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Interview - Expurgo

1.Phil,how are you grinder!,all killer in this putrid band called Expurgo?
We´re very fine, very anxious about the year of 2013 cause we´ll work very hard in new material and new stuffs. We already started to do some new songs and records, so, everything is great here.

2.Give me a little but sick biography from Expurgo.
Back in 2003, Expurgo was formed by me on vocals, Phil on guitar, Bruno on bass and Anderson on drums. All of us are involved in another bands, but we decide to start something new, something that we have much pleasure to play and hear: grindcore. Phil and me played in a grindcore band called Putrifocinctor, and Bruno n´ Anderson played in another death metal bands. I think that our friendship helped a lot to join us in a grind band in that time, so here we are. But today the line up of Expurgo has change: Bruno leave the band for personal reasons and then another great friend join in the 4 strings, Leandro.

3.Expurgo official discography:
In our myspace has a list of our releases (www.myspace/expurgo) with all the covers, check out cause we are very proud of it. So, let´s see:
- Grey Waste - 2005 cd demo

- Split w/ Shatter Dead - tape 2008
- Split w/ Submersed Cadaver - tape 2008
- Split 4 way (Expurgo/Violent Gorge/Desgraceria/Archagatus) - tape 2008
- Split w/ Dead Fetus Collection - mini cd 2009
- Split 4 way (Expurgo/Mata Borrão/Morte Cerebral/HAS) - tape 2009
- Grey Waste - especial edition - 2010 tape
- Burial Ground - Full Lenght - 2010

- Split w/MDK - cd 2011

- Split w/Blue Holocaust - 7´´ EP 2011

We have to trade Burial Ground full lenght and split w/ MDK, the other releases are sold out. Entering in contact with our label (Black Hole Productions - http://www.blackholeprods.com/), you can get another materials of Expurgo too.

4.The lyrics are about? political corruption? life in chaos? bodys in descomposition?
The lyrics themes are about the human decadent behavior, the world chaos just because human beings are those who made all this shit. We like to write about all this stuffs that you mencioned, but using some metaphors to express our hate and desilussions in the lyrics.

5.Some zombie from Expurgo have another proyect?
Some years ago, Phil, Anderson and me laucher a noise industrial craziness shit called Industro Gore Garbage. Our mate Vivian, of Underground Pollution, a french label, released it in a mini cd, I don´t remember the year anymore, maybe in 2006. It was just a crazy shit that we recorded with another friends, really noise n´agressive tunes, nothing more. Leandro are involved in another grindcore band called Mata Borrão, very angry and fast thing. Check them cause if you are a grind fan with a little of groove shit, they are perfect.

6.Tell me your top-five from grindcore/goregrind bands bro.
This is an unfair question hehehehehe. All of my list after they are done, I don´t like them anymore cause I forgot some bands hahahah. So, let´s see:
1º - Napalm Death
2º - Brutal Truth
3º - Carcass
4º - Regurgitate
5º - Repulsion

I want to include a lot of other bands, but...

7.You are a fan from gore,horror movies?
I like this style of movies, I think the make up´s and all the enviroment created in this movies amazing. But definitly our drummer - Anderson - are THE one to talk about this. He have a lot of horror movies, a great collection. To me, he is my teacher in this subject.

8.At the moment Expurgo have stuff avaliable?
Like I said before, the Burial Ground full lenght cd and the split with MDK, and some t-shirts too. Again, who are interesting to get something, can contact us in our email (expurgogrind@yahoo.com.br) or our facebook, or get in our label - Black Hole Productions - and write to Camacho.

9.Malevolent plans?
This year we have a lot of plans to do: we´re composing and recording new songs for some splits that will be released soon, like a split with Intestinal Infection of Germany and another split with our label friends of Flesh Grinder. We´re planning to do a split with Facada too, hope everything works. In this year of 2013 Expurgo completes 10 years of existence, so we will launch a new album, our second full length, I think until the end of the year.

10.Phil,bro,your last vomits!
Thanks a lot to interview us Diego, keep supporting underground and the extreme music dude. Congratulations for your work and we hope to play in Perú someday. To peruvian maniacs, play grindcore faster and louder than hell. Cheers from Brazil.

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