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Interview - Dropdead

1.Chaotic greetings from Perú! Bob how are you brother? as things go in Dropdead?
Bob: Things are well...we just got done doing some shows here on Providence and Boston with Infest and Siege...both sold out shows and really fun and crazy!

2.Tell us how is formed Dropdead,please a short trip for the intense existence from this destructive band called Dropdead.
Bob: Dropdead formed in 1990 after putting up a flyer looking for bandmates into Discharge, Crass, Wretched etc...I met Brian and Ben and the afterwards Brian's brother Lee...and we initially formed a band called Hellacaust with me on guitar and Ben on vocals. At some point me and Ben switched and I became singer...him guitar. At that point we became Dropdead. 25 years later...many tours and records later...here we are.

3.How was the old scene inside crustcore,grindcore,powerviolence in your city/country?
Bob: In the early 90's we had not a lot of hardcore coming out of Providence...but we were friends with other bands from New England and NYC like Disrupt, Deformed Conscious , Grief, SlaveState, etc and we would play together whenever we could. At that period of time, our home town had a lot of Death Metal ...bands like Vital Remains. 

4.How many stuff have edited Dropdead
Bob: If you mean recordings we have Two full lengths , a discography Lp, and many eps,a live record, and split records, comp. tracks. I've never really counted to be honest ha ha ha!

5,Basic influences in Dropdead? For me initially a lot of Anarcho punk like Crass, Antisect, Icons of Filth, Discharge, Rudimentary Peni...Brian liked a lot of japanese hardcore like Gauze, Deathside, Confuse etc, Ben brought in a lot of California influences like Infest and No Comment...we all like different things but we all loved hardcore.

6.What you think about the actual extreme scene around the world?
Bob: Though it's evolved I believe the spirit of punk is still alive and well...bands come and go but the ideology is still alive. 

7.Some member from Dropdead have another proyect paralell?
Bob: we have all played or played in other bands. Ben :Snake Apartment...Brian: Straight to Hell, Neon Bitches, Ratstab, BattleSnake, etc Me : I Destroyer, the Fuzz, Lolita Black, Extinction Machine...George (current bass player) : Fucking Invincible, Sweet Jesus, Mountain Man etc ...we all love playing music.

8.At the moment Dropdead have stuff avaliable?
Bob: Yes...all of our stuff except a few rare records are available through Armageddon Shop online.

9.You know some from the extreme scene from Perú
Bob: I do not...I admit I am a bit out of the loop for music coming from Peru.

10.Destructive plans for the future
Bob: We plan on taking some time and writing new material for the rest of the year. We do have some shows coming up in Nov and also the start of next year in the U.K....
Thanks for the interview Diego...keep the spirit of punk alive! respect!
Bob otis / DROPDEAD

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