lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Magrudergrind - Interview

1.Hello Avi,how are you? all good in Magrudergrind?

Yea, everything is great. Steady drinking and grinding.

2.Tell me how Magrudergrind formed.

Three delinquent trouble makers decided to play noise in the form of grindcore. rehearsals consisting of getting drunk and high as fuck and skipping class, selling drugs and shit like that.

3.At the moment,how many stuff have Magrudergrind?

Magrudergrind has a lot of stuff. Many vinyl records and lots of food in the fridge.

4.How is the grindcore scene in your city? some grindcore fanzine?

Wash DC is OK, Baltimore is the grindzone! Yea, our old guitarest, Mough, who is Bolivian/Peruvian had a zine called "The chains that grind us" check that shit out!

5.What bands influence in the chaotic sound from Magrudergrind?

Only true grinding warriors of fastcore-thrash kings, GZA and Wu Tang.

6.How is Magrudergrind in scene?

Magrudergrind brings the love for graffiti/hip hop culture to TRUE punk-influenced grindcore, in the old school fashion.

7.You have listened some grindcore band from Latinoamerica?

Yes. I want to hear more. send me some records!

8.In peru there are enough people who listens Magrudergrind,because is very brutal and insane.How you see this.

I would have never guessed! I never knew. I want to come play in Lima and visit Machu Pichu and eat coca leaves and get high and take some drugs in the jungle.

9.Which has been the show mas brutal where Magrudergrind have touched?

Yes, people like to touch us because were very sexy. Bleeding noses and occasional fights.

10.Future plans?

New record and maybe South/Central American tour in 2012.

11.Thanks Avi for your answers,last words.

Gracias para de interview. Please send me some recipes for good Peruvian dishes. We have great Peruvian chicken place, el pollo loco y el p pollo sabroso in Washington DC, the yuca with the spicey yellow sauce is fucking amazing!

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