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Interview - Genöme

1.Destructive greetings from Perú! How going the things in Genöme?
Andreas: Everything alright here in the noise factory! We’ve done a second show and are in the finalizing steps of getting our demo album mixed and ready for print since the release of Dis Is Malmö. Got some nice shows booked and riding steady.
Martin: Happy with the way things are going, new songs in the making.

2.Tell us how is form this band of d-beat crust called Genöme? Hows been the begings?
A: It all started with me and Martin wanting to do something different than the bands we were currently in. Experimenting with more noise/less fuss/more fuzz/distortion and just playing around and learning from each other.

At first it was just the two of us getting together here and there, whenever we found the time. It was working surprisingly well being just bass and guitar. But it came to the point where we wouldn’t advance forward without a drummer. 

Stefan joined in for a chaotic and long session where we mostly finalized the majority of the songs and everything felt really good. We just needed someone on vocals. But Stefan had a lot to do with his other bands, and in the end for the recording of our contribution to Dis Is Malmö we received temporary help from Christoffer on drums and asked our friend Aanna to scream. 

So, with the song SCUM! finished and us being pleased with the sound. We asked if Aanna wanted to continue screaming with us and she did! On top of that we just needed to find a permanent drummer.

Jonathan joined in and we finalized the songs for a live set and after the Dis is Malmö release show we recorded the album. And that’s pretty much where we are at right now.

3.Till moment how many records have Genöme?
A: Well if you count the song on the Dis is Malmö Compilation LP. We have one, at the moment.

4.Loud influences?
A: Some loud influences would be at least for me personally Kriegshög, Unarm, State of Fear, D-Clone and Zyanose. But I mainly get inspiration from most things in life. 
M: I am in agreement, scratch State of Fear from my list, but this is where it is at for me. Also Gloom, Defector and Collapse Society, Confuse and Framtid. And a lot of local bands, I think we are influenced by our loud surroundings.

5.Some members from Genöme have another proyect paralell?
A: Yes, all of us have other bands.
M: We keep busy. Sometimes it is nice to sleep, or go into the forest or go swimming, but most of the times it’s just bands. Lots of bands.

6.Mate explain some more about the actual d-beat crust scene from your city and recommend some bands.
A: the d-beat raw punk scene in Malmö is one of the biggest in Sweden. And, correct me if I’m wrong, I dare say THE biggest. With so many amazing bands such as Remiso, Crudiax, Anhedoni, Lautstürmer, Korsfäst, Crutches, Glorious?, and many many more.
M: Classic raw/käng punk town! Ever since the 80s, we’ve had Moderat Likvidation, Puke, Driller Killer, Black Uniforms. A couple of years ago we had Skitkids, Infernöh, Horrendous, S.L.A.R.V., Avfart 33. We still have Beyond Pink, perhaps more crusty in the mid 00s, a bit more thrashy metal punk now, but credit where credit is due. Korp played a show the other month, first time in years. Go listen to Snor, Hag and Zyfilis. Do it right now! 

7.Genöme knows the hardcore powerviolence scene of Southamerica?
A: I’m really not that into Power Violence, so sorry no. But there are some amazing Raw Punk bands coming out of South America.
M: Yes, not a fan of powerviolence, I like zero powerviolence bands. South American raw punk is my tune as well. From Peru I like DHK, Ataque Frontal and more, and there is also all the great Colombian Medellin bands, Imagen, CTC, Averxion etc. I love a lot of south american bands, SP Caos, Muro, Fracaso.

8.Stuff avaliable from Genöme at the moment? where the punxs can find the stuff?
A: At the moment, I’d recommend visiting Not Enough records to buy the Dis is Malmö Compilation LP. Or simply wait for our album to be released. We have a very limited amount of T-shirt’s left from our first show, which you can order directly from us either on our Facebook page or through email.

9.Morbid future plans?
M: If we were to have any morbid plans we would not implicate ourselves in an interview like this, it would be bad for us. We want to stay out of jail.

10.Last words mate and thanks for your time in this interview.
A: Thank you so much for taking the time and showing interest. It’s very much appreciated. We will release our demo album on Not Enough records in Europe, Bullwhip records and Doombringer records in SE Asia on tape. Contact them if your interested in a copy. Hopefully out before the end of the year! Stay strong in the dark times ahead and remember anger and DIY is the way.
M: Punk is joy, leave your anxiety at the door.


BruceXCampbell new album out soon!

Interview - xGrifox

1.Loud greetings from Perú! How going the things in xGrifox?
Right now I’m working on a split with DBMIVFV from Winnipeg Canada that should be a good split! And just here chilling smoking some MOTA!!!! 

2.Tell us how is form this explosive band of powerviolence called xGrifox? Hows been the begings?
Well i formed this one man project out of boredom was playing in a few bands before “skullfucked” & “mxdxextxdxe” those projects didn’t work out so I decided I still wanted to make some noise so I invested in a cheap drum set and went on from there.

3.Till moment how many records have xGrifox? 
So far I have two demos, splits with DICKXDUNN (Indiana) split with culpa (Oxnard California) a 10 way split with 9 other bands that came out on ill faith records (Arizona) and a split with CHANCHO(Brazil) 
4.Bastard influences? My influences go from punk,reggae,hip hop but the shit I listen to a lot are bands like CHULO , MONGOLICO , UZI SUICIDE ,CONCUSSSIVE, USOFSHIT, SPAZZ, CHARLES BRONSON , CALAFIA PUTA , DESPISE YOU, HERESY etc... the list goes for days!!!!

4.Noisy influences?
We friends Paul and Danny from GODSTOMPER!

5.Some members from xGrifox have another proyect paralell? I used to play in SKULLFUCKED, MXDXEXTXDXE no other members on this band lol 
6.Pedro explain some more about the actual powerviolence scene of your city and recommend some bands.
Well back then my town Watsonville California used to have a good hardcore punk /POWERVIOLENCE scene in the early 2000’s the local bands we had were like OUTRAGED , USOFSHIT, UZISUICIDE , TOXIC U.S , LOS DRYHEAVERS ,ENTOXICADOS and we also had bands like MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS , VOETSEK ,MIND OF ASIAN ,ESKAPO, TROPIEZO and many more bands toured out here it varied from a lot of bands but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

7.xGrifox knows the powerviolence scene of Southamerica? 
Yes I love the south American powerviolence scene I like bands like TERCO(Colombia), DESPRECIO (Chile), DAYS OF HATE(BRAZIL) , CHANCHO (Brazil) ,DISPARA!(Chile) CHULO (Colombia) MONGOLICO(Colombia)

8.Stuff avaliable of xGrifox at the moment? where the grinders can find the stuff? Well merch as of right now I only have some buttons should be getting some physical copies of some splits soon and if anyone would want to hear my music you can check out my Bandcamp at https://xgrifoxpv.bandcamp.com/ or hot me up on my email at xgrifoxpv@gmail.com

9.Morbid future plans?
As of now got that split going with DBMIVFV that’s almost done and also might have a split with BRAIN LEECH soon so keep your eyes out for that one !! And I don’t plan on stopping any time soon so if anyone wants to make a split hit me up!!!! 

10.Last words Pedro and thanks for your time in this interview. 
Fuck bar shows make them all ages make some noise fuck what ppl think they can suck it read some books!!! shout out to my boys from concussive, dick Dunn, DBMIVFV, CHANCHO, CULPA, my homie DANIEL and 4SOY!! and a big shout out to SKAB and my dogs for dealing with the loud noise I make and everyone who likes the noise that XGRIFOX is making it means a lot!! play SHORT FAST AND LOUD!!!  And thank you to NO TE CALLES ZINE for making this interview support bands when you go to shows don’t just kick it outside!!! SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY !! 

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2018

Interview - Bruised Ego

1.Loud greetings of Perú,Brad! How going the things in Bruised Ego?
We are doing well! Just got done with Rapid Decay in Binghamton and are about to play Days of Darkness fest in Baltimore. We will be taking a short hiatus from playing live starting in November, but we will continue to write and prepare for some bigger tours in the summer of 2019. 

2.Tell us how is form this destructive band of fast grind called Bruised Ego? Hows been the begings?
Adam and I started Bruised Ego out of the ashes of Lotus Fucker as we were tired of being in bands with horrible people both on and offstage. We recruited my old friend Mike not long after and played our first show in october 2016.

3.Discography of Bruised Ego?
Current disography is:
1. Demo
2. Split w/ Scab Addict
3. 4wat split w/ Nermal, Disparo!, Hissy Fit
4. Tremendous American Carnage Comp
5. Split w/ Beggin For Oxys
6. Crashing The Crouse Spouse House single
7. Whirlwind Struggle comp
8. Covers vol. 1
9. Abolish All Music comp
10. Roman Numeral One LP

4.Raw and furious influences?
Our influences range quite a bit member to member, but our core sound came from late 80s UK hardcore like Heresy and Ripcord and some American bands like Hellnation. Adam has more jazz and tech influences and it shows in his playing. Mike is pretty much crossover and classic rock. We are working on changing our direction slightly and have been listening to lots of Gasp, Gas Chamber and G-anx as well as Husker Du, Dinosaur JR and Melt Banana.

5.Some members from Bruised Ego have another proyect paralell?
Im in a Grindy/Post-metal band called Crawler and about to start drumming for Mind As Prison. Adam is currently resting from his other projects and doing session drum work to my knowledge and Mike has no other project

6.Brad explain some more about the actual fast grind scene from your city and recommend some bands.
There is not much of a fast scene here anymore. What remains is kind of spread between here and DC, which is very close. Older bands like Triac, DOC and Mind As Prison still remain, but newer bands like Tomb Warden, Neck Breather and No//Mas have been carrying the torch lately. Noisem is also still around, but their members are spread aroind the US now.

7.Bruised Ego knows the fast grind scene of Southamerica?
Adam and I toured Brazil awhile back. Ive always been a fan of Brazilian noisecore like Industrial Holocaust, Noise and New York Against The Belzubu. We also really like Test, CATTARRO and the like. I am sadly not as familiar with band elsewhere in South America.

8.Stuff avaliable of Bruised Ego at the moment? where the punxs can find the stuff?
We currently still have our LP and shirts and will soon have the latest 4way split. You can write me at ssrtapes@gmail.com and request these items. I do international shipping!

9.Morbid future plans?
More international touring and a new musical direction.

10.Last words Brad and thanks for your time in this interview. 
Support the REAL ONES and bury the ones who wish to take advantage of the scene and people. There is no room for leeches or violence towards women or anyone really.

New album and shirts from My Minds Mine at Selfmadegod!