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Necrose - Interview

1.Hello Angela,all good in Necrose?

Hello Diego! Here is all right, always fighting!
2.Tell us how is formed Necrose?
It all started many years ago, in 1990 in RS, we recorded various stuff, such as Dt, eps, split eps, split demos, lives and a full length, see the discography in How we lived in the south of Brazil we ended up doing a few concerts an then we was not fucking for money and had to do like traveling concerts.. We end with the NECROSE in 1997 because each of the members moved to different cities.
3. In the old times from grindcore and noise how was the scene? which bands exist,wich zines?
By the time we started playing grindcore scene was restricted but very strong, people who were involved with the scene because they were liked grindcore. They had great bands like as ROT, ABUSO SONORO, DISSECTOR, PURULENCE, NO SENSE, ROTTING FLESH, NO SENSE, TRAUMA ACUSTICO, AÇÃO POSITIVA, UNDER THREAT, BONES EROSION, DEADMOCRACY, and others that I don't remember now and great zines like, INFERNAL SANCTUM, FACE OF NOISE, SUBVERSÃO, ETC

4.Wich are the influences from Necrose?

We like many bands as : Violent Headache, Sore Throat, Pig Destroyer, No Sense, Fear of God, Dissector, V.N.A., Minch, Isacaarum, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, W.B.I., Repulsion, 7MON, Rompeprop, Pigsty, Haemorrhage, Criple Bastards, Gronibard, Extreme Smoke 57, and many many others….

5.Necrose have lyrics? which is the base for writing the lyrics?
Yes, we have a lyrics and general lyrics are very pessimistic. Religion, consumerism, self-destruction, conspiracy theories are constant themes, but in a way not obvious.
In the current work there are songs like God Told me to Do, which talks about those people who kill because they say "sent by god" or songs like Cabal Rising or Vaccinate to Depopulate, talking about things like the new world order and projects of population control and integration of virus laboratories. Also as good horror movie fans, we allow ourselves to "travel" in some old letters as the 13th Floor: Fatality or the current Black Box recordings speaking respectively an accidents in a mall and an air crash.
6.Actually thinking edit new stuff?
We finished recording new songs in june and now we intend to launch a full length we looking for the label..

The End - Split 7"EP with Deadmocracy (Brazil) released by Elephant Records (1997)

Necrose / 7 MON (UK) - Split Tape released by Sem Nome Records (1995)

7. What happen with the old drummer and the guitar from the original line-up from necrose?
Our old drummer left everything related to sound and today is university teacher and our old guitar works a photographer.

Old Line - Up

8. how you see the actual grindcore scene around the world?
I think this very active with good bands and festivals. With the internet things have become easier and more accessible. Today for you know a band is just google and within minutes you already have the songs of the band, contact, address and everything… once everything was hard, took too long to received a letter and news of bands from others countries.
9.Ok,Angela your last words...

Tanx for the support Diego!!! Listen Necrose in .
Stay grind!!! Stay sick!!! In grind we trustTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Last Line - Up


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