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Imminent Destruction Records Reviews

Paradox - Strangulation 7¨EP

From Atlanta this catastrofic band from crude d-beat crustcore
with the U.K label Imminent Records presents this release with a lot of stench of corpses!
Are 6 tracks in the vein from E.N.T,Warcollapse,Hellbastard.
Total crust voice attack,loud d-beat riffs,bass from war,destructive drums from annihilation.
Edited in purple vinyl just for true followers into crust,d-beat!

Napalm Raid - Storm 7¨EP

Apocaliptic noisy stench d-beat crustcore!
This time Napalm Raid from Nova Scotia,Canada vomit this release edited by Imminent Records from U.K with 4 noisy tracks from d-beat crustcore in the vein from Deviated Instinct,Destroy!,Concrete Sox,Doom!
Bestial voice a lot of influence from Doom (War is Big Business),riffs from the graveyard,
bass from death,drums from warmachine!
This release comes with a killer poster! exclusive shit!

Fragment - Demo 7"EP

This release is the debut from this new band from aberrant crustcore from Canada!
Edited in vinyl by Imminent Records from U.K!
Are 6 tracks from altered and twisted crustcore with a lot of influences from Skitsystem,Totalitar,Misery.
If you want die and need die you need listen this release!
I think in the future will be a masterpiece into crustcore scene.


From Singapore! Mild Shag destroy this release edited by Imminent Destruction Records from U.K!
This a debut release in a vinyl 7¨ with 6 tracks from screams and distorted! fuck the system!
Mild Shag influence by the anti-sound from Amebix,Disclose,Axiom with a voice filled with rage,japanese hardcore punk influence in the riffs like Gauze,noisy bass,drums from battle with a great combination from beats.

Grind Reviews July 2016


Arghhhh!!! Total d-beat crustcore brutality!
From Sweden! Paranoid with members from Warvictims continues the nigthmare!
This assassin release from raw,fast and furious d-beat crust with 10 noisy tracks!
A lot of influences from Discharge,Doom,Driller Killer,Framtid!
Release edited by various labels around the world like D-takt & Råpunk Records (EUR) and Konton Crasher (US) in October 2014. Cassette versions available from Sub//Par (CAD/US) and Lockyard Records (EUR).
Is impossible what you miss the masterpiece in your d-beat collection or die!
Up the mangel!

Sucking Leech - ¨Common Sense¨ CD

Total grindcore madness from Germany!
In the vein from Napalm Death,Nasum,Pig Destroyer,Rotten Sound!
Are 15 annihilator tracks from bestial and chaotic grindcore that will make your brain explode into a thousand pieces!
Hardcore/Grindcore voice,riffs to the Napalm Death (Utopia Banished),intense bass,killer
blast beats in the drums with a bomb in the doble pedal! Total destruction!
Don´t miss the piece of grindcore if you are a true grinder!

Grumo - ¨Fallimento¨ CD

Italia Grindcore Violence!!!
ETN Records put in the dirty streetsnew release from Grumo with 12 tracks from putrid grindcore in the the maximum expression to the fans for Assück,Phobia,Insect Warfare!
Growls and guttural vokills,catatonic grind riffs,loud bass,bastard grinding drums!
Sick artwork total protest!

lunes, 25 de julio de 2016


Interview - Vomi Noir

1.Cadaverics and necrotic greetings from Peru Dave! how is  everything in Vomi Noir? all in descomposition?
Thanks for your interest in Vomi noir! We are happy that it pleased to you! We are a very young band.
We have only one and a half years together, we have done some show in the south of France. There is Pierre (guitar and vomit singing), Laurent (drums), and myself (bass-guitar).

2.Tell us how is born this pestilent band called Vomi Noir?
Well, Pit a friend drummer of Sickness crust group presented each other Pierre and me. I was a guitarist, but never played in a group. Pierre proposed to me to play bass on his one-man gore grind band called Blue Holocaust. 
We have made some rehearsals, by when, Gaby, a friend drummer of the grind band Biotox presented us Laurent. Laurent had played in a lot of different bands such as Biotox and Arrach among others. So we decided to create Vomi Noir, with french lyrics to differentiate from others. 

3.Carbonized influences in Vomi Noir?
Some of the bands that influenced us: Regurgitate, Dead infections, Carcass, Exculceration, Garbage guts, and we love some other bands such as Haemorrhage, Insect Warfare, Rupture, and many others...

4.Vomit Noir have virulent stuff edited?
We have a cdr by the moment, but are thinking to release a vynil later, and some Tshirts. 

5.How is the goregrind scene in your city? recommend some bands...
In my knownledge there are no other gore grind groups in Toulouse, but I can cite some bands from the region: Boom, Biotox, Cop porn, Geriatric slaughter which are fast- or grind core-bands, and some groups that not exist anymore such as, Hypoptalasias, tekken, fatal nunchaku and sickness, bands wich I loved a lot. 

6.Some cadaver from Vomi Noir have another proyect paralell?
Pierre has his one-man band called Blue Holocaust from now more than 10 years. This is a gore grind with drum machine, he has done a lot of release that you can find at the

7.A word to:
Those groups are part of our main influences. Pierre is a grind fan, he write most of Vomi Noir songs, for us it is perfect. Otherwise, we listen to a lot of old-school death metal bands such as the first carcass releases, Napalm Death, Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Demilich ....

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Perú or Southamerica?
Well, unfortunately not so much, I know some latin american groups, like Mortem, an excellent peruvian death metal band, and Anal vomit. Some other bands from Brazil, such as Rot; and a crust band called Armagedom, an excellent crust band which I luckly saw at Toulouse. I also know some mexican bands, because I was there some times. I like Disgorge, Anarchus, Nephyla and Avatar, among others.

9.Purulent plans in Vomi Noir?
For the future, we will continue some shows, and we are thinking to release new stuffs, T-shirts, etc. And obviously, continue to compose new putrified songs!

10.Last vomits in this bloody interview Dave...
Thanks again for the interview and your support, greatings from Toulouse to all No te Calles' readers. Hope to see you either in France, Peru or somewhere else ! :-)

Cadaveric Dissolution Records

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Interview - Abbadon Incarnate

1.Annihilator greetings Steve from Peru! How is everything in Abaddon Incarnate? 
All is good man, we recently have a massive line up change, which is leaving us all very excited for the future. We lost our drummer and bass player and now we have Irene and Karl on board also we have a new vocalist Wayne, Last year we did a cool tour of Russia, Sicily and UK and we play Grindcore family festival in Copenhagan in October. We are currently booking a Spanish/ Portuguese Tour for November and we also are booking a Australian Tour fro March 2017. As well as this I am writing so much grindcore at home we should have enough material for a new release at the end of the year hopefully. Things have never been so busy for us.

2.Tell us how is formed this brutal band from twisted brutal death grind called Abaddon Incarnate?
We started as a death metal band in 92 but started using blast beats in 94 and changed the name to abaddon incarnate, we were heavily influenced by morbid angel/ immolation/ brutal Truth/ terroroizor/ Napalm death and Entombed. Also we worshipped the Grindcrusher Earache compilation that was out back then. We wanted to be a very agressive, extreme band with no compromise fuck everybody attitude, Over the years we become more and more grindcore than death metal. For example working with Miezsko from nasum and the 2nd and 3rd album really focused our shit on Grindcore more than metal. Our songs were shorter and more to the point, less is more, intensity of delivery is more important than 5 min songs.

3.How many chaotic stuff have Abaddon Incarnate?
5 cds, and a split, but we only promote the post 2009 stuff now, cascade (09) pessimist (14) and the split with Phobia (11).

4.Bloody influences?
Nowadays I listen to stuff like Obituary (Slowly we rot), Nihilist/Entombed, heresy, siege, cretin, brutal truth, famine, brinskil bombbeat ( escape to ob city ) , strieknien dc ( cash factory ), kyuss ( all ), possessed ( 7 church/ beyond the gates ), pestilance ( only demo tapes) Voivod ( war and pain ) Godflesh ( Streetcleaner ) Napalm Death ( lee dorain / steer stuff is my fave ) nuclear assault ( survive ) Im pretty much stuck in the past. 

5.I know what Abaddon Incarnate had a some shows here in Peru,tell us more about that? is was a good and brutal experience?
Yeah we played so many shows, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Huancayo, Lima, Ayacucho, Tacha, Juliaca and Cusco. It was organised by Guts and Blood zine and we had a awesome time. We played two shows in Lima, a punk festival and a metal festival, the Punk fest was a better athmosphere. So next time we come we want to play more Punk shows If they will have us, but the people there in South America were very friendly and energetic, crazy mosh pits and headbanging all the time. South america has a such a nice spirit, everybody is on a cool wavelength and we had a great 6 weeks in our part of the world. We played Colombia and Ecuador on that Tour also.

6.What you think about the extreme scene around the world actually?
I will give a passive agressive answer, I am very depressed and fucked off with the politics in the metal scene, but I wont go into details, because I want to keep Abaddon a non political band. In a perfect world there would only be music, no fashion, no trends, no sheep, just grinding blasts.

7.Some member from Abaddon Incarnate have another proyect paralell?
Karl ( drums ) plays in a cool death metal band called Coscradh. You can worship their awesome demo here for free
Wayne ( vocals )  plays in several bands, Nembutal ( grind/powerviolence ) Also Slow plague ( are just two.

8.How is the brutal and extreme scene in your city/country? recommend me some bands.
My fave band at the moment is Surge ( noisy gay punk ) steve finnerty who used to play in abaddon does now and its pretty extreme stuff. In Ireland in the metal scene, the cavernous death metal thing is big now, so succesfull bands are Malthusian, ZOM, Viroclac and recently coscradh are the new guys, Its good stuff, but Im moving away from that kinda stuff Im more into raw/ harsh music, ZOM Are pretty cool live, great swing and punch, but the tape is a bit too much reverb bath, I havnt seen Viroclac live yet but the tape is nice. And I already gave you a link to Coscradh. 
Then we have the brutal Death metal guys who are another scene, Putrefy, Oncology, Skewerd, Zombified off the top of my head. Putrefy have been going a very long time Nearly 25 years I think, They recently had a line up change as well and have been working hard so expect some new stuff from them soon. Oncology Is a new brutal DM project that offshot from Putrefy, a cool band with a lot of great ideas but they need a real drummer, the drum machine is not great, shame becuase the riffs and vocals and guitar bits are cool. If your ever in the UK and get a chance to watch Zombified, they will rip your face off man, devestatingly brutal tight live act, 
Then of course, a cool grind band at the moment called Unyielding Love ( ) These guys could be huge, they tour their ass off and they have the right sound and attitude for the modern grind scene.
then a bunch of black metal and doom which I dont listen to. So I cant comment.

9.Destructive plans for the future in Abaddon Incarnate?
Well I coverd that earlier haha, so Tour, Record, and we will return to Peru in a year or two and hopefully we can share a rum and coke in Lima.

10.Steve thanks for your time in this interview,last words mate.
Saludos Amigo, Gracias por la entravista. Thanks for your support and we will keep in touch and anybody who wants to write and talk with us you can mail, we sell shirts and cds and vinyl if you want we do special rates to south america and we trade, so everbody, bands, zines, radio, fans, mail us and lets talk, South american underground is amazing, we love your country! We miss you.

Bringer of Gore Records

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Interview - Dropdead

1.Chaotic greetings from Perú! Bob how are you brother? as things go in Dropdead?
Bob: Things are well...we just got done doing some shows here on Providence and Boston with Infest and Siege...both sold out shows and really fun and crazy!

2.Tell us how is formed Dropdead,please a short trip for the intense existence from this destructive band called Dropdead.
Bob: Dropdead formed in 1990 after putting up a flyer looking for bandmates into Discharge, Crass, Wretched etc...I met Brian and Ben and the afterwards Brian's brother Lee...and we initially formed a band called Hellacaust with me on guitar and Ben on vocals. At some point me and Ben switched and I became singer...him guitar. At that point we became Dropdead. 25 years later...many tours and records we are.

3.How was the old scene inside crustcore,grindcore,powerviolence in your city/country?
Bob: In the early 90's we had not a lot of hardcore coming out of Providence...but we were friends with other bands from New England and NYC like Disrupt, Deformed Conscious , Grief, SlaveState, etc and we would play together whenever we could. At that period of time, our home town had a lot of Death Metal ...bands like Vital Remains. 

4.How many stuff have edited Dropdead
Bob: If you mean recordings we have Two full lengths , a discography Lp, and many eps,a live record, and split records, comp. tracks. I've never really counted to be honest ha ha ha!

5,Basic influences in Dropdead? For me initially a lot of Anarcho punk like Crass, Antisect, Icons of Filth, Discharge, Rudimentary Peni...Brian liked a lot of japanese hardcore like Gauze, Deathside, Confuse etc, Ben brought in a lot of California influences like Infest and No Comment...we all like different things but we all loved hardcore.

6.What you think about the actual extreme scene around the world?
Bob: Though it's evolved I believe the spirit of punk is still alive and well...bands come and go but the ideology is still alive. 

7.Some member from Dropdead have another proyect paralell?
Bob: we have all played or played in other bands. Ben :Snake Apartment...Brian: Straight to Hell, Neon Bitches, Ratstab, BattleSnake, etc Me : I Destroyer, the Fuzz, Lolita Black, Extinction Machine...George (current bass player) : Fucking Invincible, Sweet Jesus, Mountain Man etc ...we all love playing music.

8.At the moment Dropdead have stuff avaliable?
Bob: Yes...all of our stuff except a few rare records are available through Armageddon Shop online.

9.You know some from the extreme scene from Perú
Bob: I do not...I admit I am a bit out of the loop for music coming from Peru.

10.Destructive plans for the future
Bob: We plan on taking some time and writing new material for the rest of the year. We do have some shows coming up in Nov and also the start of next year in the U.K....
Thanks for the interview Diego...keep the spirit of punk alive! respect!
Bob otis / DROPDEAD