viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Interview - Powerxchuck

1.Chaotic greetings from Peru Hell Ryan! what's going on in Powerxchuck?
Hi mate, we are currently writing songs for a full length Powerxchuck release and planning a epic tour of America next year.

2.Give me a trip from the crude life from Powerxchuck.
Powerxchuck formed in Adelaide, South Australia in Nov 2012, eager to play old school powerviolence and party.

3.How many releases does Powerxchuck have?
Demo 2013
Self Titled 7" 2014 (Psychocontrol Records)
Cancer Patient/Powerxchuck split 7" 2014 (Bloody Scythe Records)
ANF/Powerxchuck split 7" 2015 (Woooaargh Records)
Spazzin To The Oldies - Tribute to Spazz 12" 2015 (Mindripper Collective)
Powerxchuck Discography Tape 2013 - 2015,  2016 (Dropout Records) 
XAbruptX/Powerxchuck split 7" out late 2016 (Woooaargh Records)

4.Speed influences?
No comment, Spazz, Crossed out, Siege.

5.How is the grindcore powerviolence scene in your city? which bands you could recommend me?
There is no grindcore/powerviolence scene in Adelaide. It is much better in the Eastern states of Australia. We occasionally play Melbourne. Some great bands in Australia are: Hygeine, Uncle Geezer, Split Teeth, Christcrusher, Internal Rot, The Kill, Michael Krafter, Disparo, Captain Cleanoff.

6.What do you think about the actual grindcore scene around this fucking world?
I love the grindcore scene around the world, so much energy and passion for brutal music. It is great to see grindcore popping up in diferent countries.

7.Some member from Powerxchuck have another proyect? a band? zine,label?
Meth Leppard.

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Peru?
I honestly dont know many gindcore bands from Peru unfortunately.

9.Future and intense plans in Powerxchuck?
The XAbruptX/Powerxchuck split 7" will be out later in the year on a bunch of labels and we plan to release a full length release sometime early next year.

10.Last words Ryan and thanks for your time in this interview!
Thank you for the interview mate and we look forward to touring America next year and checking out some awesome grind and powerviolence, cheers.

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