lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

Interview - Ruin

1.Maniac and aberrant greetings from Peru,Mihael! all sick and brutal there? hows going the things in Ruin?
MIHAIL: Things are always putrid and rotting brother. Just getting things situated for full length album #2 that will be entitled 'Rituals for Human Annihilation'.

2.Give us how is formed this annihilator band from putrid death metal called Ruin?
MIHAIL: We were just dumb kids that were bored, drunk and stoned. We were also violent and fucked in our heads, so why not form a stupid band and start trying to write some heavy death Hellhammer songs!

3.How many releases have Ruin until moment?
MIHAIL: Ahh fuck, I need to try and remember, I can't even remember my own name half of the time. Up until now, we have 8 total releases. A few more coming.

4.Bastard influences?
MIHAIL: Hellhammer, Bolt Thrower, Venom, Abhorrence, Discharge, Master/Deathstrike, early Paradise Lost, GBH, Blasphemy, Vulcano, Majesty, Nihilist, Amebix, Necrovore, Autopsy, Slaughter, Nuclear Death, Rottrevore, Mortician, Impetigo, ENT, Repulsion, Blood, Sarcofago, etc...

5.Some member from Ruin have another project paralell?
MIHAIL: We all try and keep busy and try to stay out of prison. Doing music projects helps us to do this. Humanity can rest for now. We are too busy making death noise.

6.Explaim some more about the sick death metal scene from your city.Recommend some bands mate.
MIHAIL: We are based far away from most major cities. I live out in the middle of nowhere in the high desert of California. The others live far away in the outskirts as well. So we have to travel out to Los Angeles area to do shows. Just like any music scene, there are good and band bands. We have been fortunate to connect and do shows with some killer bands in L.A. such as CREMATORY STENCH, SKULLS and FALLEN ANGEL. Other bands that are ready to kill here in the region are: EXECUTION, DRAGKHAR, CALCEMIA, UNHOLY LUST, ICON OF PHOBOS.

7.You know the extreme metal scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
MIHAIL: We are all huge fans of South American metal! Some of the all time best bands have come from South America! SARCOFAGO and VULCANO being two of our biggest influences. Also greats like: PENTAGRAM, HOLOCAUSTO, MUTILATOR, BESTIAL HOLOCAUST, SADISM, ATTOMIC AGGRESSOR, MYSTIFIER, DEATH YELL,PERVERSOR, FORCE OF DARKNESS, MASACRE, MISERYCORE, UNHOLY FORCE, TOTTEN KORPS, BLOODFIEND, SEXTRASH, HADES ARCHER, INFERNAL CURSE,..... Peru has always had some classic and great bands like: HADEZ, MORTEM, ANAL VOMIT, GOAT SEMEN, PROFANER, HELL TORMENT, TWO FACE SINNER, and MORBOSATAN.

8.How and where the maniacs can find and get the stuff from Ruin?
MIHAIL: Warlord Clothing is our official shirt and sweat shirt distributor. Soon, Necroharmonic Productions will also have some designs. We have a few releases out there on several different labels. Look it up online and hunt it down ya filthy bastards!!!!!!!!

9.Morbid future plans?
MIHAIL: As mentioned above, album #2 and more split releases with ANTHROPIC, VHS, ABYSME, LESIONS AND ABSCONDER. Also a couple of vinyl EP releases. Again, hunt it down and look up our discography online and follow the links. We want to get out there and slay at some festivals, out of state type of shows, possibly out of the country if we can work out the details.

10.Last sentences of death Mihail and thanks for your time in this interview!
MIHAIL: Hails for the interview and support ya sicko! Keep up the sickening madness. Keep death metal fucking disgusting as fuck. RUIN CULT ETERNAL!!!!!!

Narcoleptica Productions (Russia)

viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2017

Interview - Crutches

1.Chaotic greetings from Peru,Andreas! how are you brother? hows going the things in Crutches?
A: Hey! All good here! I’ve just been trying to collect my thoughts on the year that has passed, and all that it has entailed, which is now coming to an end. Fall/winter has reached Sweden and that tends to keep me mostly inside or in the practice space. As for Crutches, we’re trying to work out some new logistics for practicing as both our drummer and bass player are moving away from Malmö. But we have no fears of it not working out.

2.Andreas give us a blasphemy trip by the raw life from Crutches.
A: Blasphemy trip? Well, we once played a venue in Indonesia, which was a badminton court and was wall to wall with a mosque. A really interesting set-up, as when the hour of prayer kicked in, all the bands had to wait. Same thing happened when we were to play. But half way through, one of the organizers got tired of waiting and just told us: ”Fuck it, just play!”. A crazy feeling with the minarets thundering outside and knowing people were praying just behind the wall, when I cranked the guitar and stomped my distortion pedal. I don’t think I’ve ever played a show like that.

3.Official discography from Crutches?
A: We released our Demo on cassette in 2012, which was followed by D-Beat Tsunami EP the same year, Lurad and previous releases on a compilation tape in 2013 for the first SE Asia tour, Lurad (LP) in 2014, FörlOrAD (LP, CASS) in 2015 and the latest release Såld (LP, CASS, CD) this year 2017. 

4.Destructive influences?
A: Life in general and the fucked up world we live in I guess. As for musical influences, I can only speak for myself but: State of Fear, Avskum, Framtid and Kriegshög.

5.Some member from Crutches have another proyect paralell?
A: Yes, Oskar is probably the one with the most parallel projects such as Ursut and Voidfiller. Other than that I’ve just recently started a new band called Genöme which will be released in the near future.

6.Explaim some more about the hardcore,punk,crust,d-beat about your city and recommend some bands.
A: I’d say that Malmö where we reside is pretty much the D-beat capital of Sweden as there is a constant flow of new bands as well as old still going strong. Notable new ones are Anhedoni, Crudiax, Zyfilis and Arsle as well as some of the older ones such as Lautstürmer, Korsfäst, Remiso and Glorious? As for venues, it’s mostly commercial ones, pizza places/pubs where there are shows. But one punk venue exists, called Enskiftet which has been around for a year now which is amazing.

7.You know the hc,punk,crust,d-beat scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
A: I don't know it as much as I’d like to. Only small bits from bands and friends. But I listened to @patia No a lot when I grew up. Other bands I know is Antimaster and quite a lot from Brazil, like Social Chaos, Armagedom, Olho Seco, Ratos de Porão, Sick Terror and some others. As for the scene, I’ve still yet to travel to South America and experience it!

8.How and where the punxs can find the stuff from Crutches?
A: Most of our stuff can be bought from Not Enough Records which is a distro/label done by Oskar and Tom. As well as at our shows, but a bit closer to you is probably Mundo en Kaos in Mexico! Everything can also be downloaded for free/donation on

9.Morbid future plans?
A: Our future plans are to take part in a compilation LP that Not Enough are doing with all new d-beat/mangel-bands from Malmö called “Dis is Malmö” with a new song. As well as start recording a smaller release together with our friends. This Friday we play in Gothenburg and have some loose plans about a weekend tour together with Slutet in February. There is also a longer tour in the States (East Coast) in May, and one short Euro tour together with Ursut in July planned so far.

10.Andreas thanks for your time in this interview,last words!
A: Thank you for the time and interest. I wish you all the luck with the zine. Keep the fire burning!


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martes, 28 de noviembre de 2017

Entrevista - Exhumed Movies

1.Sangrientos y mórbidos saludos desde Perú,Javi! como va todo en Exhumed Movies Zine?
Hola amigos….Un placer el contestar a esta entrevista. Por aquí, en España seguimos luchando y dando caña con nuestro fanzine. Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad para que nos conozcan los amigos de vuestro país.

2.Cuéntanos como se dio vida al engendro llamado Exhumed Movies Zine? como fueron los inicios y cual es la propuesta que da Exhumed Movies Zine a sus lectores?
“Exhumed movies” nació allá en el 2012. Teníamos un foro con el mismo nombre, donde posteábamos sobre cine oscuro y a Sito, Jose y a mí se nos ocurrió hacer una encuesta al personal sobre la idea de sacar a la luz un fanzine. La respuesta fue unánime, un Sí rotundo; así pues nos pusimos manos a la obra y nació el fanzine, con una tirada de 150 ejemplares (edición limitada) y con 96 páginas a color. En una semana se agotó. Estaba claro que la gente estaba ansiosa por volver a tener en sus manos algo que leer, tocar y sentir.                                                              Desde un primer momento teníamos claro que había que innovar, tanto en los contenidos (cine muy oscuro), como en la maquetación (obra y gracias de Sito, todo un genio). Esos dos puntos son marca de la casa del fanzine.

3.Cuales crees que son las claras influencias en Exhumed Movies Zine? esta pregunta encierra a todo en sí desde
peliculas,libros,revistas,zines y musica.
Las influencias de Exhumed movies son muy dispares. Desde el mondo más genuino hasta el giallo mas bizarro, pasando por Chorizo western o pelis de Comandos filipinas. De todo y para todos. De la misma forma que las escrituras de Lovecraft, Poe o King son fundamentales para nosotros también lo puede ser el Black Metal de Venom o Possessed o el HardCore de Tdk, Misfist o Dead Kennedys. A nivel revistas o Fanzines tenemos claras influencias, la mitica Fangoria, 2000 maniacos o Zineshock por poner solo alguna influencia

4.Cuantos números hasta la fecha ha editado Exhumed Movies Zine?
Hasta la fecha llevamos editados 11 números, entre ellos la rededicion de los números 0 y 1 en un solo tomo y los dos especiales con los dibujantes de Killer toons.

5.Exhumed Movies Zine solo edita revistas o también algunas películas de culto?
Hace cosa de un año y medio editamos un Dvd con una selección de cortometrajes denominado “Cultometrajes” (del cual todavía hay copias) con cuatro ganadores y varios de extras (entre los cuales se encuentra –Veinte-, el documental que dirigimos nosotros). En este nuevo número, regalamos el mediometraje “La polizia secuestra…la victima agradece”, un homenaje al Poliziesco italiano dirigido por uno de nuestros amigos y colaborador Oscar Villalta Macian. En un futuro no muy lejano queremos producir un giallo y algún que otro trabajo.

6.Javi,cuentanos...en España hay algun movimiento dedicado totalmente al cine de terror,horror,gore? cuéntanos un poco mas sobre aquello.
Hay varios fanzines y plataformas que se dedican al género: 2000 maníacos, Back to the culture, Altar mutante, Monsterworld, Cine Bis…ahora mismo en el país hay buen movimiento de publicaciones con diferentes temáticas dentro del subgénero.

7.Exhumed Movies Zine he visto que realiza un festival donde presentan peliculas de culto,explicanos sobre esto.
Se celebra en Salamanca entre los meses de Febrero/Abril. Es una muestra de unos 3 días donde se proyectan cortos y largos. Contamos con puntos de exposiciones, mesas redondas. Merchandising y un bien bar para tomar cervezas. Llevamos 4 años y viene gente de toda España. Está en un gran momento de forma. 

8.Cual es tu opinión sobre el cine de horror,terror,gore de los 80s,90s con el cine actual del mismo genero.

Gran pregunta….No podemos comparar ambos tipos. En los 60/70/80 el cine de terror vivió su momento de oro con grandes obras maestras que nunca volverán a rodarse, pero ahora mismo el cine de género creo que vive una segunda Juventud y a mi modo de ver no quiero comparar, solo disfrutar del cine. Cada cosa en su momento.

9.Como y donde pueden adquirir material de Exhumed Movies Zine los fanaticos del cine de terror,horror,gore?
El fanzine y todo el material que editamos lo podéis consultar por las redes sociales (Facebook, Instagram o Twitter) y en el email    Allí os daremos información de todo con mucho gusto.

10.Pútridos planes futuros?
La banda que tenemos los miembros de Exhumed movies llamada W.O.B. sacará el año que viene un álbum conceptual sobre la figura de Paul Naschy/Jacinto Molina titulado “The Naschy experience”. Por lo demás ponernos a trabajar en unos proyectos cinematográficos y Sito sacara su nuevo fanzine “Los archivos secretos de Miskatonik”. Pero seguro que habrá más cosas…

11.Javi gracias por tu tiempo en esta entrevista,algo que desees agregar?

Solo darte las gracias por hacernos esta entrevista amigo, que tengas mucha suerte con todos tus proyectos.

miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

The Grindful Dead "Romantic Baphomet" EP Tape - Review

The Grindful Dead "Romantic Baphomet" EP Tape

A new annihilator grindcore proyect from Brasil!
The Grindful Dead presents this new tape with 9 tracks from intense grindcore in the vein from Napam Death,Nasum,Terrorizer + cover from DFC + 4 bonus tracks + intro + outro!
Tulio DFC (DFC vocals) now in The Grindful Dead in bass give me this tape with pure grind violence!
Angry and crude vocals,fast and furious riffs,raw bass and a destructive blast beats drums!
Released in Malaysia by VIRUS REKORDZ! 
Absolutely this band could become an influence for the new sick grinders!