lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

Interview - Dismembered Fetus

1.Putrid and bloody greetings from Peru,maniac! hows going the things in Dismembered Fetus?
Things are going as usual...they basically aren't! Yeah, so seriously, we are broken-up for the time being, but we still function, ya dig?

2.Dismembered Fetus coming destroying brains since 90s with his chaotic and sick sound from deadly grind death gore
in the vein from Carcass,Terrorizer,Dead Infection,Regurgitate to mention some influences...
Tell us how is de-formed the fetus! DISMEMBERED FETUS!
Yes sir, since February 19th, 1991, weve been causing chaoz and riots, broken bones and moshpits, ripped out guts and bloody vomit! Huge influences to us are bands like Carcass and Terrorizer, Deicide and Godflesh, Exhumed and Mortician, to Sore Throat and The Geto Boys...

3.Which is the official discography from Dismembered Fetus?
Um, the official discography for D.F. is as follows: Split Vagina, 1991, a split cassette between Dismembered Foetus and Yeast Infection, Hate 1994, (demo tape) Broken Neck 1994 (demo tape) then; I Don't Feel So Fuckin Good 1995, our first studio release. Generation of Hate 1996 (our first c.d. release) then re-released as a split cassette between Dismembered Fetus and a band called Drogheda. That one's called Generation of Hate/ Mutilated God...And, unfortunately, we went to the studio twice and never released our final album, "Pure Fucking Hatred," due to technical difficulties and differences between band members. After that, G.O.H. was re-released on c.d. through Epitome Productions, and then Mortville Noise put out two essential D. F. Albums; First Course, Fetus Platter and Anthropophagus Analogy Vol 1.
On You Tube, you can catch our final performance which was in Southgate, MI. On the Strictly for the Wicked Fest in 2009. Unfortunately, people were murdered after the show...and, with a name such as ours, we were put at the top of the list of media blame and scapegoating- in People Magazine.
And, lastly, Generation was just released by Chris Pito Petersen (ex-guitars) and Goatgrind Records on 12" vinyl!!! 
I re-did the cover in full color, digitally, and the label pressed the first ever D.F. record!!! Sorry fans, only 250 were made and they're all gone! (I barely got mine and my lady's copies!!!)

4.Bastard influences?
My influences? Metallica, Eminem, Scum, Twisted Insane, Sicktanick, Insane Poetry, Dark Half, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Bolt Thrower, Rigor Mortis, N.W.A., The Geto Boys, Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Mortician, Suffocation, Anal Cunt, Mindrot, Dethshit, Nausea, GWAR, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Ice Cube, John Williams, J.S. Bach, The Great Kat, Twisted Sister, etc...

5.Some fetus have another proyect paralell?
Well, not really. We once had Yeast Infection, Festering Puke, The Porch Monkeys, Hatred Earth, Tears of Blood, Pimp Daddy and the Crackheads, but with Ace gone, so are any of those bands...

6.Maniac tell us how was the grind death gore scene in your city in the early years...90s...and recommend some twisted bands...
The 90's were so sick for the underground music scene!!! All of us here in Denver came up during those years. Bands like Decimation who became Adnauseam, Cremation who became Cephalic Carnage, Orgy for Satan, Dratsab, Spewgina, Scalafrea, Skinned, Mentally Murdered who became Harvest the Murdered, Maleficium who became Molester... Shit, L.O.D., Violent Degenerates, Masoschism, back to L.O.D....?!?! I could reminisce for awhile. Some twisted bands? Check out Harvest the Murdered,  Parasite Hilton, Zombie Hate Brigade, Scum, Twisted Insane...Razakel, Razor Ruckus, Ikkuruz, Warmonger, Hatred Surge,Skeleton of God, Hideous Corpse, Infestdead, Depresy, Whoregrinder, Bloodclot, Puppy's N Kittens, Kneefat, (up-coming.)

7.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
Um, Sepultura, Nailbomb, is about it except Disgorged (Mex) and Brujeria...

8.Dismembered Fetus have stuff avaliable rigth now? records,t-shirts?
Aside from the new vinyl lp, I have D.F. shirts coming soon... (all the old designs, revamped, colored in digital)

9.Morbid future plans?
Um, as far as future plans? I really dont know. I would like to do something musically, I wouldnt mind being in another band...not at all.

10.Maniac from putrid hell! thanks for your time in this interview...last sentences of death...
Ace is the motherfuckin King!!! Be onvthe lookout for new illustrations of mine through my new company, N.V. Illustration & Design...Hail Satan!!! Hail South America! Hail Peru! Thanks David, for the spot in your zine!!! And, Goddamn You,

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