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Interview - Lividity

Lividity w/Dave Kibler

1.Maniac and putrid greetings from Perú,Dave! how are you sick bro? hows going the things in Lividity?
Holy shit man! We just finished recording the new album titled “Perverseverance” and it is a proud moment… we took some time off to write something special and this new one is very special! All the elements of true Lividity from each album mixed with fresh riff ideas and has killer arrangements! Triple vocal threat that hacks at you like a cleaver in rotting flesh! This is the sickest, most disturbing, mature Lividity album so far! We can’t wait for everyone to hear it…

2.Lividiy is a band from brutal death gore in the vein from bands from the old school like Dying Fetus, Broken Hope, Gorguts, Suffocation.
Dave give us a rotten trip from the chaotic existence from Lividity.
Hell yea bro… I had this vision of diseased, putrid, dark and sick music in my head 1992. Influenced by the new sounds and styles of heavy music coming out at that time. Put together my first 3 song demo in 1993 by myself… with juicy tunes Mortal Impalement, Altar Pieces and an instrumental called Spewing Chunks. Raw, dirty, full of hate! Joined a thrash band playing guitar called Section 8. That is when Tommy Davis (drummer) and I had time to jam at his Pit of Hell! The songs we were creating were much too intense for the Section 8 material so Tommy and I kept writing and we recorded a 9 song demo “Ritual Of Mortal Impalement” 1994! Section 8 and local Illinois band, Desecration, broke up at the same time Summer 1995. So Tommy and I joined forces with Aaron Heath and Matt Bishop from Desecration. Tommy and I already had 10 songs under our belt so we were able to get on stage quickly. Our 1st show was a short 4 songs that took 10 minutes only to play, opening up for Dying Fetus in Illinois August 5, 1995. During that 10 minute onslaught there were bloody noses, broken knuckles and black eyes! It was powerful! And…well, here we are much older, much wiser and much more sick than ever before!! The beast is at full throttle! 

3.How many releases have Lividity till moment?
Studio releases….  This will be our 7th studio recording… A couple pro live releases “Show Us Your Tits” 1999 + “Live Fornication” 2007… a bunch of represses and split releases…   you would have to go to the FB page and look at the discography section…  a ton of great releases through the years I think. We are getting ready to release our 7th studio album called “Perverseverance” 2018. It is the most vicious whore beating to date by us. Will be released this Summer and we can’t wait for the sick underground masses to sink their teeth into this one.

4.Aberrant influences?
We started this thought of Lividity in 1993! That was a fresh new sound and variety of heaviness from the likes of Deicide to At The Gates! Even beyond that when I was a teenager in the ‘80’s and heard Metallica – Ride The Lightening for the first time, I went and bought a guitar! BC Rich Warlock in honor of great bands that use BC Rich guitars like Slayer and Sepultura and the bands that paved the way of heavy ass music like Mercyful Fate, Helstar, Infernal Majesty, Megadeth, Metal Church, as well as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Raven, Grim Reaper, Blessed Death, Venom… Then arose bands like Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Amon/Deicide, the great Florida scene…  Now let’s get to the lyrics!! The influence to drive us madly insane with rage and hate stems from our cunt ex-wives, cunt girlfriends or just simply cunts on the street who manipulate little boys and make them weak by flashing their hair, tits and pussy! It’s not a womanizing thing..  It is a “Fuck You Bitch We Ain’t Gonna Take It No More” punch in the face!

5.Some member from Lividity have another project parallel?
We have all done some side band activity but Lividity is our main band! 
Garrett (drums) past: CorpseVomit, Cum Christ, Kommendant, Evil Incarnate, Embrace Damnation - now: Imperial Savagery, Sons Of Famine, Blizzard Of Ozz (tribute), Hell Awaits (tribute)… you know drummers are bands whores haha.
Von (vocals/guitar) past: Deaden, Carrion Fix.
Jake (bass/vocals) past: Deaden, Dead Shore, The Vile Impurity, Embrace Damnation, Human Artifacts.
Dave (guitar/vocals) past: Embrace Damnation (vocals), Hollywood Dirtbags (bass), Section 8, Waco Jesus.

6.Dave explain us some more about the brutal death metal scene from your city and recommend some bands.
-Chicago is the biggest city in Illinois.  Furthest North of the state. I live 3 hours South of Chicago from where Garrett lives. But the bands that are around and pounding these days are Imperial Savagery, Cianide, Sons Of Famine, Cardiac Arrest, Asphyxiator, Gorgasm, Waco Jesus, Broken Hope and many more…  

7.Lividity knows the brutal death metal scene from South America?
We know Bogota very well! Colombia is an exciting place to find some of the sickest music around! Always fascinated with South American metal! We played 2 times in Bogota! Fucking sick!

8.How and where the maniacs can find the merch from Lividity?
Go to and go to photo albums. We have a merch page that we keep updated… Click the picture you like and the info is in the description. 

9.Morbid future plans.
May 11-13 we jam at Las Vegas Death Fest. Summer album release of “Perverseverance”. September 27 thru October 6 we are setting up a US mini tour which will include Florida Extreme Metal Fest and Toronto Death Fest in Canada. We are just gonna keep it fucking sick man!! 

10.Dave, thanks for your time in this interview. Last bloody words!
Thanx so much for the killer interview and support bro. Hope to cross your path in the near future. Evertyone get a copy of the new release when it comes out! Traditional Lividity with some new flavors. The grinds have gotten faster and tighter! The breakdowns will make you climb your walls! The triple vocal attack crushes you at every direction! The lyrics are the sickest stories of blood and guts you will find on any previous Lividity album!  CUM WARSHIP WITH US!

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