lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Skat Injector - Interview

1.Hey Zara,what´s up? all sick?

What's up? My festering cock in the rotting bowels of a Chihuahua.
Yeah that pooch looks pretty sick to me.

2.Let me know how is formed this sick band?

You know I was pondering in a jacuzzi bubble bath one day toying with the notion of castrating myself with a burnt out smack spoon when an epiphany struck me to pen the most horrid verse i could possibly think of and write the ultimate soundtrack to shitting out sperm ridden diariha on a family members dissected face. I shit in the water upon this realisation and masturbated.
So i got a couple of junkie gimps from a club and smacked 'em about till they agreed to help out with the live sets an voila Instant Skat!
We did a few shabby shows, made a racket, pissed a lot of people off, got trashed, smashed shit up, ripped off venues, stole more equipment and its continued that way ever since.
Those gimps are sadly no longer with us i'm afraid hahaha, I'm the only original member left.

3.Which are the influences from Skat Injector?

Oooh i would say The marquis de sade, William Burroughs, Caligula, Divine, the pet shop boys, mayhem, agoraphobic nosebleed, champagne cocktails, darkthrone, enemas, kristallnacht, Napalm Death,Bloody Minded, Goat Moon, Depeche Mode, knives up the arse, roofies ect.

4.The lyrics are about or not have lyrics?

The lyrics are red hot decrepid fantasies and real life accounts of things we actually do on a day to day basis, brutal wet dreams and orgasmic butchery. Shexy.
We're basically keeping it real.
I write like a necro Jilly Cooper.
Its like shit hitting the fan, everyone takes a hit with skat injector lyrics i don't discriminate im a misanthrope its not just the women that get cut up in bin bags and hate raped to chunks of bukkake'ed offal its the men and the children too. Bring the family the more the merrier its this canibal incest orgy.

5.How many stuff have at the moment?

So far we've unleashed,
'The unexpected penis' 7"
'Lilm' 7"
'Shit N' Glitter' 7"
Total Fucking Destruction / Skat Injector 'Ubi Nihil Vales, Ibi Nihil Velis' 7"
Thats four vinyls of utter crap and a great way to waste the earths resources, theres more pending whether you like it or not, we aint going away, this shits for life.

6.Any member from Skat Injector have another proyect?

Myself and lovely Lewis are in Spastic Burn Victim and some others which will be revealed in due course.
Flange Magnus has his fingers in many pies, make of that what you will.

7.How is the grindcore noise scene in your country/city?

Practically nonexistant we prefer to hang out in house clubs as the women are sluttier and easier to dope up and bundle into illegal cabs.

8.You know the extreme scene from southamerica?

Not really I'm a pretty ignorant cunt. I know some artists in the goregrind, death and cybergrind scenes.
We took part in the 100 way splatter fetish comp on Alarma Records and many to be found on there.
The new record is being stocked by Black Hole productions Brazil and Peruvian Blackened death outfit Anal Vomit are on a new split with us. Ding Dong.

9.Morbid future plans?

Oh we've always got plans and dastardly plans within those plans, i've a plan for the boy in the basement thats for sure but theres only so much you people need to know about, at least for the moment.
There is an 8-way split we are partaking in being released as a limited 12" record courtesy Binuice Erotica, this is a new label formed by two elderly lesbians from Eastbourne UK who are stone deaf with cataracts and senile as fuck, they think we sound like Robbie Williams.
Featuring alongside Skat Injector are Anal Vomit, Anal penetration, passenger of shit, Baron Bum Blood, Shit Loads Of Fuck All and Fecalove and Filthy Turd.
Notice a running theme here? Expect a Grindcore Speedcore harsh noise nightmare.
Were looking forward to destroying the Fuck parade in Berlin Germany at the end of august and loads of after parties to play our filth ridden electro grind at.
Screaming prophanity in a soiled dress from the back of an open truck traveling through a city into crowds and riot police always equals a good time in my book
I have been asked to feature as a guest vocalist on Lady Gaga's new record too.

10.Your last words.

Yes, wanna see my webcam? Good rates x..


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