martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Imminent Destruction Records Reviews

Paradox - Strangulation 7¨EP

From Atlanta this catastrofic band from crude d-beat crustcore
with the U.K label Imminent Records presents this release with a lot of stench of corpses!
Are 6 tracks in the vein from E.N.T,Warcollapse,Hellbastard.
Total crust voice attack,loud d-beat riffs,bass from war,destructive drums from annihilation.
Edited in purple vinyl just for true followers into crust,d-beat!

Napalm Raid - Storm 7¨EP

Apocaliptic noisy stench d-beat crustcore!
This time Napalm Raid from Nova Scotia,Canada vomit this release edited by Imminent Records from U.K with 4 noisy tracks from d-beat crustcore in the vein from Deviated Instinct,Destroy!,Concrete Sox,Doom!
Bestial voice a lot of influence from Doom (War is Big Business),riffs from the graveyard,
bass from death,drums from warmachine!
This release comes with a killer poster! exclusive shit!

Fragment - Demo 7"EP

This release is the debut from this new band from aberrant crustcore from Canada!
Edited in vinyl by Imminent Records from U.K!
Are 6 tracks from altered and twisted crustcore with a lot of influences from Skitsystem,Totalitar,Misery.
If you want die and need die you need listen this release!
I think in the future will be a masterpiece into crustcore scene.


From Singapore! Mild Shag destroy this release edited by Imminent Destruction Records from U.K!
This a debut release in a vinyl 7¨ with 6 tracks from screams and distorted! fuck the system!
Mild Shag influence by the anti-sound from Amebix,Disclose,Axiom with a voice filled with rage,japanese hardcore punk influence in the riffs like Gauze,noisy bass,drums from battle with a great combination from beats.

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