lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Reviews 7 Degress Records

Resurrectionists/Battle of Wolf 359 SPLIT 10"
The intensity, the potency and the insanity in a split!
From Germany Resurrectionists begins this edition with 5 tracks from power violence,grindcore in the vein from Man Is The Bastard,Fear of God.
Battle of Wolf 359 with female vokills ends this split with three chaotic tracks in the vein from Lack of Interest.


Keitzer "As The World Burns" LP
Grindcore in your fucking face!
Keitzer from Germany have a new record!
This record is done by 7 degree Records,React with Protest,Parade of Spectres.
Are 13 tracks from violent grindcore in the vein from Napalm Death,Terrorizer,Brutal Truth.
Killer artwork in the cover.
Totally recommended for the grind maniacs!


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