martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Grind Reviews July 2016


Arghhhh!!! Total d-beat crustcore brutality!
From Sweden! Paranoid with members from Warvictims continues the nigthmare!
This assassin release from raw,fast and furious d-beat crust with 10 noisy tracks!
A lot of influences from Discharge,Doom,Driller Killer,Framtid!
Release edited by various labels around the world like D-takt & Råpunk Records (EUR) and Konton Crasher (US) in October 2014. Cassette versions available from Sub//Par (CAD/US) and Lockyard Records (EUR).
Is impossible what you miss the masterpiece in your d-beat collection or die!
Up the mangel!

Sucking Leech - ¨Common Sense¨ CD

Total grindcore madness from Germany!
In the vein from Napalm Death,Nasum,Pig Destroyer,Rotten Sound!
Are 15 annihilator tracks from bestial and chaotic grindcore that will make your brain explode into a thousand pieces!
Hardcore/Grindcore voice,riffs to the Napalm Death (Utopia Banished),intense bass,killer
blast beats in the drums with a bomb in the doble pedal! Total destruction!
Don´t miss the piece of grindcore if you are a true grinder!

Grumo - ¨Fallimento¨ CD

Italia Grindcore Violence!!!
ETN Records put in the dirty streetsnew release from Grumo with 12 tracks from putrid grindcore in the the maximum expression to the fans for Assück,Phobia,Insect Warfare!
Growls and guttural vokills,catatonic grind riffs,loud bass,bastard grinding drums!
Sick artwork total protest!

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