lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Reviews - Bullshit Propaganda Records

Infernal Stronghold/Gätt SPLIT 7¨EP
Infernal Grinding Split!
Begings the destruction the blasphemys from Infernal Stronghold with 3 topics from
overwhelming and sadistic punk black in the vein from Mayhem,Discharge,Necrophagia! the
sound is very chaotic and dark!
Gätt ends this mortuary split with 5 topics from rotting dark crust,grind influenced by
Disclose and by moments a Pathology (the band goregrind) amazing!
This edition is in yellow vinyl and comes with a patch from Infernal Stronghold and a patch
from Gätt!
Sick edition!


Oiltanker "Crusades" SPLIT 7¨EP
Crust Till Death! arghhhhhhhh!
Oiltanker from U.$.A comes with this new stuff what containing 6 topics from very raw and
brutal crustcore in the vein from Wolfpack,Amebix,Disrupt,Antischism!
Chaotic vokills,intense riffs,bass from destruction and a drum crushing!
Bullshit Proganda edit this stuff,splatter vinyl!
This edition comes with a stiker from Oiltanker in metalic paper!


Archagatus/Bangsat SPLIT 7¨EP
Canadian Grinders v.s Indonesian Grinders!
Archagatus with 4 topics from bastard mince grind begings this split,now Archagatus has
become in a recognized band between the grinders,in this split Archagatus sound very dirty
and putrid like Carcass Grinder,Agx!
Bangsat from Indonesia ends this split with 5 topics from pure grindcore in the vein from


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