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Voetsek - Interview

1. Hi Athena,how are you my friend?

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

2.Tell me like is formed Voetsek?

Ami and I formed Voetsek about six years ago.  We wanted to start an all female hardcore/thrash band, but we couldn't find a good female drummer.  We've had a few lineup changes over the years, but I think our current lineup is our final and best.  The lineup is me on bass, Ami is our voKILList, Scotty keeps the V-beat, and Ben brings the shred.

3.How many stuff have at the moment Voetsek?

We have A LOT of stuff out.  I think we have around 20 releases!  Our last album was called "Infernal Command" and that was on Selfmadegod and Tankcrimes, but for anything before that, please check our MySpace for our discography. 

4.How is the hardcore scene in your city/country?

Our local scene is very strong.  There are many bands of all different genres, even within hardcore.  We're very spoiled in the Bay Area because there are many good bands and lots of good shows.  The USA's scene is okay I guess.  After traveling and touring in many countries with Voetsek, I've found that I'm pretty disappointed with the touring conditions for bands here, but again, we are very spoiled and I don't know what it will take to change that.  In Japan and Europe, the show promoters treats touring bands very well, pay very well for the most part, feed the bands, and always have a place for the bands to stay.  In the USA, it's pretty common for a promoter to not be able to pay touring bands well and it's rare for a promoter to feed touring bands.  Me, Ami and Scotty all set up shows for bands, so we make it a point to treat bands well, so if any Peruvian bands want to come here, please ask us!  We will take care of you.  :)

5.What you think about this bands:

Sacrilege: I prefer Sacrilege BC from the Bay Area over the English Sacrilege.
Sodom: Agent Orange is the best!
Municipal Waste: Waste em All is the best!
Capitalist Casualties: the bass player is very sexy (he is my husband)!

6.The lyrics from Voetsek talk about?

Ami writes 99% of the lyrics.  We help with ideas sometimes, however.  Our lyrics are about everything from world politics, violence, Lemmy from Motorhead, and punk politics.

7.Some member from Voetsek play in another band?

Yes, the boys play in other bands.  Scotty, our drummer, also plays drums in a hardcore band called Deadfall with mark from Asemir.  Ben, our guitarist, is in Population Reduction.  Neither Deadfall or Population Reduction do very much anymore.  It's a shame--both bands are very good.

8.Which has been the concert more brutal that has had Voetsek? Obscene Extreme? in the Burnt Ramen?

I love playing Burnt Ramen!  I think it's definitely more brutal.  People get hurt there all the time.  Obscene Extreme was okay, but too much porno grind.  What was strange about the Obscene Extreme festival was the despite the fact that many people were drunk, there were no fights at all.  That would never happen at a show of that size in the USA.  I think Americans are much more violent.  But I do love Burnt Ramen.  it's a great show space and I like the "dangerous" atmosphere.  There are no rules there--it's very punk!

9.Future plans,future releases?

Yes, we are working on a split LP with Gride from the Czech Republic.  Also in the future will be a new Voetsek album and a split 12" with our friends, Bastard Noise.  We are also doing our first USA tour this summer in over five years.  We are excited about it!  In 2011, we will return to Europe and we want to go to Japan again, too.  We have a 3-way split coming out on Agipunk soon, too.

10.Thanks Athena for your time,your last words for the readers from No Te Calles Zine.

Thank you!  I would love to play in your country someday...hopefully soon!  If anyone wants to email me, they can reach me at

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