Degree have unofficial releases?
I could be here all night doing that.

4.For you Liz which was the influences from Intense Degree in the old times?
Mob 47 , DRI , Siege.

5.Liz explain some more how was the old hardcore grindcore scene in your city and recommend some bands...
The bands of the time from my city:Heresy ,Concrete sox.

6.Intense Degree knows the hardcore grindcore scene from Southamerica?
No not really, but there are some great bands from south america which some of my south american friends rave about.

7.Actually the members from Intense Degree have another proyects?
Frank drums for a band from Liverpool called Gas-Tank , a Thrash band.

8.Liz you comment me the reunion from Intense Degree for the 30 years from the album ¨War in my Head¨ something you want to comment on this?
What we are doing is a reunion to highlight the release of war in my head and the bbc peel session , we are gonna play only a few dates.

9.Which is your opinion about the actual hardcore grindcore scene around the world?
I think personally the hardcore -grindcore has fragmented , and is not as strong as it was.

10.Liz,thanks for your time in this interview,last words!
Im not on me deathbed  lol last words hard to the core , come and see intense degree , and get a feel what it was like , the intensity of Franks drumming , lizs grinding bass ans rich collins melodic riffsxxx

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