lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Interview - Sex Dwarf

1.Hey Per,how are you all good in Sexd Dwarf?
Hey there...Yes we are all pretty good in Sex Dwarf.

2.Tell me how is formed Sexd Dwarf?
Me and Nicke had been talking for a long time to start a noisy band but he moved to Australia for 3 years or so and played in Deathcage. But suddenly he moved back to sweden and then we started to get our plan together, it took a while before we found a drummer and bass player. In newyears 2012 we had our first rehearsal.

3.At the moment Sexd Dwarf have stuff avaliable?
Right now we just have some t-shirts, but we released a tape in june 2012 that now is sold out. You can download it at though.

4.Influences? lyrics?
I think each member of Sex Dwarf have different influences but mine are old japanese bands like Gai, Confuse, Swankys, The Comes, Gauze, contemporary japanese bands like Kriegshög, Isterismo, Zyanonse, D-Clone and the likes....
Swedish early raw punk bands like Anti-cimex, Shitlickers, Ta.s.k., Mob 47
Bands like Krömosom, Sad Boys, Nomad, Zatsuon....there is tons of shit to get influenced by.

5.Some member from Sexd Dwarf have another proyect?
The rest of the guys from Sex Dwarf play together in a band called Saboteur as well, its more traditional US-hardcore...kind of a bit like boston not la-Lp

6.You in past playing in Bruce Banner no brother? whats up with this band?
Yepp, I was one of two singers in Bruce Banner, we broke up 2007...I think it was.

7.How is the grindcore/powerviolence scene in Sweden?
There is some bands doing that...the best are if you ask me Infanticide and Massgrav. Both are just great bands and great people. Try to get hold of their records and catch them live if you ever can....

8.What you think about the vivisection?
Vivisection is of corse just unnecessary. The companies doing those terrible experiments get so much for that profit they could invest in alternatives to using animals. This system is just so fucked...use innocent animals/people to get maximum profit. Of course we need new medicines but use alternatives please.

9.Last words Per.
Thanks alot for your interest and download our demo. and get in touch if there is

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