viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Interview - Meat Spreader

1.Butchery greetings from Peru Jaro! how are you maniac! all sick in Meat Spreader?
All good man!!  I could say that calm before the storm are perfect words to describe our position at this moment!!

2.Tell us as was formed this aberrant band called Meat Spreader? 
Me , Tocha, Arthur, Radek + 40 bottles of beer = Meat Spreader!

3.What happen with Dead Infection? because you and Tocha decided to withdraw from Dead Infection?
Nobody knows what happened to them!  We left them before they disappeared.

4.Meat Spreader have stuff avaliable?
Not yet. Our MCD "Excessive Consumption of Human Flesh " is just about to be released by mighty Obliteration Records. Full lenght album should be ready for spring 2017.

5.Cadaveric influences in Meat Spreader?
Our only influences are alcohol and old good grind core!!!

6.Some dis-member from Meat Spreader have another proyect?
Yes. Arthur is a leader of Squash Bowels and Radek is a drummer for The Dead Goats. Both bands are fucking smashers!!!!

7.Tell us some from the grindcore/goregrind scene from your city/country.Recommend us some bands please.
No. All of them are shit!!! Hahahaha 

8.How you see the actual grindcore/goregrind scene around the fucking world?
I'm not really follow it anymore. I'm lost!!! Hahahaha 

9.You know some from extreme scene from southamerica? maybe Peru?
Not at all. Sorry mate!

10.Morbid future plans in Meat Spreader?
Travel all over the world on horseback hahahaha 

11.Jaro thanks a lot for your time in this interview! last vomits!
No problem man!! Keep grinding!!!!!!

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