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Interview - Ruin

1.Maniac and aberrant greetings from Peru,Mihael! all sick and brutal there? hows going the things in Ruin?
MIHAIL: Things are always putrid and rotting brother. Just getting things situated for full length album #2 that will be entitled 'Rituals for Human Annihilation'.

2.Give us how is formed this annihilator band from putrid death metal called Ruin?
MIHAIL: We were just dumb kids that were bored, drunk and stoned. We were also violent and fucked in our heads, so why not form a stupid band and start trying to write some heavy death Hellhammer songs!

3.How many releases have Ruin until moment?
MIHAIL: Ahh fuck, I need to try and remember, I can't even remember my own name half of the time. Up until now, we have 8 total releases. A few more coming.

4.Bastard influences?
MIHAIL: Hellhammer, Bolt Thrower, Venom, Abhorrence, Discharge, Master/Deathstrike, early Paradise Lost, GBH, Blasphemy, Vulcano, Majesty, Nihilist, Amebix, Necrovore, Autopsy, Slaughter, Nuclear Death, Rottrevore, Mortician, Impetigo, ENT, Repulsion, Blood, Sarcofago, etc...

5.Some member from Ruin have another project paralell?
MIHAIL: We all try and keep busy and try to stay out of prison. Doing music projects helps us to do this. Humanity can rest for now. We are too busy making death noise.

6.Explaim some more about the sick death metal scene from your city.Recommend some bands mate.
MIHAIL: We are based far away from most major cities. I live out in the middle of nowhere in the high desert of California. The others live far away in the outskirts as well. So we have to travel out to Los Angeles area to do shows. Just like any music scene, there are good and band bands. We have been fortunate to connect and do shows with some killer bands in L.A. such as CREMATORY STENCH, SKULLS and FALLEN ANGEL. Other bands that are ready to kill here in the region are: EXECUTION, DRAGKHAR, CALCEMIA, UNHOLY LUST, ICON OF PHOBOS.

7.You know the extreme metal scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
MIHAIL: We are all huge fans of South American metal! Some of the all time best bands have come from South America! SARCOFAGO and VULCANO being two of our biggest influences. Also greats like: PENTAGRAM, HOLOCAUSTO, MUTILATOR, BESTIAL HOLOCAUST, SADISM, ATTOMIC AGGRESSOR, MYSTIFIER, DEATH YELL,PERVERSOR, FORCE OF DARKNESS, MASACRE, MISERYCORE, UNHOLY FORCE, TOTTEN KORPS, BLOODFIEND, SEXTRASH, HADES ARCHER, INFERNAL CURSE,..... Peru has always had some classic and great bands like: HADEZ, MORTEM, ANAL VOMIT, GOAT SEMEN, PROFANER, HELL TORMENT, TWO FACE SINNER, and MORBOSATAN.

8.How and where the maniacs can find and get the stuff from Ruin?
MIHAIL: Warlord Clothing is our official shirt and sweat shirt distributor. Soon, Necroharmonic Productions will also have some designs. We have a few releases out there on several different labels. Look it up online and hunt it down ya filthy bastards!!!!!!!!

9.Morbid future plans?
MIHAIL: As mentioned above, album #2 and more split releases with ANTHROPIC, VHS, ABYSME, LESIONS AND ABSCONDER. Also a couple of vinyl EP releases. Again, hunt it down and look up our discography online and follow the links. We want to get out there and slay at some festivals, out of state type of shows, possibly out of the country if we can work out the details.

10.Last sentences of death Mihail and thanks for your time in this interview!
MIHAIL: Hails for the interview and support ya sicko! Keep up the sickening madness. Keep death metal fucking disgusting as fuck. RUIN CULT ETERNAL!!!!!!

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