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Whipstriker - Interview

1.Hello metal punk maniac,how are you?

Victor: First I would like to say thanx for the interview.
Here is OK. We´re playing many gigs and recording some stuffs. So everything is good to me.

2.Tell us a little biography about Whipstiker.

Victor: I started to compose the songs in 2001. But just in 2009 I decided to record it. In this year I have 20 or 25 ready songs. Then I decided to take the songs with Rock n Roll vein and record it to release a album and EP. In 2010 I released the album "Crude Rock n Roll" and the 7´´EP Split with Iron Fist (USA). Since 2010 I´m recording many stuffs and playing many gigs. We played a european tour last winter. We played 25 gigs in 10 different countries. Was fucking cool ! Now We have plans tomplay a South America Tour and UK Tour soon.

3.At the moment how many stuff have the band?

Victor:  Here is the discography

- "Crude Rock n Roll" album: Release in LP by Iron Bonehead, Deathstrike Recs, Bestial Invasion Recs, Morbid Tales Recs, Cutthroat Recs. The CD version was Released by Deathrash Armageddon from Japan. Tape version by Herege Warfare from Portugal.
-"Metalpunk´s Not Dead" 7EP Split with Iron Fist by Bestial Invasion Recs.
- "Midnight Crust" EP - Released in tape by Satanic Army from Bolivia.
- "À porta, a Guerra Civil" EP - Released in Tape by Heavy Steel Recs from Portugal.
- 7´´ Split with Germ Bomb (Sweden): Released by Hellrocker Recs from Austria.

4.Principal influences?

Victor:  I like many stuffs. From Rock n Roll to Death Metal.
So I can talk about many bands. Rock n Roll from the 60´s and 70´s like Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free, Creedence, KISS, Grand Funk Railroad, Bad Company, UFO, Wishbone Ash and many more.  I like Metal stuffs too like Kreator, Venom, Sarcofago, Bathory, Sacrifice, Slayer, Exciter, Morbid Angel, Dismember, Devastation,  Autopsy, Vulcano, Motorhead, Sodom, Destruction, Dorsal Atlantica, Diamond Head, Tank, Holocaust, Iron Maiden etc. In Punk I Love Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Crude SS, Warcollapse, Varukers, Misfits, Disclose, Black Uniforms, Besthoven, GBH, ENT, RDP, Driller Killer, Sacrilege. Man, there ate too much bands in each style.

5.The lyrics are about?

Victor:  On the album "Crude Rock n Roll" we talk about drugs.
In the other stuffs I talk about the civil war in Rio de Janeiro. It includes violence, terror, panic, vigilance, war, despair etc.

6.How is your metal punk scene?

Victor: Here in my city Rio de Janeiro the scene is cool. I started to promote some gigs here with my friends keep the scene alive. Many bands is commming to play in Rio de Janeiro. We have cool bands like Apokalyptic Raids, D-Ecreasing Life, Hellkommander, Indigentes, Warkoholic, Pós-Sismo, Corpo sem Órgãos, Vodkaos, Thrasheira, Cold Blood, and many more. In Brazil we have many cool bands more like Nuclear Frost, Violator, Besthoven, Death from Above, Defy, Terror Revolucionário, Murro no Olho, By War, Braindeath, Blasthrash, Social Chaos, etc.

7.Tell me some new killer bands from your location?

Victor: I already told you in last question.

8.You know some metal punk bands from Perú?

Victor: Yes. We´ll release a split with Los Rezios, a killer band from Peru.


Victor: The plan in Record some 7´´EP Splits this year and pobably a new album. We want to play a tour on january too. Maybe in UK, Spain and Portugal.

10.Last lines.

Victor: Thanx a lot the support. METALPUNX feel free to contact us! 


Victor - Whipstriker

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