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Interview - CSSO

1.Dirty greetings from Peru maniacs from CSSO! hows going everything Takashi!
Hi,David. Everything is okay right now.
Recently I got B.C.Rich Wave bass.
It is cheap one and the sound is suck but looks cool.
So I often play SLAYER in my room these days.

2.Since 90s CSSO do exploit brains in Japan and around the fucking world brother,tell us how is form this maniac band?
Back to late 80s,Sumi(guitar of CSSO) and me went to same junior high school.
One day,Sumi introduced me GUNS'n'ROSES and METALLICA.
I found it nice and start to listen HR/HM music.
And just then,Sumi start to play guitar.I thought I will start guitar too.
But Sumi said "I play guitar,you play bass". So I start bass.
After that,Naru(Brother of Sumi/vocal of CSSO/BUTHCER ABC/OBLITERATION REC,etc)
said to me, "Are you satisfied with GUNS and METALLICA? Ha,listen to this!" 
and lend me SLAYER albums.
SLAYER blow me away and we start to listen to more extreme music.
In 91 or 92,we start to go to local gig to see SOB,MULTIPLEX,HELLCHILD,
And start fanzine called CIRCLE OF THE GRIND. 
At that time,Sumi start to compose songs.
In 93,we record 3 songs demo with help by Junji(drum of MAGGOTY CORPSE).
It is the start of CSSO.
Sumi composed all songs in early CSSO.
So I could say CSSO is born from his brain.

3.Takashi explaim us more the grindcore scene from Japan since 90s brother.
Japanese DEATH/GRIND scene is still very small but lot of cool bands are active
even now.
For example,FINAL EXIT is great.They recentry toured in US.
COFFINS,needless to say, is great,too. And I am really looking forward to 
NECROPHILE's next release.  
I hope you to check nice Japanese bands like above.
However,Japanese scene have the problem that people now in this scene 
is almost same as 90s.
It means decline of this scene in future.
It is sad but what should I do for it?
(In my high school days,I forced my friends to listen DEATH/GRIND.
But no one find it cool.)

4.How many stuff have edited CSSO in his aberrant life?
I'm sorry but I don't know exactly.
Please check encyclopaedia metallum.
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

5.Pyscho influences?
It is difficult to clarify all.But CSSO is influenced by Thrash metal,
old school Death/Grind,Progressive rock,Pop music,old Rock,etc.
In flyer of CSSO 1st demo, I wrote "We play Power Grinding Animation
in the vein of EXIT-13,VOIVOD,CARCASS and IRON MAIDEN."
Personally,I got inspired by following band/bass player.
COCOBAT,Chris Squire(YES),John Wetton(KING CRIMSON),Akihiro Tamura(SPITZ).

6.Some member from CSSO have another proyect paralalell?
Yes,Naru used to play guitar in MAGGOTY CORPSE and now in BUTCHER ABC.
Sumi used to play guitar in GRUDGE and BLACK FLOWER.
Takeshi(drum) played in NOISE A GO GO's until last year.
I and Susumu(ex-drum of CSSO) play together in another band now.

7.What is your opinion about the actual grindcore scene around the world Takashi?
To be honest,I don't pay much attention to the scene(other band).
As a listener,I will continue listening to old DEATH/GRIND.  
As a player,I think I should create music that does not exist in the past.

8.You know some from extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Perú?
I'm sorry but I don't know much about scene from southamerica.
But I like CURARE. KULTO MALDITO is cool.Of course MASACRE is great.  
And I have a UNA RAMOS vinyl.I love the song ROMANCE DE VIENTO Y QUENA.

9.CSSO stuff avaliable?
I think something available at OBLITERATION RECORDS and FAT ASS RECORDS.
2nd album is newly mastered and out on vinyl last year.
CSSO - Are You Excrements, Fat Ass Records - Gore Grind & Grind Core label and distribution
Gore Grind & Grind Core label and distribution

10.Morbid future plans in CSSO?
No plans in CSSO.
Naru and Takeshi is too busy now.
And I'm in mourning for H.G.Lewis now.

11.Takashi thanks for your time in this interview,last words brother.
Thank you for giving me precious opportunity.
Hope enjoy DEATH/GRIND forever.
That's all. Thanks!

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