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G-ANX - Interview



1. Greetings G-ANX! How is formed this noisy band?

G-ANX was formed in the early 80’s, as a result of a collusion between 2 musically very different punk bands; Penisknyckarna and Gravida Anker. Once the member from Penisknyckarna (Steve, Patrik and later also Hoccy) started to play with Gravida Anker, the music became faster more brutal and we started to write lyrics in English.
In 1987 the only remaining original member from Gravida Anker (Sonnerby) quit and he was replaced by Hedda on bass.

2. Tell me how was the grindcore scene by the years 80s, 90s.

I don’t really like to use the word grind core scene, I always think of us a part of the hardcore punk scene but people always need to put their labels on bands, music, people etc. But the punk scene in Sweden in the 80’s and 90’ was in my point of view pretty good and we had a great friendship with many of the awesome band from the Swedish scene as well as many international groups.

3. How many stuff have G-ANX?

I suppose you are referring to the stuff that we recorded, right? Our music can be found on:

G-ANX & Filthy Christians: Split 7''
G-ANX : Far Out 7"  EP
G-ANX : Masterpeace 7"  EP
G-ANX : Out of reach 7"  EP
Hard-Core For The Masses - The Core Of Sweden (LP, Comp / Uproar Records)
Really Fast Vol. 4 (LP, Comp, Really Fast Records)
Civilisationens Bakgård- (Compilation 7", EP)
Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - The Record (Compilation 7" EP / Slap A Ham Records)
G-ANX: Flashbacks CD album (Sound Pollution Records/Elderberry Records) includes everything  G-ANX ever released on vinyl + compilation tracks + two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
G-ANX: Flashbacks will also it be re-released as a double vinyl album (in a Not Too Distant Future…) on THREAT FROM THE PAST REC. this version will also include new artwork and some unreleased stuff as well (old demos, rehearsals etc.).

We have also appeared on several compilation cassettes. 

4. In your city / country they had grindcore bands? Which?

n our city I guess we were the only band playing this kind of music. I our country; Sweden, yes, there were/are many good bands; Filthy Christians, Raped Teenagers, Rovsvett, Totalitar, Tatuerade Snutkukar, No Security, Disaccord, Protes Bengt, Dom Dar, Anti Cimex to name but a few).

5. The lyrics from G-ANX talk about?

Personal thoughts, we had songs about war/peace, pollution, global warming, and cruelty against animals, stuff that we were concerned about at the time (and still are). We didn’t want to force our thoughts or opinions to people it were more that we sang and wrote about our opinions and then it was up to each and everyone to make their own opinion. We weren’t trying to tell you how to think, we were just trying to get people to think. We were all about think for yourself and don’t let anybody else tell you what to do or think.


6. What do you think about bullfighting? For me is pure shit, is a sadistic act!

It’s a shame that these spectacles still exist, we are certainly against this bloody business for profit at the cost of animals' pain, torment and death.

7. In the good years from G-ANX with what bands play?

Actually you listening grind core? What bands? New bands? or only old bands?ç
For example we played with;  Filthy Christians, Raped Teenagers, Rövsvett, MOB 47, NO SECURITY, Svart Snö, Entomed, Biohazard and many many more….
Personally I'm not really updated with the new bands, but I still dig many of the old bands. I haven’t been in Sweden for 5 years so I have no idea of the Swedish scene.

8. Now who you see the grindcore bands?

I can only speak for myself and as I mentioned, I have been living in Mexico City the last 5 years, I am not really participating in any movement or grind core / punk rock scene. I did see Bad Religion here in Mexico and that was an awesome show, in my opinion they have some of the best and intelligent lyrics in the punk scene today.

9.For finish this interview, your last words for the readers from NO TE CALLES ZINE.

Well, thank you all for your interest in our band for more information please visit us at:

Y recuerda; No te Calles !!


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