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Interview - I Shit On Your Face

1. Putrid greetings, Renzo, all sick in this aberrant band?
PIG – Hola, hombre. Well... Things are going truly sick. But in a bad mood, I must say... Since we recorded the new CD (hopefully LP too) last year and after some cool gigs, half of the band decided to departure... Two of the most important members. Now the band is on hold and, honestly, I am not sure about the future...

2. A bloody biography about IxSxOxYxF, please.
PIG – We started in 2002 with the itent to play pure Goregrind, with nasty lyrics and shit... The name I SHIT ON YOUR FACE came from the lyrics of an old ABORTED song... “I shit on your face / I swallow your spunk”. It was me on grunts and squeals, Artur on shrieks and screams, Dan Ass on drums, Gus Rectum on bass and Seb Farts on guitars. We had our first demo-CDr in 2003, followed by a compilation CDr in the USA and the “Vila Velha Noise Beach” 4-way CD in 2004. Artur left the band in 2004, the same year we recorded for the first album “Anal BBQ”, wich was released in 2005. In 2006 we had the split CD with VULNUS, but the line-up problems had started already... My eternal friend Gus died in the year before in a car accident. Alex Bowels came to replace it and he became one of the most import member/composer since then. Dan Ass left the band an year later, just aftter the release of split CD with VULNUS, and Gut came to replace it. Gut is just an amazing drummer, but, due to personal problems, he left the band in 2008. But we had time for 2 recording sessions that became, the 1st , the split 7” with XXXMANIAK (released by my on label), and, the second recording, the split 7”s with LYMPHATIC PHLEGM and FOETOPSY (both on GoatGrind Records from Switzerland). So we had almost one lost year, because we weren't able to find someone to replace Gut. This hard situation was enough to make Seb gives up. So, Phil Phaeces became our new guitar player, and we start to rehearse with a session drummer, because we had a CD to do!! One year later and Guido decided to come back. So we finally had a strong line-up once again!! “Defecation:Domination” CD and the split 7” with CARNIVORE MIND were recorded... Our better stuff for sure!! But the plague of line-up re-started... Phil left the band, Anal Andy is the replacement... And, some months later, the most important dudes in terms of composition, Gut and Alex, left the band. And I am not sure about the future. Now I am waiting for the CD, let's see the response. So I will think about something...

3. Pestilence discography:
PIG – S/t demo-CDr (2003), “Vulgar Vile Sick & Putrid” compilation CDr (Sounds Of Splat 2003), “Vila Vela Noise Beach” 4-way CD (Laja Records 2004), “Uncontrolled Laxative Abuse” compilation CD (Last House On The Right 2005), split 3”CDr with GORY GRUESOME (Corrpted Harmony Musick 2005), “Anal BBQ” CD (Proud To Be Loud 2005), split CD with VULNUS (Aenaon Music 2006), “Goreism” 5-way CDr (Masarian Records and Cephalic Records 2007), split 7” with XXXMANIAK (The Hole 2007), split 3” CDr with WOUNDED BY LIFE (cooperation of labels 2007), “100 Way Splatter Fetish” compilation CD (Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures 2007), split 7” with LYPHATIC PHLEGM (Goatgrind 2008), split 7” with FOETOPSY (Goatgrind 2009), “Brazil Scene” compilation cassete (Sludgsicle 2010). Upcoming: “Defecation: Domination” CD (a lot o Brazilian labels 2013), split 7” with CARNIVORE MIND (Fudgeworth 2013).

4. Sexual influences?
PIG – In the beginning, there was a lot of them. But we decided to get a more classical/pathological mood since a few years ago. The porno stuff started to be linked with bands with bad quality music. We want to stay away from this... And, honestly, the classic pathological and horror themes are much more stylish and interesting.

5. Some dis-member from IxSxOxYxF have another proyect? A band? Label?
PIG – Since I am the unique member now. Ha, ha!! I have THE HOLE PRODUCTIONS, my label, since 2006. I have already released some cool stuff since then... OFFAL debut CD, that I am very proud of!! The I SHIT ON YOUR FACE / XXXMANIAK split 7” in fecal brown vinyl!! The OFFAL / BOWEL FETUS split CDEP... These were the first 3, there are 9 releases at this time, and others to come, including the “Defecation:Domination” CD. I am gonna dedicate myself a bit more to the label now... And I promisse some cool stuff for this new year!!

6. IxSxOxYxF have lyrics? Or are pure growls?

PIG – Damn yes!! We have them!! Visit that some of them are in there.

7. You are fan from gory movies? Porn movies?

PIG – Gore/horror flicks!! Hell yeah!! Unfortunately, the movies are left a little aside by myself, because my adiction to music and being a CD/LP/tape collector take most of my time. But I like the horror universe a lot!! And I try to watch the most as possible of the old and new, classic and good horror movies around. About the porn movies... Well... They' are cool, but it is a totally different feeling. Ha, ha!! They are here just to spend our time you know how!! I don't feel any necessity to collect porn movies... Or to praise them as “here we have a great film”... Sorry. Ha, ha!!

8. Tell us more about the gore/grind scene from Brazil, tell us killers bands, fanzines, labels? Festivals?

PIG – Diego, this country is huge!! Too many people, so too many bands. We had ROT (R.I.P.) from Sao Paulo, the cult grindcore act!! Also classic old school from the 90's, NO SENSE (that came back from the dead few years ago) and NECROSE (that came back too)!! They are vomiting upon us some new stuff since years ago!! And LYMPHATIC PHLEGM and FLESH GRINDER!! And tho gods of VOMITO, a band that should come back for sure!! About the new dudes.. PANKREATITE NECRO-HEMORRAGICA is band every goregrind affcionado must open his two eyes to it!! These guys are killers!! CARNIVORE MIND is also kicking the fucking ass, I love the stuff of the split 7” that was released some time ago and I am very excited to listen to the new stuff of our upcoming IxSxOxYxF / CARNIVORE MIND split 7”!! Another goregrind band that I am pretty excited about it is FURUNCULO ANAL from Rio!! These crazy fucks are doing that Euro groovy gore huge influenced by GRONIBARD/GUT. In the grindcore departament, the old PLAGUE RAGES is better then ever!! The Hole and other labels released a full 7” of PLAGUE that is a monster!! TEST, EXPURGO, D.E.R, HUTT and DESALMADO are names in the grindcore you also can't let them pass... Of course I will let 90% out of here, but I can't remember them all righhtnow, and also this list would be endless!!

9. Morbid future plans?

PIG – At this time, I am waitng for the new CD and 7”. I have a lot of thing in my mind rightnow, but I preffer to keep them with me... Yet.

10. Last vomits, bro.
PIG – Thank you for the support, amigo. I'd like to invite everyone to vist and listen to some old stuff. New CD coming soon. Cheers!!

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