martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Blood I Bleed - Interview

1.Hey Rosco,what´s news in Blood I Bleed?

Hey Diego how are you? We finished recordings for the split 12'' with Lycanthrophy from Chech.rep. and now we try to find a date to mix the whole stuff so we can send it to the pressing-plant.And now we are at the end of our holydays , so soon we'll start to write new songs for some new things in the future.

2.Tell more about the existence of Blood I Bleed.

Well BIB started the same day when Mymindsmine ended . the first line-up was shantia(gt),bert(bs/vx)and henk (dr). And after a few years i joined them to do the vocals to complete the current line-up.

3.At the moment how many stuff have?

BIB - st 7'' fast&furious recs
split7'' w/ Under pressure
split7'' w/ Unholy grave
split7'' w/ KRU$H
split7'' w/ F.U.B.A.R.
split7'' w/ Soundlikeshit

High octane thrash lp/cd
Gods out of monsters lp/cd
split w/ Massgrav lp/cd
Upcoming split w/ Lycanthrophy lp/cd

Dedication from insperation - Tribute to Heresy- one track
Tribute to Negative FX -one track
Freeze sampler -one track
Selfmadegodrecords -one track

4.The influences which are?

The influences is the logical follow-up of the later grind/hardcore/ punk assault, which the later Mymindsmine stood for.That means the fastest hard- and grindcore around the globe , sometimes a very small touch of punk, rock and metal.

5.The lyrics are about?

Political , religious ,fascist , rascist ,media with egocentric an cruel ideologies in every kind of way.the list is endless.

6.How you see the actual grindcore scene around the world?

Over the years , times change , standarts change and to compare with the past is a big world of difference.In my oppinion of the actual grindcore scene can't call them 99% grindcore.

7.How is the grindcore scene in your city/country? tell me more about the bands,have grind zines?

F.U.B.A.R , KRU$H , Jesus Crost , Cliteater , Seein red , ASH , Grindbashers , Collision , Last Days of Humanity ,etc.etc,and to name a few old ones: Stanx , Blitzkrieg , My minds mine , Suppository , BGK , Lärm , people should check them out.
Ther were some grindzines , but everything has taken over by internet.

8.What you think about vivisection,animal cruelty?

Overture of torture , in the name of science. Millions of animals infected , injected , gassed in hidden labotories and research facilities all around the world.Still more animals are used for savety of cosmetics , household cleaners and other consumer products. Results from animal research cannot be applied to humans.In my oppinion scientists could save more human lives by using humane non-animal research and testing methods that are more efficient.

9.Your opinion about:


Ha , what can i say about a few band-names in extreme music history which were very important to me in their time.Heresy , Siege , s.o.b. , Electro hippies . Deviated instinct , Doom , Disharge , X-creta, Skullcrusher , Voor , Hellhouse and a lot of others blew me away , great times i had when we traded tapes from the most obscure bands, awesome.

10.Ok bro! your last lines.

Thanx a million Diego for showing interest in BIB , good luck with your activities in the future.


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