lunes, 25 de julio de 2016

Interview - Vomi Noir

1.Cadaverics and necrotic greetings from Peru Dave! how is  everything in Vomi Noir? all in descomposition?
Thanks for your interest in Vomi noir! We are happy that it pleased to you! We are a very young band.
We have only one and a half years together, we have done some show in the south of France. There is Pierre (guitar and vomit singing), Laurent (drums), and myself (bass-guitar).

2.Tell us how is born this pestilent band called Vomi Noir?
Well, Pit a friend drummer of Sickness crust group presented each other Pierre and me. I was a guitarist, but never played in a group. Pierre proposed to me to play bass on his one-man gore grind band called Blue Holocaust. 
We have made some rehearsals, by when, Gaby, a friend drummer of the grind band Biotox presented us Laurent. Laurent had played in a lot of different bands such as Biotox and Arrach among others. So we decided to create Vomi Noir, with french lyrics to differentiate from others. 

3.Carbonized influences in Vomi Noir?
Some of the bands that influenced us: Regurgitate, Dead infections, Carcass, Exculceration, Garbage guts, and we love some other bands such as Haemorrhage, Insect Warfare, Rupture, and many others...

4.Vomit Noir have virulent stuff edited?
We have a cdr by the moment, but are thinking to release a vynil later, and some Tshirts. 

5.How is the goregrind scene in your city? recommend some bands...
In my knownledge there are no other gore grind groups in Toulouse, but I can cite some bands from the region: Boom, Biotox, Cop porn, Geriatric slaughter which are fast- or grind core-bands, and some groups that not exist anymore such as, Hypoptalasias, tekken, fatal nunchaku and sickness, bands wich I loved a lot. 

6.Some cadaver from Vomi Noir have another proyect paralell?
Pierre has his one-man band called Blue Holocaust from now more than 10 years. This is a gore grind with drum machine, he has done a lot of release that you can find at the

7.A word to:
Those groups are part of our main influences. Pierre is a grind fan, he write most of Vomi Noir songs, for us it is perfect. Otherwise, we listen to a lot of old-school death metal bands such as the first carcass releases, Napalm Death, Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Demilich ....

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Perú or Southamerica?
Well, unfortunately not so much, I know some latin american groups, like Mortem, an excellent peruvian death metal band, and Anal vomit. Some other bands from Brazil, such as Rot; and a crust band called Armagedom, an excellent crust band which I luckly saw at Toulouse. I also know some mexican bands, because I was there some times. I like Disgorge, Anarchus, Nephyla and Avatar, among others.

9.Purulent plans in Vomi Noir?
For the future, we will continue some shows, and we are thinking to release new stuffs, T-shirts, etc. And obviously, continue to compose new putrified songs!

10.Last vomits in this bloody interview Dave...
Thanks again for the interview and your support, greatings from Toulouse to all No te Calles' readers. Hope to see you either in France, Peru or somewhere else ! :-)

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