jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Reviews 12/10

Pistöns "We´re Pistöns" CD
Crust N´ Roll from Italy!
This band called Pistöns is totally influenced by bands like Amebix,Inepsy.
This CD contains 9 tracks more a chaotic intro.
Raw and dirty sound by this italian crustys.
Edition by Suffering Jesus Prod from Canadá.

Suburban Showdown/Warvictims SPLIT 7"EP
D-Beat Crustcore Massacre!
Begins Suburban Showdown from U.$.A with four tracks from crustcore.
The tracks contains two types of voices seemed to Disrupt!,aggressive riffs,killer bass and the drums is totally insane.
Warvictims from Sweden in the vein from Excrement of War,Anti-Cimex
exploits with three tracks from dirty d-beat crustcore for your fucking
Advisable stuff!

Pistöns/Besthöven SPLIT CD
Crust N´Roll from Italy v.s Alcoholic D-Beat Crust from Brasil.
Begins Pistöns with six tracks from crust n´rool in the vein from Warvictims,Disclose.
Sadistik vokills,infernal riffs,drums from war.
Ends Besthöven the legendary d-beat crust band from brasil with four tracks in the vein from
Anti-Cimex,Discharge,Excrement of War.
Raw vokills,macabre riffs,axe bass and drums from armagedom.
Edition by Suffering Jesus Prod from Canadá.
If you are a d-beat crust maniac this edition cannot be absent in your collection.

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