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Insult - Interview

Interview w/Derek Insult

1. Hey Derek,how are you? How things are going in Insult?

I am good, very busy working on a new record. Insult is very busy; we have been doing some shows in the Boston area. They have been well attended and very very fun to play. Nate Linehan from Anal Cunt has been playing drums with us since the split 7" with Ruido in 1999 on KNOW records. Paulie from AC has been playing Bass also, the lineup is very tight and professional now which makes my job alot easier.

2. Give me a short biography about Insult.

Insult formed in 1992 as a 4 piece band ( I was only doing vocals then) we released a demo cassette  called mindrot (300) copies, Next we released a live 7" "live at farview hospital for the criminally insane" in 1994 , Next we released a demo cassette " boxing at the special olympics in 1995. in 1996 we signed a licensing deal with KNOW records in California USA. We released " I wanna be a burn victim in 1997 on Know,Seth Putnam  (AC) joined on Bass in 1998 and did about 50 shows or so with us. We released several comp tracks and a split with Ruido before taking a break in 2001. I reformed the band in 2007 with Derek vox/ guitar- Nate drums- and Paulie Bass. We are ready to release a new 12 song 7" in early 2010 as soon as we pick a label.

3. How many stuff have Insult?

1992 Demo cassette Mindrot,
1994 7" EP Live at Farview Hospital (decapitated rec)
1995 Demo Cassette Boxing at the Special Olympics (decapitated rec)
1997 I wanna be a burn victim CD (know Rec)
1999 Split EP w/ Ruido ( know rec)
2000 Split Live CD with Anal Cunt (wicked sick rec)
Compilation tracks:
Hardcore true or false ( kangaroo rec)
Up the dosage (wonderdrug)
Nothing to believe in (know rec)
Thrash of the Titans LP (know rec)
What were we fighting for ? DK's Tribute (know rec)
Runt of the Litter Vol 2 ( fan attic)


4. You are listening some hardcore or grindcore band from Peru?

I am not familiar with any HC from Peru, send me some and Ill let you know what I think.

5. How you see the actual hc grind scene in your city/country?

The HC / Grind scene here is very good now. Back during the late 90's , there were not too many fastcore bands around here ( boston) to play with, we always ended up doing shows with anal cunt.  The West coast was better, we played to much bigger crowds there. The HC scene is Boston is back in 2010, last week there was a big show here  Jerry's Kids, Gang Green, DYS, and slapshot. Almost 1000 kids were there. 10 years ago Gang green played with Insult to about 25 people at a small club here in Boston. Things have improved a lot.


6. What influence have Insult?

Insult has its roots in the 1983 fast HC sound, we listen to VOID, YDI, Mob 47, Black Flag, Gang Green, Bad Brains, all the generic HC bands. I also really love the Ramones, as a matter of fact all the Insult songs when slowed down are very ramone like.

7. Tell me how were those old years of Insult? which bands had,what zines?

The early days of Insult were fun, we were young and had no obligations. The band was the main thing in our lives. We played a ton of shows , made alot of friends and  some enemies.
We played mostly DIY venues, basements, rec centers , schools etc. We also played all the good clubs in Boston, my favorites were the Ratskellar, and TT the bears place (cambridge).
Insult had been reviewed or interviewd in:MRR, Flipside, Terrorizor,Slug and Lettuce,suburban voice, a bunch more no one ever heard of...
Derek was the original guitarist for the mighty Gonkulator (pope john paul the 13th) and I am on the first demo as well as several 7" EPs. Thats all besides Insult
Paulie is former Anal Cunt guitarist and song writer, he plays in Nasty Disater from CT, Full Blown A.I.D.S, and he played bass in PTL Klub.
Nate was the Anal Cunt Drummer for 11 years, he has also a member of Fistula, Milos syndicate, and other shit.

8. Now what future plans Insult?

We have 17 new tracks recorded 6 of them are being released as a split 7" EP on Patac Records Boston with a Boston Band Rampant Decay.The other 11 are being released as an Insult EP 7".
We have a west coast tour feb 2011 and a US tour with Anal Cunt in April 2011.

9. Derek, thanks for your answers, your last words.

Thank you for the interview, I am planning to send you some merchandise. If you wish to write us Address is INSULT c/o PRINTPRO 10 Avco Rd Haverhill, MA 01835.

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