domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016

L'inphantile Collective Reviews

Diphteria-The Human Exuberance CD

L'inphantile Collective from Czech Republic put out this abominable stuff from
Diphteria from Prague after from the EP with the same name Disphteria now this killer band presents 9 anti-tracks from annihilator grindcore in the vein from Nasum,Brutal Truth,Misery Index!
Hardcore and growls in the vokills,death and grind riffs,intense bass,pure blast beats and in the drums.

KaliYuga - Once Upon A Time CD 

Arghhhhhhhh total grind madness from France Hell!
KaliYuga presents this chaotic stuff with 15 tracks + intro is a total from pure destruction
in your fucking mind! in the vein from Fuck the Facts,Phobia,Nasum and no is for more a track is a killer cover from Nasum!
Agressive female vokills,fast and loud riffs,catastrofic bass and drums from war!
Release by L'inphantile Collective from Czech Republic

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