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Sakatat - Interview


1.Hello Semih,tell me how is formed Sakatat?

Hey dude! Well, two bored grindcore fans, a basement with drums and a small amp, one microphone... then you have a grindcore band. That was back in early 2005. Today we have a better amp, more mics and we play damn faster!

2.How many stuff have Sakatat at the moment?

So far we recorded split 7"s with CUT YOUR THROAT, SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS, ARCHAGATHUS and AGATHOCLES and a couple of split tapes and a demo.

3.Sakatat is the first band from grindcore of Turkey?

I guess not. There were a couple of raw fast hardcore bands back in 90's which one would consider grindcore.

4.What bands influence in the raw sound from Sakatat?


5.So far with what bands have shared the stage?

Oh, really a lot of bands! Highlight include AGATHOCLES, GRIDE, MESRINE, DISTURBANCE PROJECT, GUIDED CRADLE, DEATH TOLL 80K, BLOOD I BLEED, YACOPSAE,JESUS CROST, DEPRESSION, HELLBORN MESSIAH, BIZARRE X, DIORRHEA, KASATKA, TRIGGER, THE ARSON PROJECT, REPULSIONE... there are really a lot of great bands we've played with, we played many festivals and toured in Europe twice, I guess that is why.


6.The lyrics from Sakatat talk about?
Ignorance, basicly.

7.What do you think about animal cruelty, vivisection?

Should be stopped now! If you wanna test some cosmetics on a flesh, go test it on your own skin, arseholes!

8.How you see the grindcore scene around the world? better?

Whenever I feel bored I run into a killer grindcore band which slaps me in the face and makes me move immediately, so yeah, I think grindcore scene is still quite strong almost everywhere in the world! Maybe except for Turkey, hah.

9.Future plans?

Split 7"s with MESRINE and DISPEPSIAA, Greece tour, maybe a couple of other split 7"s in a year or two, a lot of beer and tequila, even more tea. Yeah, you read it right!

10.Clever Semih, your last words for the readers from NO TE CALLES ZINE.

 Thanks for the chat, dude! I hope people support printzines in your area. They don't do it here. (Semih & SAKATAT, November 2009)
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