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Interview - Nyctophobic

1.Chaotic and grind greetings from Peru Tom! hows going everything there?
Fine I hope. Haven't talked to the others much because the band split up in May 2010 unfortunately.

2.Nyctophobic is a old school grindcore band in the scene grindcore around the world Tom,tell us how is form this noisy band please.
Well, the band got started in 1992. Back in these it was pretty hard to find people willing to join a band project of that extreme kind. Marcus (bass, now in UNGOD) and Christophe started the band. We have been introduced by a girl we knew before a Gorefest show in a near town. It was pretty fast clear that we're going to get Nycto started. To be honest: when I first met them I had no idea what Grindcore. Back in 1992 grindcore wasn't that big thing. Nevertheless Nycto was born and grew up...

3.Since 90s Tom tell us how is the grindcore scene in your city/country? recommend some bands,zines to search...
I must be honest and I am not that much in the scene. I've a few old friends from the past. We shared the rehearsal room with Blood and I still meet these guys. I would recommend ICHORID from "my" are or may INTO DARKNESS and my big favourite band SULPHUR AEON.

4.How many stuff have edited Nyctophobic?
Here's a list what stuff we have released:

NYCTOPHOBIC War Criminal Views (on Vinyl thru Grindfather in 2016, re-release on CD soon to come)
NYCTOPHOBIC/GROINCHURN Four Ways To Misery Split / feat. 4 bands
NYCTOPHOBIC A Blast From The Past 

NYCTOPHOBIC Negligenced Respect
NYCTOPHOBIC The Tomb Of Grind Comp. EP/ feat. 9 bands

If Gods Are Fake...What Are Religions Then? Vol.1
If Gods Are Fake...What Are Religions Then? Vol.2
Liberate Animals Compilation
DMK Compilation
Kill Your Idols - A tribute to AGATHOCLES - CD
Brutal Decomposition Vol.1
A tribute to Terrorizer (soon to come)

NYCTOPHOBIC Live in Merksplas- Livetape
NYCTOPHOBIC - War Criminal Views (Soon to come)

5.Destructive influences?
Back in 1992, when we started the band, there haven't been many bands in that extreme genre. I guess it's pretty obvious that NAPALM DEATH has put a big influence on us in our early days. And not to forget bands as TERRORIZER or CARCASS just to name the two most important ones. Well, later on DISRUPT has made a big effort on our music somehow. 

6.Some members from Nyctophobic have another proyect paralalell?
Like I said before the band split up in 2010. Now Zimbo (our singer) is not active any more. Marcus (bass) plays in NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666, UNGOD and he helped out for GUT a couple of times. Markus (guitar) plays in NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 and HELLKNIFE. Martin (guitar) played in a grind band of which I forgot the name. Please forgive me that. And while Nyctophobic was active I payed in NAKED WHIPPER with our singer Alex (Ex-BLOOD).

7.Which is your opinion about the actual grindcore scene around the fucking world?
The scene is so big now. Now with Facebook, Internet and all these things the scene became so close which I really like. I wished it would have been that easy when we started and were young. :D

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
Aaargh! I do not know any band from Peru or South America. Please do not kill me now! 

9.Nyctophobic stuff avaliable?
I still have some copies of the Split with EXHUMED in stock and the long awaited re-release of "War Criminal Views" on CD will take place within the next months on Grinder Cirujano Records. A guy from Jakarta will do some new Nycto shirts within the near future.
Ah, and the Vinyl-Version of "War Criminal Views" should be still available on Grindfather.
And we will be featured on a compilation CD entitled "A tribute to Terrorizer". Should be out mid 2017.

10.Some catastrofic future plans in Nyctophobic?
Ehm yes, I'm still looking for some new musicians to reform the band. Unfortunately my old band mates are to busy with their new bands and not willing to reform the band. I have to walk a long and hard way I think. Haven't found any new guys yet. 

11.Thanks for your time in this interview Tom,last words brother.
Thank you for supporting us and giving me the chance (after all the years) to do an interview again. You rule! Thanks a lot once again.

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