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Interview - Nerve Grind

1.Twisted and loud greetings of Perú,Douglas! How going the things in Nerve Grind?
We are currently writing for our upcoming full length, as well as squaring everything away to play o.e.f. this July.

2.Tell us how is form this chaotic band of intense grindcore called Nerve Grind? Hows been the begings?
N.G. was formed in 2012,  In san pedro California Jeff Sandidge had the idea to form a band that was free of gimmicks, cheesy lyric topics,and anything else but blistering blast beats and grind as a mean of cathartic expression. Jeff recorded the first 4 way split with UxDxS  ..A early line up formed and N.G. began to play shows locally. As life often does changes were made and the current line up formed, consisting of Sam Uglesic on bass and myself on drums..

3.Discography of Nerve Grind?

- 4 way split UxDxS, Nerve Grind, S.U.O.S.U. Putasos  

- Years of Shit 7" Agromosh Records   

- Thieves / Nerve Grind split cassette Bloody Scythe Records                       ..                                                                            .                                   
- Needful Things / Nerve Grind split 7" Agromosh Records      

- Organ Dealer / Nerve Grind/ Invertebrate, 3 way split 7"  Night Animal Records

4.Bastard influences at Nerve Grind?
Al ot of old hardcore and punk rock, other grind bands include Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Suffering mind, Feastem, Needful Things, Kill The Client.

5.Some members of Nerve Grind have another proyect paralell?
Sam has a old school punk band that he has been doing for over a decade Called Plan A. awesome energy.I play in a Hardcore band called Short Temper. Both great bands and you guys should check em out for sure.

6.Explain some more about the actual grindcore scene of your city and recommend some bands.
The scene in l.a. is pretty healthy, and There is alot of support for grind amid a relatively small community. There are some great bands out here currently Bruce x Campbell, Vulva Essers, LxDxT , H.A,R,M...are some of my favorites here in L.A.

7.Nerve Grind knows the grindcore scene of Southamerica?
Have not experinced the grind scene in Southamerica, something we hope to resolve one day by playing.

8.Stuff avaliable of Nerve Grind at the moment? where the grinders can find the stuff?
you can order our 3 way split with Organ Dealer and Invertebrate on our bandcamp, or at Night Animal Records bandcamp site. you can Also order Years of Shit 7" off our bandcamp or thru Agromosh Records. The Needful Things 7" will also be available soon through our bandcamp and Agromosh Tecords.

9.Morbid future plans?
As far as the future is concerned we just plan on writing more grind that pushes the envelope for us as well as playing as many places as we realistically can.

10.Thanks for your time in this interview Douglas,last words and PLAY FAST OR DIE!
Stay punk Stay Grind, Thank you for all and any support. Leave humanity in better shape then you found it.

Psychoneurosis - The Fall of Humanity Review

Psychoneurosis - The Fall of Humanity CD

Old school grinders from Poland! 
Psychoneurosis back to destroy brains and arms with this new sick and twisted release called “The Fall Of Humanity”  with 20 chaotic tracks in the vein of Old Napalm Death,Old Terrorizer,Old Brutal Truth.
Edited by Selfmadegod Records from Poland! 
Front artwork very influenced by Napalm Death F.E.T.O cover!
Just for truth grinders! No shitheads!

Listen and destroy your brain!

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Interview - Evulse

1.Putrid greetings from Perú,Michael hows going the things there? ....

*MiCHAEL (Guitar): Good thanks! Just released our first demo a few months ago. I’ve been putting together riffs for new Evulse song ideas & working them out with Colin whenever we can make time. We’ve had lots of rain recently. It’s been cold too so we all have been enjoying that for a change. Being from the Bay Area we are lucky here with great weather, many shows & lots of variety of good foods from many cultures. This is mainly why so many of us choose to live here. 

*COLiN (Guitar): Yeah constantly a good show to go to for anyone who is a fan of extreme music no matter what your sub genre.

2.Tell us how you form this band of rotten and bestial death metal called Evulse? ...& Hows been the beginnings?....

*COLiN: I started jamming with MATT-(drums) in 2016-17. He was also playing drums at the time in a band called DEATHGRAVE from San Jose, CA. We quickly got 4-5 song ideas together. As we started talking about who we would like to join the band, it became clear when I moved to Oakland 6 months ago that my friends-roommates Clint(bass) & Jimmy(vocals) would be a good fit. Clint then suggested his other bandmate Michael should play second guitar. We’re all now very happy with this lineup, it feels fortunate as sometimes that can be the hardest part of forming a band. We’ve all known each other for a long time, so we’re stoked to finally all be able to play together.

3.Official discography of Evulse so far?.... 

*MiCHAEL: Currently we only have one 4song demo released. 

*COLiN: Yeah we have a few more songs for Demo #2 ready to go, just need to schedule recording time again for tracking. 

4.Deadly influences?...

*COLiN: Alot of finnish style bands like Depravity, Convulse, Demigod, Demilich + even early era Darkthrone. US bands I would have to defiantly say Autopsy, Repulsion & Accidental Suicide. 

*MiCHAEL: There’s so many, but a few that come to mind first off for me that Colin didn’t already mention from Finland are Adramelech, Rippikoulu, Vordr & Funebre. As for a few others that are an influence that I can think of quickly would be Black Sabbath, Death, Mortician, Bauhaus, & Napalm Death.

5.Some members from Evulse have another projects paralell?...

*COLiN: So Clint and I are both in the band MORTUOUS together. Clint was also in a band with Michael previously called AUGURS. Clint also plays bass in a local act called Cartilage (not to be confused with the Finnish band). Jimmy has his main project SwampWitch, and has played in different various projects for years (CAFFA, Atone etc.) Then besides my short time with New Jersey death metal freaks in DEFORM, I also have a few grind projects (Disinhibition, Dead Pressure, Socioclast). 

*MiCHAEL:  I have been jamming writing songs for a new project with members of Badr Vogu recently, another heavy local act. 

6.Michael explain some more about death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands for us ? ... 

*MiCHAEL: It’s pretty solid right now. There’s death metal shows being booked in Oakland supporting touring bands every few weeks + stacked shows with just local bands too constantly. Venues like the Elbo Rm., Oakland Metro & Eli’s are helping keep that alive. 

*COLiN, JiMMY & MiCHAEL: Here’s a few black-death metal bands from the area to checkout like Necrot, Dipygus, Ulthar, Funeral Chant, Acephalix, Vastum, Scolex, Mortuous, Extremity, Aseptic, Dearth, Wretched Stench, Mæntre, Cartilage, Defecrator & Cult Graves etc... there’s a few I’m sure we’re forgetting off hand, but that’s a good start. 

7.Evulse knows SouthAmerican death metal scene?.... 

*MiCHAEL: I am only familiar with a few. but really digging the new band Astriferous(CR), also Death Yell (‘89 demo), of course early era Sepultura, Atomic Aggressor, Massacre (CO) & Perversor 

*JiMMY: I love many,  but here’s a few of my favorites... Mortem, Nervosa, Jupiterian, Unaussprechlichen Kulten,
Sarcofago, Power From Hell, Whipstriker, Vulcano, Pentagram(CL)
Also because this publication is based in Peru, I have to mention 3 killer Psychedelic Rock bands from the land that I have spent a lot of time listening to: Los Saicos, Traffic Sound, & Laghonia.

*COLiN: I can’t really think of anymore beyond what has already been listed other than Morbosidad so maybe you can help enlighten me?  Please tell us your thoughts on a band we should know about from South America.

8.Where and how death metal maniacs can find the merch of Evulse?... 

*COLiN: We have a Facebook that you can contact us for shirts, hoodies & cassette tapes. Also an email for those who would prefer email...

*MiCHAEL: We also have a limited CD version of the demo that was just released through Godz Of  War Productions from Poland.  Later this year Dawnbreed Records from the Netherlands will be releasing the demo on a 7”inch

9.Morbid future plans?...

*COLiN: Hopefully record the next demo soon, followed by an album or split with Thanamagus (maybe both). Depends how fast we can write more songs. Then we’re looking forward to booking another short tour maybe up north as we just did one recently as far as Phoenix Arizona. We played with some amazing acts from down there such as Skullcrush, & Heinous. 

*MiCHAEL: Our LA & Fresno, CA shows on that same short tour Colin mentioned were also good. It was our first time playing shows down south & we were fortunate enough to play with many more great bands like Battleshok, Graven Maul, RUiN, Ensepulcher, Mortal Wound, Malignant & HPT 

10.Thanks Michael for your time in this interview, any last words? ...

*MiCHAEL: Thanks for the interest in us and for the interview. Let us know when your sending us plane tickets to come play the great country of Perú.. Ha! 

*COLiN: Yeah maybe one day if ever a possibility we will travel as far as South America, that would be something I know we would all be excited for. Cheers!

No Bread Records News!

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Interview - Hyperdontia

1.Rotten greetings of Perú,Malik! How going the things in Hyperdontia?
Hi David! Things are okay, thanks for asking. We are working on new material and also getting ready for upcoming shows/festivals.

2.Tell us how is form this chaotic band of gruesome death metal called Hyperdontia? Hows been the begings?
When Mustafa and I decided to form a new band we didn’t have a name on our minds. After we formed the band David came up with the name Hyperdontia and we all thought it was disgusting and cool, hehe!

3.Discography of Hyperdontia?
“Abhorrence Veil” was released in 2016 on cassette/tape by Extremely Rotten Productions and on vinyl by Night Shrouds Records.
Our first album “Nexus of Teeth” was released in 2018 September on cassette/tape by Extremely Rotten Productions, on CD by Dark Descent Records and on vinyl by Me Saco Un Ojo Records. First press of the vinyls and tapes are already sold out and we are waiting for the second press.

4.Aberrant influences at Hyperdontia?
I personally like all kind of music. Mustafa is the one who comes with the songs and we wrote our parts on his songs. I know each person has different taste of music but I know that we all like early Incantation, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Autopsy so on.

5.Some members of Hyperdontia have another proyect paralell?
Yes, I have been playing together with Mustafa Gürcalioglu in many different projects since 2006. For example Decaying Purity, Burial Invocation and Diabolizer. Our drummer Tuna also plays in a lot of bands such as Phrenelith, Apparatus, Eldjudnir so on. Our live guitarist Mathias and Tuna have a band called Sulphurous which I highly recommend to check out.

6.Explain some more about the actual death metal grindcore scene of your city and recommend some bands.
I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey and there are a lot of bands i can recommend you to check out. If you are into Brutal Death Metal you should definitely check out one of the oldest turkish band called Cenotaph from Ankara. If you want to listen to some bands from Istanbul you should check out Engulfed, Diabolizer and Hellsodomy. The scene has been growing bigger last few years and I know more bands have been formed but I haven’t had the chance to check them out yet
And there are two danish bands i can recommend you. You should definitely listen to Taphos’s new album and also Undergang if you haven’t listen to them yet.

7.Hyperdontia knows the death metal scene of Southamerica?
I really like Atomic Aggressor from Chili and Mortem from Peru. It’s too bad they supposed to play at Kill-Town Death Fest here in Copenhagen but they got cancelled. 

8.Stuff avaliable of Hyperdontia at the moment? where the maniacs can find the stuff?
Tapes are available on Extremely Rotten Productions and CD’s are available on Dark Descent Records. We’re expecting the second press of the vinyls to be done before this summer.

9.Morbid future plans?
We are playing at some festivals and planning a tour in spring if everything goes okay.

10.Thanks for your time in this interview Malik,last words!
Gracias Diego! Keep supporting underground metal scene!

God Disease “Drifting Towards Inevitable Death” CD Out Now!