domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016

Interview - Deparment Of Correction

1.Hey maniac grindcore!!!! how are you brother all sick there? news in Deparment of Correction?
Total sickness ! Horns up for Peruvian Metal Heads !

2.Doc! tell me how is form this aberrant band called Deparment of Correction
Department Of Correction Is Fast, Brutal, Mind Blowing Grindcore from Paris France. We Started In 2008 as A four pieces, now We are A 3 pieces Drums-Guitar-Vocals. Only In It for the music and worldwide Touring.

3.Fast influences ?
Probably Pig Destroyer VS Agoraphobic Nosebleed VS Nostromo ? Every bands In the world are influenced by others. Even if We try To compose totally In our own way, i'm pretty Sure these 3 bands are runing In our blood

4.Some member from Deparment of Correction have another proyect?
No, We are 100% involved In DOC. Putting all We got In DOC is our priority.

5.How many stuff have DOC?
CD "L'école du Goût", CD/7" split DOC/Noisear, CD/12" split DOC/Strong Intention, CD/12" split DOC/Agathocles, CD split DOC/Proletar,CD split DOC/Total Fucking Destruction.

6.Maniac tell me more about the grindcore scene from your city...
There Is A lot Of bands In France !!! I did A compilation called IN GRINDO VERITAS. Mastered by Dan from BRUTAL TRUTH. There Is 37 bands, but I think there Is more than 100 good Grindcore bands In our small country. The compilation can BE streamed on the Bandcamp page Of KAOTOXIN RECORDS.

6.You know some from extreme scene from southamerica???
Really A few bands, from Mexico, as Into Sickness, or Nazareno el Violento. I dont know very well the South american Metal, Please bands from Peru send us your links on PM To our Facebook page ! We'd BE very glad To know more sick bands !

7.Maniac tell me more about the tour....all sick?? brutal as fuck?
Yeah, We Just come back from our 4th USA tour. We played on the East coast from Philadelphia (PA) To Gainseville (FL) all the way. We finished In A huge Pop-Punk Fest called THE FEST. Was AWESOME ! Brutal as fuck !

8.Stuff avaliable in DOC?
We have A brand New tshirt.

9.Hey grind maniac morbid future plans in DOC?
Futur plans are A Europe tour In April 2017, and We our working right now on A full length album.

10.Hey Doc last maniacs words to the readers from this putrid zine
Stay Putrid for Life ! Hope To see you In Pérou some day ! Make some Noise for DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION !!!

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