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Interview - Gewoon Fucking Raggen

1.Intense and loud greetings from Peru Fast! Lemmy! hows going the things in Gewoon Fucking Raggen?
Hello David, Things are going good foor GFR. We working on some new stuff and preparing to record a demo soon before we release a new record. Expect fast stuff!

2.Lemmy give us a bestial bio about the existence from Gewoon Fucking Raggen.
It all started some seven year ago with me and the guitarist met each other at a punk show. In that time streetpunk had a huge scene here in Rotterdam. Allthough i liked it, i was more into the hardcore stuff. Bands like Siege, Heresy and SS Decontrol just to name a few. When the guitarist asked me i i knew the band Void, we immediately hit it off. 
We started to jam and i just started to play drums, we made seventeen songs that first half year and recorded a demo.
We had some line up changes with two singers and one bassplayer that didnt show up anymore (maybe he was scared) but now we got a stable line up with me on drums and vocals, Wesley on guitar and vocals and Sally on bass.

3.How many releases have Gewoon Fucking Raggen?
We have our demo ''Kunst van het Raggen'' it was with Joost on vocals, me on drums, Wesley on guitar, Damien on bass. That thing was recorded in four hours. After that Joost and Damien left the band.
So after that we recorded ''Kruiskade Deathwish'' some one/two years later i think. The line up was Sandi on vocals, Sally on bass and me and Wesley still doing the same thing. This one was more serious and a bit faster, some grindcore/powerviolece influences came blending in our hardcore music. Its just natural...going faster!
After that we recorded our first full length on a 12"called Bruja! This one its just the last both releases blending togeheter in one big mash of rock and roll, hardcore grindingviolence (dont know how i will call it else, maybe just hardcore!). Our last vocalist left us, so we had to do the vocal duties wich were way better because our last vocalist was always drunk as shit.
And now we working on some new stuff, more about that later!

4.Demented influences?
As far i can speak for everybody, we all really into a lot of styles of music but we all love the same thing and that is making hardcore/punk.
But to name a few we all really like are: Void, Siege, The Stooges and of course Infest!

5.Some member from Gewoon Fucking Raggen have another proyect paralell?
Well the guitarist does some narco country stuff called Hurricane Joe (check it out, its really cool!) and Sally has some all girl band that doesnt have anything yet, its still in progress. As for me i play in two other bands called Nuclear Devastation (some crusty metal stuff) and Sick of Stupidity(Grindcore) and im also doing some new death metal project.

6.Explaim more about the hc/grind/powerviolence scene from your city/country? recommend some bands...
Well there are alot of new young bands coming. Bands like Holger, Raylin, Forbidden Wizards, Rott'N'Damned and Throwing Bricks. Bands with young people like me. To bad the scene isnt refreshing maybe as it did in the early years. There are alot of new bands with old people from previous bands. Old schoolers that still know how to blow you away like: Tense Reaction, My Minds Mine, Kru$h, Lifespite and the Marx Bros (with the Lärm guys!) and there is alot more but in my opnion with need more younger bands instead of old bands (new generation taking over haha)

7.You know the loud and fast scene from Southamerica?
To be honest i dont know that much bands. I know the old bands from Brazil like Sepultura of course and Sarcofago. I like Violator alot! They are so good live and really one of the coolest guys. But again to be honest i dont know alot, what do you recommend to check out?

8.Stuff avaliable from Gewoon Fucking Raggen at the moment?
We still have our Bruja album on LP and Tape and some shirts. Everything is almost sold out, also our LP. But if you really want you can still order it on Monomentum Collective.
Because everything is DIY we really always have to caculate everyhting and our goal is to focus on our new record. For us thats really cool to do as a band.

9.Morbid future plans?
Record our new album, tour around the world, meet new people and discover great bands! Grind is love and love is grindcore.

10.Last words Lemmy and keep loud!
We need more hardcore!

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Balance of Terror - "World Laboratory" LP Review

Balance of Terror - "World Laboratory" LP

Brutal Death Grind devastation from France Hell!
Are 8 tracks from twisted and technical brutal death grind in the vein from Decapitated,Suffocation,Internal Bleeding just to brutal death grind maniacs.
Guttural and slamming vocals like a pig slaughtering,demented and terrorific riffs,loud and intense basss,
destructive blast beats in the drums.
This edition is released in LP format by the label Ghastly Music from Japan.
If you are a sick maniac into brutal death grind you cant miss this piece from brutality!
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Balance-of-Terror-476542402447915

Sow Threat ‎– Why? CD Review

Sow Threat ‎– Why? CD

Self release from Sow Threat! Total DIY punks from Japan!
After the first release from his 7¨EP with the same name from the band by the label from U.K. Imminent Destruction Records,Sow Threat do this chaotic album with 5 tracks from fast and loud crustcore punk + 1 intro + outro!
Totally in the vein from DOOM,ENT,Electro Hippies!
Brutal and intense vocals (DOOM,Disrupt influence),distorted riffs,bass from war and pure fast beats in the drums!
This edition from this album is total killer with a protest artwork in the blooklet inside and the cover is taken from the movie The Shinning!
If you are a follower from bands like Doom,ENT,Disrupt,Electro Hippies you cant miss this album!
Contact: https://sowthreat.bandcamp.com/