viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Interview - Meth Leppard

1.Arghhh fast and fuck!!! Meth Leppard how is everything in this killer band from hell?
Hey dude thanks for the interview, everything is fucking sweet at the moment, writing and playing fast shit.

2.Give me a putrid bio about this twisted band called Meth Leppard?
Meth Leppard is a 2 piece grindcore band from Adelaide, South Australia consisting of Kieran on drums and Cheese on guitar and vox, formed Nov 2014.

3.Meth Leppard stuff to the date?
Meth Leppard demo tape 2015 (Bloody Scythe Records)
Brucexcampbell/Meth Leppard split 2016 (Bloody Scythe Records, Grindfather productions, Woooaargh Records)
Jack/Meth Leppard split 7" out late 2016

4.Loud influences?
Looking For An Answer, Bolt thrower, Napalm Death, Siege, Celtic Frost.

5. Some members from Meth Leppard have another project? band,zine,label?
Seminal Embalment, Powerxchuck.

6.The lyrics are about?

7.With which bands has shared the stage Meth Leppard?
Captain Cleanoff, Christcrusher, Full Of Hell, Sete Star Sept, Disparo, Uncle Geezer, Facegrinder.

8.Meth Leppard tour in some moment?
We play in Melb July 16th with Christcrusher.

9.Plans up his sleeve in Meth Leppard?
Meth Leppard is doing a massive tour of America and Canada May 2018 so come check us out.

10.Ok Ryan your last words! and greetings from NO TE CALLES ZINE - ULTRAVIOLENT AND FAST ZINE FROM PERU HELL!
Thanks for the interview mate, stay brutal!

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