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Interview - Violent Party

1.Noisy greetings of Perú,mate! How going the things in Violent Party?
Hey, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. My name is Mary and I play bass for Violent Party. Things are going well for VP right now. We have a new 12’’ at the pressing plant, we’re working on some new material and preparing for two shows scheduled this spring.

2.Tell us how is form this intense and raw band called Violent Party? Hows been the begings?
VP began as a studio project between Zach and I in 2011. We built a rehearsal space in the basement of our home in a city called Lynchburg in the state of Virginia in the USA. We started to write songs together there in the evening. In the beginning, Zach actually played the guitar and performed on the drums in the studio. After we recorded our second 7” ‘Death Dance’, we hired Chris Stahlman as the full-time drummer for VP. This lineup would tour the North East with E.A.T.E.R. in 2011. In 2012, we finished production on our first LP, ‘Poison Mixers’. 
After that record was released in 2013, Zach and I relocated to Portland, Oregon. He dropped the guitar around this time and began using pedals to create a guitar sound instead. In 2014, we hired Dan McCoy to play drums and began writing a new record. 
Later that year, Imminent Destruction released our 3rd 7’’ called ‘Ex Libris’. We toured the Western USA in 2015 to support its release. Dan eventually relocated to the state of Louisiana to continue his education, but returned to Portland briefly in 2015 and 2016 to record the drums on VP’s  4th 7”, ‘Sinusoidal Limitations’. This was released on Rust and Machine Records in 2017 and we toured throughout Scandinavia and Europe to support its release. That’s nearly up to date on most of the things we’ve done, I think. 
Our sound and show have developed significantly since we began performing together. When we were younger we used to be fairly sloppy performers and it was always hard to put together a live show for Violent Party. Now, we’re pretty focused on our work within the band and probably sound more distasteful than ever currently. 

3.Discography of Violent Party?

- End of Existence EP – 2011 
- Death Dance EP – 2012
- Split w/ Chaos Destroy – 2012
- Poison Mixers LP – 2013
- Ex Libris EP – 2015
- Sinusoidal Limitations – 2017

4.Influences at Violent Party?
We both have a lifelong love for Confuse that at first our parents didn’t understand, now our children don’t.

5.Some members of Violent Party have another proyect paralell?
I have never been in any other bands. Zach has played in other groups briefly, but nothing worth noting other than his short-lived gimmick, Stupid Noize. Chris Stahlman is the drummer of Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan. Dan McCoy was the drummer of HellKontroll and Gasmiasma.

6.Explain some more about actual punk,noise scene from your city and recommend some bands.
Portland has a fairly extensive list of notable bands, but there are just a few fuzz bands active today.
Those are Frenzy, Lebenden Toten, and Suss Law. In the past there were others, such as Atrocious Madness and Blood Spit Nights. Of course, there are plenty of hardcore punk bands, ambient noise groups, grind bands, and so on that we get along with and perform alongside from time to time. 

7.Violent Party knows about punk,noise scene of Southamerica?
We are familiar with and listen to many South American punk bands, although neither of us has ever traveled there. Zach did a write up on Anti Timpanos for a demo not too long ago. I feel like most of the Peruvian punk or noisecore we listen to is older stuff like Ataque Frontal or bands like early Atrofia Cerebral.
Still looking for an original copy of Primera Dosis though, haha. 

8.Stuff available of Violent Party at the moment? where punxs can find the stuff?
Our records are available in various distros online. I know copies of older releases can be found on discogs if you have access to that. Our bandcamp page is currently the best source of information concerning show announcements, music, and t-shirts.

9.Morbid future plans?
We have a live cassette on Voice from Inside Tapes based out of Kiev, Ukraine that is set to release on May 1, 2019. It will be available directly from Voice Inside Tapes website and we should have a few copies for sale online or at shows.
Our big announcement this year is the release of our second LP, Signals from Outer Space. We’ve spent nearly two years working on the project and we’re fairly satisfied with the end result. 
I drew up a cover for it once production was completed and Zach created a layout for the back of the sleeve. The interesting decision we’ve made this time around is to release the record ourselves. It won’t be available to purchase until later this spring when presales begin. 
When comparing this record to earlier releases, I feel like we’ve evolved a little bit. There is still no guitar and the circuit bending is at an all time high, but the bass and drums for this session were tight. There was no room for anything less than precision in order for us to maintain any sort of song structure. Our sound engineer also spent time throwing in all sorts of bizarre shit that hides in the background.
The new record, Signals from Outer Space, will release officially during our tour of the Western USA scheduled for September of this year (2019). 

POWER IT UP News: Tribute To Warsore 10"!


miércoles, 17 de abril de 2019

Interview - Horrendous Miscreation

1.Noisy and aberrant greetings of Perú,Brett! How going the things in Horrendous Miscreation?
CHEERS!!!!  HM HAS ALWAYS BEEN FUCKED. We are in the middle of recording some OLD/ NEW TRACKS

2.Tell us how is form this putrid band of raw loud grind called Horrendous Miscreation? Hows been the begings?
HM was started by Woodsman and Tiznak in 2013 and later joined by myself in March of 2014 and the first North American tour was shortly after in May 2014.  And I believe there were only like 6 months where we actually lived in the same city, At one point HM members all lived in separate cities across Canada and the USA.

3.Discography of Horrendous Miscreation till moment? 
Our demo tape, Acid Feast split tape, Gorgos split, 3way live tape with Girth/ Hyperemesis, and the EARATTIC BLAST 7".

4.Bastard influences at Horrendous Miscreation?
For myself  I'd say Lynyrd Skynyrd, Unholy Grave, Agathocles,Dahmer, Warsore, Motorhead, ACDC, Repulsion.... 
That's just me...... Tiznak and Woodsman have way more diverse taste and would always lay down interesting tracks I could never get my perma-fried head to remember.

5.Some members of Horrendous Miscreation have another proyect paralell?
Yeah some other projects from both the other dudes that are current would be Woodsman's band SULFURIC CAUTERY. Tiznak has cosmic purposelessness ( not sure if it's the name but fuck it. Chocolate bars)

6.Explain some more about actual extreme noise scene from your city and recommend some bands.
It's hard to say HM as from a single city cause members live in different countries
But let's say EDMONTON ALBERTA cause we are all from Edmonton. Band's to check out, Messiahlator, Languid, Gorgos, Bigorexia.

7.Horrendous Miscreation knows the grindcore scene of Southamerica?
Yes, the first that came to my mind is ROT. But with that is obviously just glancing at the surface.

8.Stuff avaliable of Horrendous Miscreation at the moment? where the grinders can find the stuff?
I'm always making random shit  and either myself or woodsman will have HM shit for sale trade or wholesale. Woodsman has BLASTADDICT site with much more then just HM crap. Or you can email myself at

9.Morbid future plans? 
Currently only STABMONTON FEST. Is planned for mid May.

10.Last words Brett and thanks for your time in this interview,Destroy all!

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Interview - Macabre Music

1.Rotten greetings of Perú,Reggie! How going the things in Macabre Music?
Hello Diego….gruesome greetings from Indonesia..yeaahh everything is went well in MM, still making improvements to make this label more rotten and macabre hahahaha and also working on upcoming releases for the next few months.

2.Tell us how is form this brutal and raw label called Macabre Music? Hows been the begings?
Everything happened based on my passion for extreme music since the late 1980s, the main reason I formed MM in December 2018 was because I wanted to evoke memories of my adolescence and want to keep Old School Music alive, that's why MM released old demo stuff, and if there were any newer bands then I chose a bands that had an old school influences.

3.How many releases have till moment Macabre Music?
Currently MM has released 3 demo shirts from Lobotomy "when death draws near", Monastery "ripping terror" 91 "and Cadaver" abnormal deformity "which will be released as early as March 2019.
And MM has released the Ectoplasma "cavern of foul unbeings" shirt on February. You have to check this band ... a great band from Greece that has OSDM influences from bands like Demigod, Baphomet, Gutted, Rottrevore and Autopsy.
I also making Monastery “ripping terror ‘91” demo tape..and hopefully will be released soon.

4.Influences/motivations at Macabre Music?
Without putting aside labels such as Earache, Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Metal Blade, Century Media and much more, I really like underrated labels like visceral production, wild rags, drowned, revenge production and much more.
And labels like Nuclear War Now, Critical Madness Production, Pulverized Records, Valour Music (Indonesia) are labels that affect me making MM

5.Apart of Macabre Music you have another proyect paralell?
Not yet…I’m focusing my rotted brain on MM right now hahahaha.

6.Explain some more about actual brutal death metal scenee from your city / country nd recommend some bands. 
Well..we have a huge extreme metal scene here. And also we have big metal fest such Hammersonic, Hellprint, Bandung Berisik and many more. name a few you should check Jasad, burgerkill, death vomit, trauma, kaluman, forgotten, hellcrust, disinfected, rottenomicon, exhumation…and…aaahh we could do this all day hahahaha, many great extreme metal bands from Indonesia.

7.Macabre Musid knows punk,noise scene of Southamerica?
My kind punk noise scene from south America are early sepultura, sarcofago, rot, mortem, masacre, RDP.
And cogumelo records releases are bad ass!!

8.Stuff avaliable of Macabre music at moment? where punxs can find the stuff?
Lobotomy, Monastery, Ectoplasma stuff are available for purchase now.

For order and newest update of MM releases Please check :

there are also used/rarities shirts.

9.Morbid future plans?
Just wait for more gruesome releases from MM in coming months…

10.Last words mate and thanks for your time in this interview!
Thank you so much for having MM in this interview…STAY SICK AND ROT to keep Old School extreme music alive. 


News from Left Hand Patches!

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2019

Interview - The Mentors

1.How are things going in the mentors?
2018 was a busy year for us.We did a European Tour have a long USA tour of about three months.   We also released a documentary on our band.
Since getting off tour in October I am been concentrating on writing new music in writing another book.

2.Why did you form the mentors?
We wanted to play heavy rock.We started our band in Seattle in 1976.  At this time is Sex Pistols were shocking the world and gave us the idea  to be shocking also. We also wanted to tell the women we knew that they should only have sex with us and nobody else. So we started to sing dirty lyrics.

3. Official discography of The Mentors?   
That’s too much stuff for me to write it down we have done maybe many albums Mentors album L duce albums heathen albums, I  cannot write them all down but here is a partial list.

Mentors Merchandise Catalogue 
Mentors stageworn hoods 
Mentors Cd’s You Axed For It Up the Dose Ducefixion West Coast Debauchery To the Max Over the top The Illuminaughty Rock bible To the Max Live 
Mentors Vinyl To the Max Live in Cleveland 1993 
Dr. Scum Solo CDs Mans way to relax Top notch rock Lady killer Masterpiece Real deal Going off half cocked 2016 Harsh – Hollywood Perverts
El duce solo CDs Karaoke King Remastered Symphony Have a Merry XXXMas God Lock up your daughters Booze and broads The man the myth the legend Musical pornography 
T shirts DVD El Duce the man the myth the vido Mentors Rockumentary Mentor El Duce Vita 
Books Mentors Scrapbook Vol. 2 Truth is Funnier than Fiction – My Life with Eldon Hoke and the Mentors by Steve Broy Patches Mentors patch Credit card

4.Influences at The Mentors?
For L Duce and Frank Zappa.
For Sickie Grand Funk And Hendrix.

5.Do you have any side project?
Well I record albums with mentors and also my own solo albums also I work on L duce albums 
I always release new El Duce material I have!

6.Did you do a recording with Pungent Stench?
Yes I did I recorded a bunch of songs with them in Vienna.  It was a lot of fun to do with them but the two guys in Pungent Stench what Under breaking up for reasons I don’t know so we never completely finished it finally got released anyway. I released it myself of my own label and call that the Pungent Stench Sessions.

7.Do you know the scene in South America?   
No not really I don’t I would like to. You want to come to Perú to play Sunday

8.Stuff avaliable of The Mentors at the moment? where the perverts can find the stuff?
If people want to buy merchandise they can write me at my email address

9.Morbid future plans?   
I am working on a new mentors release,   a new solo album,  and a new L duce album.   Also a new book about my continued adventures in the mentors

10. Last words?  
Thank you for the interest and please help us get some shows in South America and Perú!