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EveryDayHate Records Reviews

Existench/Deboned split 7"EP 

Annihilator grindcore split with these two killer canadian bands!
Existench exploit this release with 4 track from pure sickness grindcore in the vein from Disrupt,Mass Grave,old Nasum!
Deboned destroy your brain with 6 tracks from raw and chaotic grindcore with a lot from influences from Terrorizer,Minch!
This release is edited by various grind labels around the world like Outrageous Defecation Recs (Canada) Morgue Rituals Recs (USA) EverydayHate Records (Poland) Grindfather Prods (UK)
A bestial split just for true and real grinders!
Contacts: www.facebook.com/everydayhate/

MESRINE/ G.O.D. split 7"EP 

Destructive and intense release by EverydayHate Records from Poland Grindcore!
Mesrine from Canada with his loud grindcore this time with 3 tracks in the vein from Repulsion,Agathocles!
G.O.D from Peterborough with his putrid and noisy goregrind this time with 4 tracks +  1 cover from Impetigo! ; a lot from influences from Last Days Of Humanity,Autophagia and for sure Impetigo!
Killer artwork in the cover from a face fleshless human!
An edition that will make puke your guts by mouth!
Contacts: www.facebook.com/everydayhate/


This infernal release in 7" vinyl by EverydayHate, Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records and L'Inphantile Collective and released on tape by Grindfather Productions!
Teething from Madrid,Spain with 3 tracks from pure grind and violence! in the vein from Plutocracy,Spazz,Hellnation!
Feastem from Finland with 3 tracks from twisted and extreme grindcore with a lot from influences from Old Napalm Death,Brutal Truth,Exit 13!
Fucking killer artwork in the cover from this release!
And i think be a masterpiece into grinders!
Contacts: www.facebook.com/everydayhate/

Stheno/ Grassroll split 7"EP

EverydayHate Records put this edition in the dirty streets!
This awesome piece from Grindcore and Crustcore from both bands from Greece is for the massive destruction among the most chaotic grinders around the world!
Stheno from with 4 tracks from pure discharge of grindcore and crust in the vein from Old E.N.T,Doom,Carcass Grinder!
Grassroll with tracks with a destrutive female vocals in the vein from Detestation,Warcry,S.O.B!
Contacts: www.facebook.com/everydayhate/

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