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Disrupt - Interview

Interview w/Terry Savastano (Guitar)

1.Hey Terry,how are you brother? all good?Yes i'm doing pretty good, i'm keeping busy with my current band SUPERPOWER. we just recorded 21 songs and have been playing a lot of gigs. other than that i just lost my job so i got to find some work to pay the bills!!

2.Who formed Disrupt? give me a little biography.
Jay Stiles and Pete Kamarinos(both vocals) are the founders of DISRUPT. they started the band in 1987. early band members were chris drake(guitar),mike williams(drums/guitar),tony leone(bass). i come into the picture in late 1989. i met the guys the previous year and helped get some of the first gigs. then i roadied for them a few times and they asked me to join. it was one of the greatest moments of my life!! i was the first member of the band who was not from lynn,mass. the last line-up was me(guitar),jay+pete(vox),jeff(guitar),randy(drums) and bob (bass). we toured europe in 1993 and broke up.

3.How many stuff have Disrupt?
Well there's the unrest l.p./c.d., the split l.p. with sauna, the refuse planet 7", and like 8 or 9 other split records with bands like resist,taste of fear,warcollapse,etc.....a LOT of material out there plus a few bootlegs too!! i would recommend the "THE REST" c.d. as it's easy to find and has a good portion of all our material on it.

4.How was the grindcore scene in your city/country in the years 80,90s?  which bands had and fanzines?
In all honesty it wasn't that good where we were living. we were not accepted too well in boston. we did a lot better in new york. we played with DROPDEAD and DEFORMED CONSCIENCE alot back then and of course all the new york crusty crowd. i don't remember too many fanzines by name but there were some good ones back then. still are.


5.What bands influenced in the brutal sound from Disrupt?

DISCHARGE obviously, NO SECURITY,CONFLICT,CRUCIFIX,MOB 47,CRUDE SS,CONFUSE......bands like that. so many people claim we were an EXTREME NOISE TERROR copy but we were so much more intense and honest.....that's my humble opinion.

6.The lyrics from Disrupt talk about?
Animal liberation,domestic violence,anti-establishment,big business bullshit,thinking and acting for yourself,just all the stuff that needs to be adressed then and now.

7.What do you think about bullfighting? in my opinion is pure shit!
I am an animal lover and i think it's pretty fuckin' crazy that it still goes on. i LOVE to see people get mauled by bulls!!! actually i love watching people get wrecked by any animal. they were here a lot longer than we were and when we are gone they will all still be here (hopefully). 

8.What grindcore bands are you favorite?

I am on a japcore kick right now!! i'm listening to a lot of GAUZE,SYSTEMATIC DEATH,CONFUSE, etc..... i also like a lot of stuff like PHOBIA,INSECT WARFARE,bands like that. i don't have a favorite grindcore band, i hear a lot of good stuff latley and i'm glad there's people into it.

9.Now you play in other band? what genere? rock n roll?
SUPERPOWER is very much a crossover band. we have a lot of metal riffs but our songs are short and the vocals kind of screamy. i'd say it's a punk/h.c./rock-n-roll/metal cross. we try to combine all the stuff we listen to. i think DISRUPT fans will like it because it is more similar than some of my previous work with GRIEF.

10.Good brother,thanks for your time,your last words for the readers from
THANK YOU very,very much for the interview!! i haven't done one i a while and it is great to think about the old times!! please check out my current band SUPERPOWER on myspace and also please visit the DISRUPT page as peter has added a lot of cool photos!! i've also got some stuff on my page as well. thank you for taking the time out to read this!!Contact:

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