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Interview - Zloslut

1.Greetings maniac! from Peru Hell! how is everything there?

Greetings to you and all Peruvian readers of your zine! Here is all fine, working on the third album, and booking dates for 2017.

2.Give me a short but a sick bio about Zloslut to the readers from this sick zine.

Zloslut (which in English translates approximately as "Ominous") was born in 2010 and started as my idea, it was a one man band back in the time, all until debut 2016 when my live session members became full-time members. Now we are stronger together and we bring this story to a higher level! 

3.How many stuff have Zloslut? cds,tapes,t-shirts,etc...

We've released 2 albums, first one in 2013 and second in 2015, the third should see the light somewhere in 2017 (I hope). We also have an EP released in 2012, as the first serious representation of the band since the demo days. Our discography saw almost all sound platforms (CD, MC and digital), we still haven't had the opportunity to bring it on vinyl, but soon! As for shirt's we've had many designs, from the simple logo t-shirt to serious works by Opposition Artworks and Nephtys Phtisique...

4.Bestial influences?

We all grew up with Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC... But since Zloslut started as my story firstly, the musicians, bands that really influenced me were Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Taake, Peste Noire, Baptism... These bands gave me idea's to build my story. But I am also influenced by movies, books... My curiosity is wide and non-stereotyped, so I observe, and learn what catches my attention and at the end it result's as my own visions and perceptions, in this case Zloslut.

5.Some member from Zloslut have another proyect?

More or less yes, but all of us are 101% focused on Zloslut. B.V. has his own band called Paimonia and occasionally plays gigs with the German band Winterblut and his brother band Khargash. Nav has his black metal project Navtepheret... Inomatanas has worked in the past with Triumfall, Kozeljnik and Dead Shell of Universe. For my part I always gave my maximum in Zloslut, and still am of course. But I had also bands where I appeared before, like Kolac, Stonecrypt, Dii Inferi... But I haven't done so much concrete things there as I did in Zloslut.

6.How is the extreme scene in your city/country? recommend some bands bro...

Well it is growing, it is not really a country where metal is established, we have barely 5 good and serious promoters, couple of labels and tons of bands. The public here usually is always the same, you don't have many new faces in the crowd... Rarely! I recommend these following bands: The Stone, Ophidian Coil, Kozeljnik, Mržnja, Propast, Svartgren, Infest, Triumfall, Mor...

7.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?

I am not really very much into the South American scene, I know the veterans Inquisition, Sepultura, Sarcofago... But also some underground gems like Luciferian Rites, Hetroertzen. But to be honest I don't know a single band from Peru. I hope some readers of your zine will get in touch with me and recommend me some quality acts, I'm pretty sure there are hidden treasures there! Your country is an open air museum, with so much interesting cultural heritage.

8.Which is your opinion about the extreme scene around the world?

It is divided and corrupted, I don't care for the scene anymore in all aspects! Who likes my music will get to it, who don't - will pass. I mean it's just losing time on these kind of questions. Many bands glorify themseleves through the virtual world, in reality they are pathetic. Labels works only with people they know and rarely propose there services to fresh artists. Promoter's can't do anything for smaller bands because the labels don't work with them. So these bands keep staying in the shadow of other bands that pop-out all of a sudden! They have money, invest couple thousands of euro's and in a year you shall see their name on every festival's, every magazine's and label's will fight over them to have them on their roster. So if you are not from the bourgeois milieu, you have to invest yourself 101% to achieve your goals. That's for exemple what we do. So to finish, the only loyal individuals in the today's scene are in the UNDERGROUND with their foot 100% down to earth! Web/fan-zines, smaller labels and smaller organized promoters are the only way to expose your creations. You know, I rather climb a mountain by myself, alone, and arrive at the top by my own effort, than buying a hellicopter and fly there in a matter of minutes. The energy of all charm lies in self effort and work. 

9.Morbid future plans in Zloslut?

Yes of course, many, we never stoped since our inception. Work on the third album is already going on as we speak. We are also booking some dates for next year... And many other things will come in time, so I shall not reveal each plans and ideas, it is always better to surprise the follower!

10.Last vomits and thanks for your time Utvara!

Thanks to all the readers, and to your zine! Follow your heart, and keep the flame burning!

Mondo Trasho

Ciclo de Cine TRASH // HORROR // GOREPUNK // EXPLOTAITION // GIALLO + Música + Exposiciones

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Interview - Nyctophobic

1.Chaotic and grind greetings from Peru Tom! hows going everything there?
Fine I hope. Haven't talked to the others much because the band split up in May 2010 unfortunately.

2.Nyctophobic is a old school grindcore band in the scene grindcore around the world Tom,tell us how is form this noisy band please.
Well, the band got started in 1992. Back in these it was pretty hard to find people willing to join a band project of that extreme kind. Marcus (bass, now in UNGOD) and Christophe started the band. We have been introduced by a girl we knew before a Gorefest show in a near town. It was pretty fast clear that we're going to get Nycto started. To be honest: when I first met them I had no idea what Grindcore. Back in 1992 grindcore wasn't that big thing. Nevertheless Nycto was born and grew up...

3.Since 90s Tom tell us how is the grindcore scene in your city/country? recommend some bands,zines to search...
I must be honest and I am not that much in the scene. I've a few old friends from the past. We shared the rehearsal room with Blood and I still meet these guys. I would recommend ICHORID from "my" are or may INTO DARKNESS and my big favourite band SULPHUR AEON.

4.How many stuff have edited Nyctophobic?
Here's a list what stuff we have released:

NYCTOPHOBIC War Criminal Views (on Vinyl thru Grindfather in 2016, re-release on CD soon to come)
NYCTOPHOBIC/GROINCHURN Four Ways To Misery Split / feat. 4 bands
NYCTOPHOBIC A Blast From The Past 

NYCTOPHOBIC Negligenced Respect
NYCTOPHOBIC The Tomb Of Grind Comp. EP/ feat. 9 bands

If Gods Are Fake...What Are Religions Then? Vol.1
If Gods Are Fake...What Are Religions Then? Vol.2
Liberate Animals Compilation
DMK Compilation
Kill Your Idols - A tribute to AGATHOCLES - CD
Brutal Decomposition Vol.1
A tribute to Terrorizer (soon to come)

NYCTOPHOBIC Live in Merksplas- Livetape
NYCTOPHOBIC - War Criminal Views (Soon to come)

5.Destructive influences?
Back in 1992, when we started the band, there haven't been many bands in that extreme genre. I guess it's pretty obvious that NAPALM DEATH has put a big influence on us in our early days. And not to forget bands as TERRORIZER or CARCASS just to name the two most important ones. Well, later on DISRUPT has made a big effort on our music somehow. 

6.Some members from Nyctophobic have another proyect paralalell?
Like I said before the band split up in 2010. Now Zimbo (our singer) is not active any more. Marcus (bass) plays in NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666, UNGOD and he helped out for GUT a couple of times. Markus (guitar) plays in NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 and HELLKNIFE. Martin (guitar) played in a grind band of which I forgot the name. Please forgive me that. And while Nyctophobic was active I payed in NAKED WHIPPER with our singer Alex (Ex-BLOOD).

7.Which is your opinion about the actual grindcore scene around the fucking world?
The scene is so big now. Now with Facebook, Internet and all these things the scene became so close which I really like. I wished it would have been that easy when we started and were young. :D

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
Aaargh! I do not know any band from Peru or South America. Please do not kill me now! 

9.Nyctophobic stuff avaliable?
I still have some copies of the Split with EXHUMED in stock and the long awaited re-release of "War Criminal Views" on CD will take place within the next months on Grinder Cirujano Records. A guy from Jakarta will do some new Nycto shirts within the near future.
Ah, and the Vinyl-Version of "War Criminal Views" should be still available on Grindfather.
And we will be featured on a compilation CD entitled "A tribute to Terrorizer". Should be out mid 2017.

10.Some catastrofic future plans in Nyctophobic?
Ehm yes, I'm still looking for some new musicians to reform the band. Unfortunately my old band mates are to busy with their new bands and not willing to reform the band. I have to walk a long and hard way I think. Haven't found any new guys yet. 

11.Thanks for your time in this interview Tom,last words brother.
Thank you for supporting us and giving me the chance (after all the years) to do an interview again. You rule! Thanks a lot once again.

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Bones Brigade Records

acXdc / Implore Split Tape

CHIENS “Vultures are our future” Gatefold 10"

CHIENS grey shirt

The Afternoon Gentlemen "s/t" Gatefold LP 180g

Dysteria "Fuck the future" 12"LP

Fucking Invincible / Lifespite Split 7" Limited to 250 European Green wax

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Interview - Deparment Of Correction

1.Hey maniac grindcore!!!! how are you brother all sick there? news in Deparment of Correction?
Total sickness ! Horns up for Peruvian Metal Heads !

2.Doc! tell me how is form this aberrant band called Deparment of Correction
Department Of Correction Is Fast, Brutal, Mind Blowing Grindcore from Paris France. We Started In 2008 as A four pieces, now We are A 3 pieces Drums-Guitar-Vocals. Only In It for the music and worldwide Touring.

3.Fast influences ?
Probably Pig Destroyer VS Agoraphobic Nosebleed VS Nostromo ? Every bands In the world are influenced by others. Even if We try To compose totally In our own way, i'm pretty Sure these 3 bands are runing In our blood

4.Some member from Deparment of Correction have another proyect?
No, We are 100% involved In DOC. Putting all We got In DOC is our priority.

5.How many stuff have DOC?
CD "L'école du Goût", CD/7" split DOC/Noisear, CD/12" split DOC/Strong Intention, CD/12" split DOC/Agathocles, CD split DOC/Proletar,CD split DOC/Total Fucking Destruction.

6.Maniac tell me more about the grindcore scene from your city...
There Is A lot Of bands In France !!! I did A compilation called IN GRINDO VERITAS. Mastered by Dan from BRUTAL TRUTH. There Is 37 bands, but I think there Is more than 100 good Grindcore bands In our small country. The compilation can BE streamed on the Bandcamp page Of KAOTOXIN RECORDS.

6.You know some from extreme scene from southamerica???
Really A few bands, from Mexico, as Into Sickness, or Nazareno el Violento. I dont know very well the South american Metal, Please bands from Peru send us your links on PM To our Facebook page ! We'd BE very glad To know more sick bands !

7.Maniac tell me more about the tour....all sick?? brutal as fuck?
Yeah, We Just come back from our 4th USA tour. We played on the East coast from Philadelphia (PA) To Gainseville (FL) all the way. We finished In A huge Pop-Punk Fest called THE FEST. Was AWESOME ! Brutal as fuck !

8.Stuff avaliable in DOC?
We have A brand New tshirt.

9.Hey grind maniac morbid future plans in DOC?
Futur plans are A Europe tour In April 2017, and We our working right now on A full length album.

10.Hey Doc last maniacs words to the readers from this putrid zine
Stay Putrid for Life ! Hope To see you In Pérou some day ! Make some Noise for DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION !!!