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Interview - Asocial

1.Destructive greetings from Perú  how are you mate? hows going the things in Asocial? 
TB: Yeah life is okay with us , things with Asocial is going great, it´s a great time to roll together again and give the world punkrock again…so everything is working great with the new album 2017 and everything, and more on the way so watch out.

2.Tell us how is formed Asocial,hows been the beginings? tell us a little about that essence of the old hardcore/crust school of the golden and chaotic years from your city.
TB: Well as I can speak I moved to the city of Hedemora and met up with Thomas in school and on the city as we were both punkrockers and they needed a singer for the band, and that´s was just it, we began to rehearse I don’t mention any years cause we lost them, but sometime 81 or 82 I was in the band called ångest, then somewhere on the way we change name to Asocial, it was chaotic years coming ahead of 82 ..83 ..84…we started a rehearsel room where we went to school, we called it bunker, and fixed a lot of gigs and so on, its hard to remember the chaotic years now, so I don’t mention it too much, it was a fun time and still is now days when we are united again. The punk rock will continue watch out

3.How many releases have out Asocial? 
TB: We got early demos and records Det Bittra slutet EP
Religion sucks EP and some split records and the new (Död åt kapitalismen) It´s a killer 2017…Everything we done is re-released by fuck off and die records…so check it out …

4.Basically about what talk the lyrics from Asocial?
TB: A short answer it´s basically about life, a life about being outside, a life of being oppressed by the system, lyrics about life,war , everything that goes with it. 

5.Some member from Asocial have another proyect paralell?
TB: well now Its just the drummer who plays in Interment, Dreadful Fate, Parasit.
I use to sing in Uncurbed and Utanförskapet with Tompa and friends …And now we riding with Asocial.

6.Which is your opinion about the actual hardcore/crust scene around the world? 
TB:The crust hardcore punk scene is coming back again and that is great , it were kind of lost in the 90`s and so was i…But I think the punk scene today is coming back ,the only problem for me in Sweden is that punkscene is to much correct too much posers if I say. It´s too much laws in the punk in Sweden in my opinion. But the punk is back with Asocial returning!

7.You know the hardcore/crust scene from Southamerica?
TB: Yeah I should know , but when I answer your interview I must say I don’t know really, south America? If you have named a band I should know, i`m real bad at geography, or where bands come from..haha..but I hope its great punk scene where you are, and pick Asocial there and then we know..

8.How and where the noisy warriors can find merch from Asocial? 
TB: Through The Asocial side on internet…Or My address Tommy TB Berggren Eriksgatan 10B 77431 Avesta ..or mail Tebbo.boy@hotmail.com …there you got contact in every way.Or through fuck off and die records they released everything old and new.

9.Raw future plans? 
TB: The future planes at this moment is going to Prague 25 may…then play in Canada and obscene extreme, and do a new record an ep, with new Stonehard hardcore punk songs..and fix more shows that the crew will pay for. hehe.

10.Mats,thanks for your time in this interview,last words!
TB:Last words ..Asocial is riding the streets again Back with a vengeance, take contact and book us for gigs, and we give you punk rock as its best..
And remember to take care of the once of your kind, Peace Love Punk Life…Come to an Asocial show or book us On mail Tebbo.boy@hotmail.com .. The absolute last words …..Take Life And  Enjoy the ride! Punx on!

Grind Freak Zine - Thailand

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Interview - Power It Up Records

1. Loud and intense greetings from Perú, Thomas! How are you, brother? How's Power It Up? 
Hello David, Thank you for your interest in POWER IT UP. We are currently preparing some new releases.

2. Tell us how you formed this hellish label with loud music called Power It Up? How were the beginnings? 
We founded POWER IT UP 25 years ago. At first it was an absolute hobby for me, but by now it has become more. But it's still fun, you meet new people.

3. By when, how many releases will Power It Up have? 
Meanwhile, we have released about 260 different releases and no end in sight.

4.What are the influences and motivations to continue in Power It Up? 
At some point I started to exchange tapes with people and then a network built up, it was a very nice time back then when you met friends with whom you are still on the road today.

5.Thomas you have another project paralell to Power It Up? 
Or are you just concentrating on this killer label? I do not have any other projects running except that I have a normal job and a family.

6. Tell me more about the Grindcore scene from your town, Thomas and recommend some bands. 
Since I come from a very small place where no grindcore scene exists, I can not tell you anything there used to be an active Punkscene in the me was active too.

7.You know the Grindcore scene from South America for sure! maybe Perú?
I trade with some label from South America, but I do not know the scene in Peru that much.

8.How and where can the Grind Maniacs find the Merch from Power It Up? 
In Brazil, our releases are distributed otherwise everything is available at www.power-it-up.de

9.Future plans? 
Coming soon we will release the following release BUTCHER ABC - North Of Hell LP
EMILS - Fight TogetherFor LP + Bonus EP
INFERNO - Hibakusha LP
AGATHOCLES - Thanks for Your Hostility 2x LP

10.Thomas, thanks for your time in this interview, Bro, last words! 
Thank you for the interview.

Doomstar Booking Presents: Tools of The Trade / European Tour 2018

Interview - Encrypted

1.Twisted and brutal greetings from Perú! Jay! how are you maniac! hows going the things in Encrypted?
Hails brother! Its all good, we are working on new material and happy to finally release a new album

2.Give us a sick and killer trip about the chaotic existence from Encrypted? hows been the beginings?
Encrypted was formed in Puerto Rico in early 1998 under the moniker of Grieved, later that same year we decided that Encrypted would be a better name for the band... We had a hiatus from 2002 until 2015, later I moved to Florida and reformed the band with the current line-up.

3.How many releases have still moment Encrypted?
We did a 2 song selftitled demo in 1999, a 6 song EP in 2001 titled "Drifting to the Impaled" on Under The Baphomet Records, in 2015 we did a limited to 500 reissue edition of that EP with Russian label; Lord of the Sick Recording in jewel case format, same EP is also available in digipak format from Vile Pleasures Records, we also did a live mini EP in 2016 with Down to the Abyss Productions... Now we are working on our debut full length entitled "Relapsed to Barbarism" also on Vile Pleasures.

4.Putrid influences?
Everything that is sick, dark and ruthless, musically we been compared to Dehumanized and Skinless also to Suffocation or Internal Bleeding... Some say we have that NY old school death metal style, we simply like to call it brutal slammin' death metal...

5.Some member from Encrypted have another proyect paralell?
Yeah, Jason has a cover band, Zach plays in another brutal death metal band from Tampa called Death Incarnate and I have another band called Church Of Deviance.

6.Jay explain some more about the brutal death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands.
Oh Killing Addiction, Ebullition, Alptraum, Recycle to the Soil in the Ocala area, in Tampa, wow to many good bands to mention, but ill say Druid Lord, Carrion Curse, Death Incarnate, Brutality of course... and many more, Florida Death Metal scene its very rich on variety.

7.You know the brutal death metal scene from Southamerica?
Oh yeah of course... SA has a very solid metal scene, as a matter of fact we have plans to play Argentina and Chile next year.

8.Jay you have a killer label called  Vile Pleasures Records,explain us some more about your killer label bro.
Vile Pleasures Records is my label since 2015... I have many great bands in my roster, like Severance, No Raza, Trapped in the Morgue, Infected Sphere, Introtyl, Engulfed in Blackness, Eroica, Unblessed, Death Plague Christ and many more, just visit our official website at: www.vilepleasures.com and click on the roster tab to find out more about the brutal bands we signed.

9.Where and how the maniacs can find the merch from Encrypted and Vile Pleasures Records?
You can visit our website: www.vilepleasures.com, also on FB pages:
www.facebook.com/encryptedbrutal or
You can also look up for info. on 2 brutal fest i organize and produce in Tampa called Florida Extreme Metalfest in Sept and Xmas Is Evil in Dec.

10.Morbid future plans in Encrypted?
Release a split 7" ep with Chicago's masters of depravity, Lividity and then our debut album... Hopefully a US tour late 2018 and Europe and South America tours in 2019

11.Jay thanks for your time in this interview,last sentences of death!
Thanks brother for the sick interview and the brutal support... Everyone check us out and support us by buying our merch, we have CDs, Shirts, Patches, Pins, Mugs, Koozies, Satin Flags, Posters, Guitar Picks and Stickers
Band email:


Grinder Cirujano Records: Nyctophobic - War Criminal Views! CD and Tape versions!

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Interview - Fissure

1.Play fast or die! Hey Dylan,greetings from Perú! how are you mate? hows going the things in Fissure?
Howdy! Things are going very well for us at the moment. We're currently working on finishing our first 11 track LP and plan on recording another EP or split before the end of the year so just doing our best on staying busy behind-the-scenes.

2.Tell us how is formed this destructive band fromgrindcore powerviolence called Fissure? hows been the beginings?
Brendan and I had already been playing together for about a year and both of us moved to Orange County in late 2011/early 2012 so at that point, we figured we should form a full band and a Craigslist ad came from that, two people (guitarist and vocalist) contacted us with interest of getting together so we jammed once and that was the first Fissure practice. A year after that first session, Brendan and I parted ways from those two whom went on to do their own project and that's how Leo and Oscar came into the picture. We played a few shows with their two previous bands and thought they'd be a great fit for us and sure enough, it was. That was in March 2013 and that is the Fissure lineup you see today. 

3.How many releases have Fissure till moment?
Five at the moment.
*Self-Titled EP, 2013
*Salvación​/​Destrucción tape, 2014
*Split w/Gets Worse, 2014
*Split w/Final Draft, 2014
*Split w/SHACKLΣS, 2015

4.Loud influences?
We all draw influence from tons of bands and outside sources but I can't really pinpoint a single band that we can all universally agree on having an influence from because we all have such eclectic tastes. Love's Truck Stops are a pretty big influence on all of us though, that much we can agree on. Best coffee on the interstate!

5.Some member from Fissure have another proyect paralell?
Yes, that's true. Leo is currently in another band at the moment but as for the rest of us, we're all just chained down to Fissure.

6.Dylan explaim some more about the grindcore/powerviolence scene from your city and recommendsome bands.
There's almost always an influx of new bands coming out. Blink and you might miss their set. Go to any local powerviolence/grindcore show and you'll stumble across a new band whose tape you'll be buying shortly after. That's the beauty to being in a big metropolitan area like LA and OC.
Depraved are killing it right now. That's a band that seriously can't be slept on. 
And even 20+ years later, Despise You are consistently one of the best powerviolence bands out here in Southern California.

7.Fissure know the grindcore/powerviolence scene from Southamerica?
We don't (yet) but we would love to! That's on our list of plans in the next few years; tour South America so if anyone down there reads this and can help us set up a show, feel free to contact us! We'd love to play your living room, venue, bathroom etc.

8.How and where the noisy maniacs can find the merch from Fissure?
At the moment, our online store isn't fully up and running so in the meantime you can message the band Facebook page directly https://www.facebook.com/FISSUREHCPV/ to order a shirt, record etc.

9.Morbid future plans?
Finish this LP, record another EP, maybe do a weekend tour or two before the end of the year and get back to touring internationally next year. We've got some stuff in our minds that we're gonna aim for in the next year so fingers and toes crossed that we can make them happen!

10.Dylan thanks for your time in this interview,last words bro!
Thank you to anyone and everyone who continues to support our music and this band, that's seriously one of the coolest things in the world and we don't have enough thanks to give. And thank you for reaching out to us to be a part of the zine, we're super stoked to be included in an international project like this!