martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Entrails Massacre - Interview

1.What´s up Danilo.all good there?

All fine .. turning from one festival to another .. this summer suxx here in europe , itz permanently raining ...

2.Tell me about the aborted of Entrails Massacre.

Aborted ???? ähm wat is this supposed to mean ? the band had their up and down .... right now we have a tight line up and
it goes straight up ....

3.Entrails Massacre is deformed by:

Deformed ?? by several freaks ha ha ha, formed by daniel ( one and only thats left from the former line up ) and his dude janek in 1990

4.Which are his influences?

His influences ? ok as i know early fear of god , napalm death l... all old school grind in general , now ?? noisear , discordance axxis and stuff but also stuff like hermano , mastodon , helmet watever .....

5.With what bands Entrails Massacre share stage?

Puh , alot check the myspace .... if itz still running ...
to many to mention a view .

6.How is the grindcore scene in your country?

Itz an up and down ... right now i guess its really good scene in berlin and south east of germany ... the rest (west ) i think itz not so into grind ... some good bands .. good diy promoters , could be always better .. but i dont wanna claim ....

7.You worked in Tower Violence recs ; How was the scene in these times.

Ahm i guess more shitty , lotz of new people get into it,
i stopped it long time ago bec i had trouble with the pressing plant and i lost tooooo much money , and shipping rates ( trades ) are sukking , but time will tell ....
last release was plf / disturbing project split picture 7
and some other shit that nobody gives a shit ha ha ha ha

8.When you come to Peru,what bands you know? how you see the grindcore scene in Peru.

Before we came i just know mortem and dios hastio , some more ... but after the trips there was a bunch of interesting bands like : fosa comun ( death metal ) cadaver incubator , materia , tsm , phlegm ( project only i guess but itz soooo good ) still got tons of mags and demos in my rotten flat !!!
the sczene ? wat i saw was really cool but a bit chaotic back in the days , but many freaks came to the shows , and it was mixed up sounds from blast to anarcho punk ....

9.The lyrics from Entrails Massacre are about?

All the freaky scheisse thats turning around in my mind these days ....... all worst shit is good enough to write about ..

10.You play in others bands?


11.Recommends some bands of Germany,olds or news,no import.

Pink flamingos , yacopsae , skrupel , trigger , nuclear cult , cyness , blood , wojczech( of course ha ha ) nyctophobic , instinct of survival , vaseline , jesus kommt aus bützow , schrotz , bad luck ride on wheels ( stoner ) , guyana death tape and and and and and ...

12.In your country have grindcore zines?

Some , campaign for musical destruction for example , and schreikrampf ..... but since the internet spread the world ......

13.Hey brother of massacre,your last regurgitations.

Check the upcoming record of entrails massacre , greets to walter ( cadaver in.) eric ( temple of the absurd zine ) dios hastios , my sisters ada and valeria ( bacha bacha callao )
to dios hastios , mortem , fosa comun , all freaks from arequipa plaza the ... who get drunk with us back in the days ,
grind on dudes , and thanxx for he interview diego.


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