lunes, 9 de abril de 2018

Interview - Crusm

1.Bestial greetings from Perú maniacs from Crusm! All brutal there Crusm?

De Vile: Hello David! All good and brutal \m/ Thank you for the invitation to No Te Calles Fanzine!

Rat King: We are trying to keep it as brutal as possible! hehe! no mercy!

2.Give us how is formed this putrid band from sick grindcore called Crusm?

De Vile: Crusm was formed from the ashes of "The Growling Stones" when most of the band members immigrated from Poland to the UK. After 2 years of deliberation re playing together again, we decided to create a new project called CRUSM. Idea was to play grindcore death metal mixed with crust punk and I believe we succeeded

3.How many stuff have out Crusm until moment?

De Vile: For now only two, our first demo Stench of Decompose and one song released on the compilation The Dreadful Symphonies. More to come soon.

4.Some member from Crusm have another project parallel?

De Vile: Yes, we are busy :) I have another black metal band with our guitarist. He plays in other 2 BM acts as well. Cris Is playing in Dead Stiff punk stuff. Rat King explain himself.

Rat King: Actually I play in 5 other projects hahaha, Apocalypse Addiction, Voice to Skull, Travma, stoner project that was used to call "Psyhenauts" - at the moment looking for new name, and Cinis back in poland.

5.Bastard influences?

De Vile:  like Darkthrone, Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, Disrupt, Disfear, Phobia, Dead Infection, Meat Spreader, Gut, Nausea, Neuropathia, and more. 

Rat King: Napalm Death, Neuropatia, Incarnated, Brutal Truth, Cannibal Corpse, Motorhead, Disfear, Discharge, Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Necrophagia, Anti-Cimex.

6.Explain some more about the grindcore scene from London and recommend some bands.

De Vile: Every scene in London is big. There are some places where you have a gig almost every day and for free. We have few nice bands here like Gout, Meat Spreader, Crusm (:D) 

7.You know the extreme scene from South America?

De Vile: Not much to be honest except Sarcofago, Sepultura, Krisiun, Vulcano, and ofc Brujeria.

Rat King: Since I joined Apocalypse Addiction my friend Rui is introducing me to your amazing stuff as he is brazilian. Of course everyone know such classics like sepultura, or Brujeria. Recently I found out about Buköwski! they are great.

8.Where and how the grind maniacs can find the anti-sound from Crusm?

Rat King: bandcamp, youtube facebook - gigs mostly, self promotion, self released stuff, also self distributed haha you can order our cds through bandcamp.

9.Morbid future plans?

De Vile: To play more and more. We are preparing new Ep which is gonna be called Twist to Grind. Also, we are mixing live recording from one of our gigs which we gonna release this on tape under the title Alive at Unicorn.

Rat King: PLay and record as much as we can.

10. Crusm, thanks for your time in this interview, last words bros!

De Vile: Keep on grinding in the free world!! Support the scene!!!
Stay Brutal!

Rat King: Keep the brutal scene alive!